Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 47] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1948). — 1948

[Serial Volume 47:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1948). — 1948, January. — 1 issue

[Article 47:1] Alta Elizabeth Dines. — January 1948
Full page photograph of Alta. E. Dines recognizing her work on the Advisory Committee of the School of Nursing.

[Article 47:1] Alumnae News. — January 1948

[Article 47:1] Deaths. — January 1948

[Article 47:1] Editorials (1) A "Thank You" to Alta Elizabeth Dines; (2) Homecoming in June; (3) Miss Richardson Resigns; (4) Mary Agnes Goldthwaite. — January 1948
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Miss Dines as member of JHHSON Advisory Board; plans for next Homecoming; resignation of Editor of our Nursing Alumnae Magazine; tribute to Miss Goldthwaite at her death.
The section about Homecoming is signed "A.G.B." Up to now, this writer cannot be definitely identified.

[Article 47:1] Items of Interest. — January 1948
Brief announcements of changes at Johns Hopkins Hospital, appointments, honors.

[Article 47:1] Letters from Alumnae. — January 1948
Starting life in Alaska; working in Belgian Congo, Africa; developing new public health program in California.

[Article 47:1] Marriages. — January 1948

[Article 47:1] Present Day Nursing Care of the Patient with a Colostomy. — January 1948
Creator: Diller, Doris
Difference between palliative and corrective colostomies; trials for patient at time of first irrigation; procedures for colostomy care.

[Article 47:1] Psychosomatic Concepts in Nursing. — January 1948
Creator: Mitchell, Harriet Kennelly
Extension of already known nursing connection of emotions to body illness.

[Article 47:1] Report of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1948
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting September 26, 1947 including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 47:1] School Activities Report of the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service September 20, 1947. — January 1948
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Composition of graduating and entering classes of nursing students; changes in curriculum to meet the changing needs for nurses; employment of nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital after end of World War II; need for and schools for licensed practical nurses; honors and appointments to Johns Hopkins School of Nursing graduates; changes in personnel.

[Article 47:1] Student Nurses Section. — January 1948
Creator: Hurst, Barbara Weimer
Newly elected officers of the Student Association.

[Article 47:1] The Psychosomatic Division of the Medical Service. — January 1948
Creator: Lidz, Theodore
Impact of emotional difficulties on medical illnesses and progress in these studies.

[Serial Volume 47:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1948). — 1948, April. — 1 issue

[Article 47:2] A Message from the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service, The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — April 1948
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
New association of School of Nursing with McCoy College of Johns Hopkins University

[Article 47:2] Alice Fitzgerald and Friend. — April 1948
Full page photograph of Alice Fitzgerald, 1906, holding a pet bird.

[Article 47:2] Alumnae Association to be Formed by Graduates of School of Dietetics. — April 1948
New national alumnae association to be formed for graduates of schools of dietetics.

[Article 47:2] Alumnae News. — April 1948
The name Rhea Cavanagh, 1930 is listed but cannot be found in our directories as a graduate of the JHHSON.

[Article 47:2] Ballot for Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association 1948 - 1949. — April 1948
Ballot and individual biographies of candidates for election at Homecoming meeting of JHHNAA.

[Article 47:2] Changes in Personnel Practices. — April 1948
Creator: Whiteside, Faye
Announcements of 40-hour weekly work schedule for nurses, beginning salaries for nurses on each work shift; continuing shortage of nurses in hospital with help by "day-by-day" nurses; appeal for more alumnae to work, especially during summer vacation months.

[Article 47:2] Deaths. — April 1948

[Article 47:2] Do You Know That. — April 1948
Changes at the JHH, new book on "war medicine" about or by JH people, other relevant news about JH or Baltimore.

[Article 47:2] Editorials (1) Great Nurse -- Great Lady; (2) Calling All Alumnae; (3) Tentative Program for June Homecoming; (4) Ethel M. Holmes. — April 1948
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden ;  McMahon, Cecilia A.
Tribute to Alice Fitzgerald '06; present crisis in nursing; status of association of School of Nursing with JHU; tribute to recently deceased alumna -- Ethel Holmes. Includes full page photograph of Alice Fitzgerald as frontispiece.

[Article 47:2] Items of Interest. — April 1948
Brief announcements of members of School of Nursing faculty serving on national committees; request for news items concerning JHH Unit 18 and Unit 118 from World War II; additions to Historical Collection from Miss Nutting; new Executive Secretary for JHNAA (May Ermer McNeill).

[Article 47:2] Letters from Alumnae. — April 1948
Creator: Biber-Gaule, Madeleine (-7 Dec 1964) ;  Moser, Elizabeth ;  Griffiths, Margaret Hamilton ;  Oiness, Sylvia M. ;  Ayres, Ethel Shuler Smith
Letters(or excerpts from letters) from alumnae working in foreign countries or from those changing positions in the United States.

[Article 47:2] Marriages. — April 1948

[Article 47:2] Medical Problems in the Field of Atomic Energy. — April 1948
Creator: Long, Perrin H.
Dangers from increased use of radio-active isotopes and how the profession is attempting to solve these dangers. (Abstract of a talk given to Maryland State Nurses' Association, January 1948)

[Article 47:2] Nurses from Other Lands. — April 1948
New JHH nurses coming from ten foreign countries.

[Article 47:2] Reports of Standing Committees. — April 1948
Quarterly reports of all standing and special committees of the JHHNAA.

[Article 47:2] Results of Local Elections. — April 1948
Listing of members of the JHHSON faculty elected as officers by the MD State Nurses' Association.

[Article 47:2] The Editor of the American Journal Speaks Her Mind. — April 1948
Creator: Roberts, Mary M.
Response by editor of American Journal of Nursing to article in popular women's magazine stating nurses "won't nurse the sick."

[Article 47:2] The New Look in Epilepsy. — April 1948
Creator: Walker, A. Earl (Arthur Earl), 1907-1995
Use of EEG in determining different types of epilepsy with subsequent different treatments.

[Article 47:2] The Tuesday Night Concerts. — April 1948
After purchase of new radio-phonograph and donation of a single album, there follow Tuesday night concerts held in Main Nurses Residence for students, nurses and physicians.

[Article 47:2] Unorthodox Academic Wedlock. — April 1948
Creator: Horn, Francis
New association of School of Nursing with McCoy College of Johns Hopkins University from vantage point of dean of McCoy College

[Serial Volume 47:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1948). — 1948, July. — 1 issue

[Article 47:3] 25th Reunion of the Class of '23. — July 1948
Professional and personal news of members of reunion class of 1923 with the addition of some news of the class at Homecoming activities.

[Article 47:3] A Tribute to William Thomas. — July 1948
Creator: Ames, Miriam ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Two tributes to William Thomas on his retirement after 60 years as doorman at the main entrance of JHH.

[Article 47:3] Alumnae News. — July 1948

[Article 47:3] Auditor's Report. — July 1948
Annual detailed accounting of the financial transactions and the financial status of the Nurses' Alumnae Association.

[Article 47:3] Deaths. — July 1948

[Article 47:3] Do You Know. — July 1948
Brief announcements: Anna D. Wolf in "Who's Who in America"; founding of JHU on February 23, 1875; retirement of Dr. Bowman as president JHU; number of surgeries during the year; number of pediatric OPD patients per month; research grant to JHU.

[Article 47:3] Editorials (1) Homecoming. (2) Homecoming Activvities. (3) An Appreciation to Virginia Dunbar. — July 1948
Creator: Crosby, Edwin L. ;  Mallory, Cynthia ;  Betzold, K. Virginia
Changes at JHH with special emphasis on new liasion of JHH School of Nursind with JHU McCoy College. Review of Homecoming activities by chairman of Homecoming committee. Tribute to Virginia Dunbar retiring after nine years as representative to Advisory Board of School of Nursing.

[Article 47:3] Items of Interest. — July 1948
Brief announcements of honors and appointments at JHH, innovative radiography for detecting tuberculosis, the Turtle Derby.

[Article 47:3] Letters from Alumnae. — July 1948
Letters or excerpts from alumnae letters from 16 alumnae in the U.S. or overseas.

[Article 47:3] Marriages. — July 1948

[Article 47:3] Nurses for Our New World. — July 1948
Creator: Horn, Francis
Speech given at graduation of Class of 1948 School of Nursing by Dean Horn of McCoy College, JHU. New "cooperative" program is less than real collegiate school of nursing, but considered by the Dean as "greater trbute." Communist threat post WWII can be solved peacefully and the new, peaceful world that will follow. Nursing in this "new world" with its expanding needs and the effects on the new nursing.

[Article 47:3] Nurses on Duty at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.. — July 1948
Creator: Warfield, Lillian C.
An alumna is one of two nurses employed at the National Gallery who not only give care as necessary to visitors and employees but also manage Blood Drives, Red Cross Drives.

[Article 47:3] Report of the Fifty-Sixth Annual Meeting. — July 1948
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the JHHNAA including President's Report of her time at the Biennial conventions in Chicago and all reports of Standing and Special Committees.

[Article 47:3] Reunion of the Class of 1928. — July 1948
Creator: McMahon, Cecilia A.
Listing of the attendees from the 20th reunion class to Homecoming; contributions given by the class to the Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Fund."

[Article 47:3] School Activities June 14, 1948. — July 1948
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Difficulties encountered by the School during and after WWII; increase in student enrollment since the end of WWII; new curriculum with content of social, psychological and psychosomatic concepts;effects of Dr. Lucile Brown's recent study of the need for changes in professional nursing education; changes in the Hopkins School of Nursing; changes in faculty and hospital staffing.

[Article 47:3] Student Nurses Section. — July 1948
Creator: Parker, Natalie ;  Gugerty, Helen Merrill ;  Turk, Jacqueline (Jackie) Dole ;  Young, N. Evangeline ;  Harper, Dorothy Samuel ;  Sheriff, Mary E. ;  Townsend, Alice H. ;  Munson, Mercedes Pittman
Brief comments on the following: the annual Fashion Show, Spring Dance, a special evening of music by son of Director of Residences, the Florence Nightingale service, eight students' opinions on use of the Dick Cottage at Sherwood for recreation.
Also listed as "creators" were Betty Burlee and Marion Kummen, who cannot be found as having graduated.

[Article 47:3] The Joint Medical and Surgical Clinic. — July 1948
Creator: Stafford, Edward S.
Out-Patient Department opens joint clinic with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

[Article 47:3] The New Operating Rooms. — July 1948
Two new operating rooms add to the improved operating/surgical hospital facilities. (Adapted from J.H.H. News Release)

[Article 47:3] Trends in the Basic Preparation of the Professional Nurse. — July 1948
Creator: Roehner, Veronica Lyons
Increase in general knowledge by public and its effect on expectations of the nurse and in the preparation of the new nurse. Recognizes the shift of emphasis from therapy to prevention, from physical to mental and emotional, from cure to rehabilitation. Also requires working knowledge of economics, sociology, psychology and personality development.

[Serial Volume 47:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1948). — 1948, October. — 1 issue

[Article 47:4] Alumnae News and Letters. — October 1948

[Article 47:4] Baltimore's Rh Negative Type "O" Bank. — October 1948
Creator: Guttmacher, Alan F. (Alan Frank), 1898-1974
Baltimore as first city to have a community Rh negative emergency blood bank; discussion of the inheritance and results of Rh factor in blood.

[Article 47:4] Behavior Problems as Symptoms. — October 1948
Creator: Kanner, Leo, 1894-1981.
In children, behavior problems should be examined as being symptoms as a path to the real diagnosis, as signals to underlying cause, and/or as a means of solving problems.

[Article 47:4] Deaths. — October 1948

[Article 47:4] Editorials. — October 1948
Creator: Struve, Mildred ;  McNeill, May Ermer
Need and suggestion for increasing the Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Fund; increase in dues for JHHNAA.

[Article 47:4] Gastric Cancer and Photofluorography. — October 1948
Research being done in JHH by the Radiology Department on detection and treatment of gastric cancer.

[Article 47:4] Interesting Days in the Years of the First Registrar. — October 1948
Creator: Barwick, Ethel B.
Humourous anecdotes about the old JH Nurses' Club on several sides of life there.

[Article 47:4] Items of Interest. — October 1948
Dr. Bronk as new president of JHU; World Health Organization's U.S. representatives; new clinic at JHH; new public health needs; increase in diabetes mellitus; decrease in deaths from tuberculosis.

[Article 47:4] Marriages. — October 1948

[Article 47:4] Notes from the Nursing School Office. — October 1948
New appointments and reappointments to the School of Nursing and to various clinics of the JHH.

[Article 47:4] Present Constitution and By-Laws of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association, Inc. — October 1948

[Article 47:4] The A.R.C. National Blood Program. — October 1948
American Red Cross begins program to ensure that the U.S. has adequate blood to meet the increasing needs in the country, especially in disasters. (Excerpt from the A. R. C. Newsletter)

[Article 47:4] The Hearing and Speech Center. — October 1948
Opening of new Hearing and Speech Center at JHH with emphasis on rehabilitation, especially for new sounds and new problems from hearing aids.

[Article 47:4] The I.C.N. Congress. — October 1948
Announcement of next ICN meeting with tentative program.

[Article 47:4] With Elston Rowland in Korea. — October 1948
Creator: Rowland, M. Elston
Nurse alumna from Class of 1931 describes her 16 months in Korea under the U. S. Military Government in Korea as she attempted to help Korean nurses get started again in their profession.