Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 49] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1950). — 1950

[Serial Volume 49:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1950). — 1950, January. — 1 issue

[Article 49:1] "T'was the Month Before Christmas". — January 1950
Creator: Aufhauser, Trude R.
Activities at Harriet Lane and Halsted 3 with the pediatric patients as they prepare for Christmas holidays.

[Article 49:1] A Psychiatrist Looks at Epilepsy. — January 1950
Creator: Gallant, Leonard J.
Highlights in the study of epilepsy, theories about its cause, and progress in its treatment.

[Article 49:1] A. H. A. Convention. — January 1950
Creator: Loeffler, Catherine
Detailed account of activities and proceedings of Annual Convention of American Hospital Association

[Article 49:1] Alumnae News and Letters. — January 1950

[Article 49:1] Circus. — January 1950
Annual visit to Shriners of Boumi Lodge circus by children at the JHH.

[Article 49:1] Convocation. — January 1950
Brief notes about students entering the new class at JHHSON with the identification of 13 students from Maryland. Gives a very brief summary of the activities during convocation. Also includes the convocation address given by Elisabeth Phillips (Class of 1927). The address was a realistic speech on what to expect as they progress in their chosen field of nursing.

[Article 49:1] Deaths. — January 1950

[Article 49:1] Do You Know. — January 1950
Random set of facts about JHNAA, the book of the history of JHHSON, JHU Press, election Anna D. Wolf as President of MD League of Nusing Education.

[Article 49:1] Forty-Nine in Review Notes from the Alumnae Office. — January 1950
Summary of alumnae activities of previous year.

[Article 49:1] In Memoriam. — January 1950
Creator: Abernathy, E. Frances ;  Aufhauser, Trude R. ;  Chisolm, Lucie V. ;  Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Kennedy, Loula ;  MacMahon, Amy E. ;  Retzer, Nannie Ridgely ;  Schorer, Margaret Shrive ;  Ames, Miriam ;  Dines, Alta Elizabeth ;  Stevens, Anne

[Article 49:1] Items of Interest. — January 1950
Varied items about some nursing alumnae and some JHH physicians.

[Article 49:1] JHH and JHU Medical Merger. — January 1950
Details of reorganization of administrative responsibilities of Hospital, School of Medicine, School of Hygiene and Public Health to improve effectiveness and efficiency. (News Release Public Relations Dept. JHH dated October 26, 1949.)

[Article 49:1] Lucile Petry. — January 1950
Creator: Phillips, Elisabeth Cogswell
Accomplishments of Lucile Petry in nursing upon appointment as Assistant Surgeon General, the first woman to occupy that position. Includes full page photo of subject as the Frontispiece page.

[Article 49:1] Marriages. — January 1950

[Article 49:1] Officers and committees of the JHNAA. — January 1950
Complete listing of all officers, all committee chairmen and all committee members of the JHNAA 1949 - 1950. In this indexing, only the officers and the chairman of a committee are listed (unless there is no chairman designated).

[Article 49:1] Student Nurses Section. — January 1950
Creator: Harriss, Julia ;  Ward, Ethel Rainey ;  Lawrence, Cora Jane
(1) Program of annual CandleLight Ceremony. (2) Significance of the Uniform and Candlelight by a member of Class of 1951. (3)Attitudes and Interest as major address by 1946 graduate. (4) Letter written to parents by member of Class of 1950. (5) Directed Meditation readings by Anna D. Wolf.

[Article 49:1] The Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Aid Fund. — January 1950
Appeal for contributions to Fund.

[Article 49:1] Tom Cullen of Baltimore: A Book Review. — January 1950
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Review of new biography of Dr. Cullen.

[Article 49:1] Turkey Day. — January 1950
Annual family Thanksgiving celebration held for JHH pediatric patients.

[Serial Volume 49:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1950). — 1950, April. — 1 issue

[Article 49:2] 1950 Homecoming Program. — April 1950
Program of planned events for upcoming Homecoming 1950.

[Article 49:2] Alumnae News and Letters. — April 1950

[Article 49:2] Blanche Pfefferkorn. — April 1950
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Biographical article about Blanche Pfefferkorn '11, her positions, her philosophy of nursing, her accomplishments.

[Article 49:2] Color Television in Medical Education. — April 1950
Creator: Trimble, I. Ridgeway (Isaac Ridgeway), 1900-1979
First television of surgical operations at JHH February 1947. Expansion of education technique since that time. Value of color televisiion in medical education since demonstrations in 1949, with color being the newest addition.

[Article 49:2] Committee Reports. — April 1950
Creator: Luxmore, Nadine ;  Fee, Rachel ;  Wilson, Helen Wright ;  Caplan, Florence B. ;  Loeffler, Catherine ;  McNeill, May Ermer ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Brack, Annabelle Gleason ;  Wolf, Anna Dryden ;  Spring, Faye E.
Interim reports of committees of JHNAA, including ballot for voting at next Homecoming Annual Meeting.

[Article 49:2] Deaths. — April 1950

[Article 49:2] Highlights -- Maternity Institute -- Yale. — April 1950
Creator: Townsend, Alice H.
Report on the Maternity Institute conducted by Yale University School of Nursing and the nursing role in the care for and of prenatal patients; changes in prenatal care, especially related to prevention of problems instead of care of problems.

[Article 49:2] In Memoriam Sarah Glenn. — April 1950
An In Memoriam tribute to Sarah Glenn, Class of 1926, citing her accomplishments at the school of nursing in Shanghai, China.

[Article 49:2] Items of Interest. — April 1950
Brief announcements of variety of items: framing of diplomas of three (3) graduates of first class of JHHSON, reception of research fund for JHH for finding causes of cancer, several news releases about new work of JHH.

[Article 49:2] Marriages. — April 1950

[Article 49:2] Mildred Struve. — April 1950
Appointment of Mildred Struve as Director of Nursing Services at NIH. The article gives a review of Miss Struve's professional career plus some of the plans for the new building and services of this division. (from the Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health [2/01/50])

[Article 49:2] Rheumatic Fever as a Community Problem. — April 1950
Creator: Schwentker, Francis F.
Characteristics of rheumatic fever, the populations attacked, care in different facilities, available services for treatment, need for research funds.

[Article 49:2] Student Nurses' News. — April 1950
Creator: Crabb, Mary T. Hall
Important improvements made in Hampton House; square dancing in the Hampton House gymnasium; annual Christmas dance held in Hampton House Lounge; members of faculty on faculty committee of student-staff relations; improvement on Hampton House roof to become a "rumpus room"; establishment of a student nurse choral group; weeking meetings of Nurses' Christian Fellowship; holiday parties.

[Article 49:2] The Nursing Aide Program at Hopkins. — April 1950
Creator: Wallace, Marian Jones
The Nursing Aide Program at JHH: its history from 1946, the qualifications, activities and progress at the JHH.

[Article 49:2] The Present Status of the Cause and Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis. — April 1950
Creator: Grob, David
Comprehensive discussion of the disease with possible causes, course of illness, drug treatment (which to use and which to avoid), along with the hope that the information accumulated in past 15 years will lead to effective treatment.

[Article 49:2] TRI-UMPH, the Phipps Gazette. — April 1950
Creator: McMahon, Cecilia A.
New newsletter paper produced at Phipps to improve communication between patients and staff.

[Article 49:2] Visits to the Foreign Hospitals. — April 1950
Creator: Munson, Mercedes Pittman
As part of their attendance at the ICN, two alumnae visit several foreign hospitals: Dutch, French, British.

[Article 49:2] What We Are Doing about Fire Prevention. — April 1950
Presentation of a program of fire prevention designed for and presented to JHH nurses.

[Article 49:2] When We Wrote a History. — April 1950
Creator: Dock, Lavinia
The story of the writing of the History of Nursing by Nutting and Dock, as told by Lavinia Dock.

[Serial Volume 49:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1950). — 1950, July. — 1 issue

[Article 49:3] "Timmie" and Time Marches on for the Turtle Derby. — July 1950
Creator: Schwartz, Betty Lou
Account of recent Turtle Derby race at JHH

[Article 49:3] Alumnae News and Letters. — July 1950

[Article 49:3] Attention Class of '45. — July 1950
Creator: Aufhauser, Trude R.
Brief account of 5th reunion of Class of 1945 plus plans for keeping updated on its members.

[Article 49:3] Auxiliary Groups. — July 1950
Creator: VandeGrift, Dorothy E. Blackman
Seminar on "Auxiliary Groups" at JHH held at Homecoming JHN, the article including proceedings of the seminar, comments, and suggestions made.

[Article 49:3] Biennial Nursing Convention. — July 1950
Creator: Pfefferkorn, Blanche
Detailed report of activities and program of 1950 Biennial Nursing Convention of the ANA, NLN, and National Organization for Public Health Nursing. Stressed was the unanimity of spirit to cooperative resposibility and work. Includes report at the convention by Miss Wolf on disadvantages of being a "hospital school of nursing" as opposed to a "collegiate school of nursing." Also included in the listing of the many JHHSON graduates who attended.

[Article 49:3] Deaths. — July 1950

[Article 49:3] Doctor Adolf Meyer. — July 1950
Creator: Mullin, Bernadette A.
In Memoriam tribute to Adolf Myer, M.D., pioneer in psychiatry.

[Article 49:3] Graduation -- Class of 1950. — July 1950
Listing of graduates of Class of 1950 with students who received awards.

[Article 49:3] Homecoming. — July 1950
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
General Review of annual Homecoming -- objectively and subjectively.

[Article 49:3] Intellectual Opportunities in Nursing. — July 1950
Creator: Chesney, Alan M. (Alan Mason), 1888-1964
Address given at graduation of Class of 1950 from JHHSON about role of nurses in the "scientific" management of patients and their "diseases." Opportunities for nurses in the field of nursing education.

[Article 49:3] Items of Interest. — July 1950
Brief items about physicians and nurses at JHH and JHU; celebration of 100th anniversary of birth of Dr. Welsh, citing his many accomplishments.

[Article 49:3] Marriages. — July 1950

[Article 49:3] Report of the 58th Annual Meeting. — July 1950
Proceedings of the Annual Homecoming meeting with all reports of officers and committees, including a complete detailed financial report by the Auditors.

[Article 49:3] Report of the Director of the School of Nursing. — July 1950
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
The happy fact is made that this graduating class has sought bedside care careers. Also talked about are: need for experience and further education for higher positions, leadership education while students, activities of national nursing groups, research activities of nursing school faculty, other items of nursing interest in Hospital and/or SON.

[Article 49:3] Student Nurses' Section. — July 1950
Creator: Crabb, Mary T. Hall
News from Hampton House, including basketball, fashion show, and dance at a local hotel; news of the cottage at Sherwood; activities with Homewood campus JHU.

[Article 49:3] The Banquet. — July 1950
Creator: Dorset, Dessie B. Ingram
Very brief review of annual Homecoming banquet

[Article 49:3] The Medical and Nursing Aspects of the Care of a Patient with Heart Disease. — July 1950
Creator: Austrian, Robert ;  Styrt, Jerome ;  Groseclose, I. Virginia (Ginger) ;  Mitchell, Sarah Knight (Sally)
Program given as part of Homecoming activities by selected members of the Class of 1950 and by two physicians.

[Article 49:3] The New York Club. — July 1950
Creator: McNeil, Glenn Marie
Report on the several meetings of the revitalized New York Club of JH Nurses.

[Article 49:3] The Professional Nurse. — July 1950
Creator: Lemkau, Paul
Definition of "professional" and position of nurses and nursing within that definition.

[Article 49:3] Twentieth Anniversary -- Class of 1930. — July 1950
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Review of 20th reunion of the Class of 1930 celebrated at annual Homecoming.

[Article 49:3] Twenty-fifth Reunion -- Class of 1925. — July 1950
Creator: Green, Mabel Grassmyer
Detailed news of individuals of Class of 1925 as gathered at the annual Homecoming.

[Article 49:3] Twenty-Fifth Reunion -- Class of 1925. — July 1950
Creator: Green, Mabel Grassmyer
Detailed news of individuals of Class of 1925 as gathered at the annual Homecoming.

[Serial Volume 49:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1950). — 1950, October. — 1 issue

[Article 49:4] Alumnae News and Letters. — October 1950
Alumnae news with several long letters giving individual and unique professional or personal experiences.

[Article 49:4] Constitution and By-Laws -- 1950. — October 1950
Printing of Constitution and By-Laws of the JHNAA.

[Article 49:4] Deaths. — October 1950

[Article 49:4] Do You Know. — October 1950
Announcements of appointments and/or honors to various physicians at JHH, also announcement of new surgery building to be constructed on the site of the current one.

[Article 49:4] Grace E. Alt. — October 1950
Brief biographical article on Grace Alt, Class of 1933, on her return to Hopkins to study st the School of Hygiene.

[Article 49:4] Group Influences in Psychotherapy. — October 1950
Creator: Frank, Jerome D. (Jerome David), 1909-2005
Use of group influence to bring about positive change in people, includes research support and factors in this influence.

[Article 49:4] Hester King Frederick. — October 1950
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
In Memoriam biographical article about Hester Frederick, Class of 1912, citing her professional and personal triumphs.

[Article 49:4] Home Again. — October 1950
Creator: Alt, Grace E.
High points in her five years in Japan

[Article 49:4] In Memoriam: Dr. Trigant Burrow. — October 1950

[Article 49:4] Items of Interest. — October 1950
Four brief items: decrease in length of inpatient hospital stays, largest graduation class for undergraduates at JHU, continued shortage of nurses, development of new ophthalmoscope at Wilmer Institute.

[Article 49:4] Marriages. — October 1950

[Article 49:4] Mrs. J. M. T. Finney (Mary E. Gross). — October 1950
Creator: Dock, Lavinia
Brief In Memoriam article about Mary Gross Finney, Class of 1891, as a member of the first class of nurses admitted to the JHHSON, citing her activities and honors. Also includes a single sentence tribute sent by her classmate, Ida May

[Article 49:4] Retrolental Fibroplasia in Premature Infants. — October 1950
Creator: Owens, William C. ;  Owens, Ella U.
Discussion of retrolental fibroplasia, a condition found mostley in premature infants that occurs after birth and leads to blindness, at this time of "unknown etiology."

[Article 49:4] The Efficacy of Dramamine. — October 1950
Creator: Gay, Leslie N.
Research on drugs vs. allergic reactions with subsequent controlled experiment in 1948 with use of dramamine vs. seasickness of troops being sent overseas.