Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 52] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1953). — 1953

[Serial Volume 52:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1953). — 1953, January. — 1 issue

[Article 52:1] '52 In Review. — January 1953
Creator: McNeill, May Ermer
Miss Wolf's portrait; Gate House Shop; opening of Gift Shop with Women's Board; Revisions to Code of Ethics; JHNAA Constitution and By-Laws revisions; status of book on history of the School of Nursing; '52 Homecoming; individual committee chairmen.

[Article 52:1] Alumnae News and Letters. — January 1953

[Article 52:1] Answer the Call. — January 1953
Appeal for help for the American Red Cross

[Article 52:1] Convocation. — January 1953
Creator: Stevick, Jane Bennett Buettner
Proceedings of comvocation welcoming new student nurses of Class of 1955 and granting of diplomas to the Fall 1952 graduating class.

[Article 52:1] Deaths. — January 1953
Includes a resolution on the death of Sarah Thomas (1907) and an In Memoriam tribute to Esther Miller Brosius (1921).

[Article 52:1] Hail and Farewell. — January 1953
Dispensary Visiting Nurse Service (DVNS) closes. All students in JHHSON will have their public health experience in the Eastern Health District of Baltimore Health Department.

[Article 52:1] Homecoming. — January 1953
Creator: Preston, Ruth Ann
Broad plans for Homecoming '53 and appeal for suggestions.

[Article 52:1] In Memoriam Mrs. Fred Brosius (Esther Miller, 1921). — January 1953
In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased alumna Esther Miller Brosius (1921).

[Article 52:1] Items of Interest. — January 1953
Brief announcements of activities of JHHSON alumnae; the Red Cross Mother and Baby Care Course; report by the Baltimore City on Aging and Problems of the Aged; September as the "healthiest month"; American Red Cross activities.

[Article 52:1] Johns Hopkins Annual Roll Call. — January 1953
Initiation of annual Roll Call collecting monetary donations for all schools of JHU, JHMI, JHH.

[Article 52:1] Marriages. — January 1953

[Article 52:1] Notes from the Office of the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — January 1953
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
General profiles of applicants for and students at the School of Nursing; changes in the School of Nursing curriculum and in faculty of the School; improvements in student residence, library, Sherwood Park cottage, Gate House Shop.

[Article 52:1] Opportunities and Responsibilities in Nursing. — January 1953
Creator: Te Linde, R.W.
Nursing as a "profession" vs. "trade"; development of the profession of nursing in the United States; expansion of the scope of nursing and opportunities in many fields; growth of public health nursing; nursing as a preparation for marriage. (Presented at convocation of JHHSON September 22, 1952)

[Article 52:1] Recent Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hypertension. — January 1953
Positive results of some surgical and medical investigations into the treatment for hypertension.

[Article 52:1] Report of Board of Directors of the J.H.H. Nurses' Alumnae Association, Inc. June - October 1952. — January 1953
New committee appointments; financial transfers from Gate House Shop to new Gift Shop; membership numbers; officers,committee chairmen and members for the coming year.

[Article 52:1] Resolution of the Death of Sara Margaret Thomas on July 27, 1952. — January 1953
Brief In-Memoriam article given as a resolution by four (4) classmates

[Article 52:1] Student Nurse News. — January 1953
Creator: Stevick, Jane Bennett Buettner
Events of the season with arrival of new students, parties, sports, upcoming national presidential election, newly-elected officers of classes of 1953 and 1954.

[Article 52:1] The New Gate House. — January 1953
Creator: Mason, Jennie Joan Sulli
Physical and personnel changes for Gate House Shop

[Article 52:1] The Vanishing Visitors -- Unless. — January 1953
Creator: Winyall, Betty R. Blome
Appeal for help in informing committee of ill members of the JHHNAA in order for members of the Sick Visiting Committee to visit them.

[Article 52:1] Virginia M. Dunbar Honored. — January 1953
Honors to dean of Cornell University - New York Hospital School of Nursing given to Miss Dunbar at Mt. Holyoke College, MS. (Sent in by Virginia Muldroon, Directory of Public Relations, The New York Hospital.)

[Article 52:1] W.H.O. Appoints Helena G. Lu-Affatt, 1947, Nursing Advisor to Libyan Government. — January 1953
Brief announcement of new position for alumna of JHHSON

[Serial Volume 52:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1953). — 1953, April. — 1 issue

[Article 52:2] All Right All Write!. — April 1953
Creator: Winyall, Betty R. Blome
Appeal for all nursing alumni in any sector of nursing to write for the magazine articles/editorials about their work or their experiences as patients.

[Article 52:2] Alumnae News and Letters. — April 1953

[Article 52:2] Cancer of the Cervix. — April 1953
Creator: TeLinde, Richard Wesley
Characteristics, progress, detection and treatment of cancer of the cervix.

[Article 52:2] Deaths. — April 1953
Includes an In Memoriam to Mary Carter Morris written by eight (8) of her classmates.

[Article 52:2] Elinor M. Palliser Retires. — April 1953
Excerpts from The Vancouver Province, October 11, 1952 on retirement of Miss Palliser from School of Nursing at Vancouver General Hospital.

[Article 52:2] Homecoming. — April 1953
Creator: Preston, Ruth Ann
Plans and schedule for upcoming Homecoming May 25, 26, 1953

[Article 52:2] In Memoriam. — April 1953
Announcement of death plus tribute from eight (8) alumna friends

[Article 52:2] Marriages. — April 1953

[Article 52:2] Nominees for Office JHH Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc. — April 1953

[Article 52:2] Nursing in India. — April 1953
Creator: Clark, Alice M.
Shortages in nursing in all areas in India; presence of common diseases/ailments, but also those not seen in U.S. (e.g. malaria, leprosy); training of nurses in India with very active Trained Nurses Association of India; problems to good care in local hospitals; special problems brought about in India by the climate; beginning of post graduate courses for nurses.

[Article 52:2] Nursing School News. — April 1953
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
The New Year at JHHSON: contributions to SON by China Medical Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, by a former patient in Marburg, by a former recipient of scholarship loan from the Lawler Fund; increased need for scholarship money for students; change of night/evening supervisor in hospital; new nursing appointments to SON and JHH.

[Article 52:2] President's Address to the Senior Class February 5,1953. — April 1953
Creator: Fallon, Helen Gross
Brief review by president of the JHHN of the history of the association, its founding and current objectives, the Alumnae Magazine that began ten (10) years after the founding of the association, the different funds for endowment and for scholarships, the work of the different committees. Special mention is given to newly-revised Code of Ethics, to the writing of the first part of the history of the School of Nursing, and to the history of the cap, the uniform and the alumna pin.

[Article 52:2] Report of Board of Directors of the J.H.H. Nurses' Alumnae Association, Inc. November 1952 - January 1953. — April 1953
Minutes of proceedings of this meeting of the Alumnae Association including reports of all standing and special committees of the Association, including a lengthy report on the activities of the "new" Gate House Shop.

[Article 52:2] Report on the American Alumni Council Meeting--District II January 8 - 10th, Atlantic City, N.J. — April 1953
Creator: Fallon, Helen Gross
Report of meeting which was the first attended since the admission of the JHHNAA as a member, Emphasis placed on value of alumni to their schools; potential value of council to the JHHNAA.

[Article 52:2] Student Nurses' News. — April 1953
Creator: Stevick, Jane Bennett Buettner
Christmas events for the JHHSON students; anticipation of next issue of JHU magazine following a student nurse on a "typical day"; effects of "flu season" on the student nurses.

[Article 52:2] The Johns Hopkins Annual Roll Call. — April 1953
Creator: Mason, Jennie Joan Sulli
Thanks for contributions to JH Roll Call in first year of inclusion of hospital groups into fund.

[Article 52:2] We Need Your Help. — April 1953
Creator: Van Horn, Lena
Appeal for funds for Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Fund

[Serial Volume 52:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1953). — 1953, July. — 1 issue

[Article 52:3] Alumnae News and Letters. — July 1953

[Article 52:3] Deaths. — July 1953

[Article 52:3] Dr. Thomas Stephen Cullen. — July 1953
Creator: TeLinde, Richard Wesley ;  Wolf, Anna Dryden ;  Kennedy, Loula ;  Sherman, Ruth Brewster
In Memoriam tributes to Dr. Cullen on the occasion of his recent death.

[Article 52:3] Homecoming Impressions. — July 1953
Creator: Farrington, Helen
Brief review of activities of last Homecoming, the first for this new graduate of the JHHSON.

[Article 52:3] Items of Interest. — July 1953
Brief announcements of interest about individuals in the SON, the JHH.

[Article 52:3] Marriages. — July 1953

[Article 52:3] On Becoming a Nurse. — July 1953
Creator: Colman, Douglas J.
The traditions of nursing from Florence Nightingale to the present, the opportunities for nursing...a general talk including many facets for a young nurse to consider. (Commencement address at JHHSON May 25, 1853).

[Article 52:3] Quarterly Report of the Board of Directors February, March, April 1953. — July 1953
Quarterly report of Board of Directors JHHNAA including changes in committee memberships, report of Dick Memorial Fund, and detailed Auditor's Report.

[Article 52:3] Report of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association, Inc.. — July 1953
Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the JHHNAA on May 25, 1953 including Report of the President and of all standing and special committees.

[Article 52:3] School Actvities May 25, 1953. — July 1953
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Personnel and curriculum changes in SON; new book on Isabel Hampton Robb by graduate student at Ohio State University; monetary contributions to and needs of the SON; different scholarships to be awarded at graduation; brief comments on new National League for Nursing.

[Article 52:3] The Alumnae Banquet. — July 1953
Creator: McNeill, May Ermer
Description of the Homecoming Banquet with remarks and introductions by Toastmaster Dr. Russel Nelson, first presentation of old alumna pin to an outstanding member of new graduating class of 1953, mention of speech by Dr. W. Firor.

[Article 52:3] The History of our School. — July 1953
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Light-hearted, but complete, history of the JHHSON, especially giving the changes in the behavior and deference of early nurses to authority. Many early memories of the author as well as many quotes from many nursing and non-nursing sources.

[Article 52:3] Thoughts on Approaching our Twentieth Reunion. — July 1953
Creator: Richardson, Louise Shattuck
Letters of anticipation of their 30th reunion from six (6) members of the Class of 1933.

[Article 52:3] Twentieth Reunion -- Class of 1933. — July 1953
Creator: Richardson, Louise Shattuck
Detailed account of Homecoming related to the 20th reunion class of 1933. Visited new operating rooms, new areas in the hospital, Homecoming banquet in the evening at the Belvedere Hotel, catching up on the intervening years of different classmates, getting a review on the contents of the forthcoming History of the JHHSON book, several tours, seeing classmates and old friends/instructors.

[Serial Volume 52:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1953). — 1953, October. — 1 issue

[Article 52:4] Alumnae News. — October 1953

[Article 52:4] BCG Vaccine. — October 1953
Creator: Winyall, Betty R. Blome
History of development of "new" vaccine developed to prevent tuberculosis, concerns about use -- especially in U.S., techniques of use, nurse's responsibilities.

[Article 52:4] Deaths. — October 1953

[Article 52:4] In Memoriam Kitty Campbell; Mary Cloud Bean. — October 1953
Creator: Mason, Jennie Joan Sulli ;  Rawlins, Gay Bernard, 1869-1964

[Article 52:4] Johns Hopkins Annual Roll Call. — October 1953
Very brief appeal for contributions to the Hopkins' Annual Roll Call, especially to the Nutting Endowment Fund.

[Article 52:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses in Three Wars. — October 1953
Creator: Pfefferkorn, Blanche
Story of Hopkins nurses in three wars: Spanish-American, World War I, World War II.

[Article 52:4] Looking Through the Years. — October 1953
Creator: Roach, Elizabeth (Betty) Thomasen
Reminiscences of an alumna in her sixth year with the American Cancer Society in Fort Worth, TX

[Article 52:4] Marriages. — October 1953
These marriage announcements were taken from the Alumnae News content on pages 178 and 179.

[Article 52:4] Nursing in Lebanon. — October 1953
Creator: Moser, Elizabeth
Director of School of Nursing in Bierut, Lebanon relates information about life in the school of nursing, life in Lebanon and the Middle East culture.

[Article 52:4] Report of the Board of Directors May, June, July 1953. — October 1953
Quarterly repport of JHNAA to members

[Article 52:4] The History. — October 1953
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason
History of the School book goes to printing to be ready for distribution in ten months.

[Article 52:4] Twentieth Reunion -- Class of 1933 May 25, 1953 -- Biographies. — October 1953
Individual accounts of personal and professional lives of different members of Class of 1933, compiled by Louise Shattuck Richardson '33.

[Article 52:4] Will You Recruit. — October 1953
Creator: Caspari, Ruth Marker
Need for recuiting good candidates for our JHHSON, information needed for recruitment.