Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 55] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1956). — 1956

[Serial Volume 55:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1956). — 1956, January. — 1 issue

[Article 55:1] "Our Oldsters". — January 1956
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Compilation by Mary Bartlett Dixon Cullen of news about older alumnae, including excerpts from letters.

[Article 55:1] Alumnae News. — January 1956
Alumnae news and letters (or excerpts) from alumnae.

[Article 55:1] Attention, Class of '36. — January 1956
Creator: Popham, Ruth Curtis
Appeal to Class of 1936 on occasion of upcoming 20th reunion at next Homecoming.

[Article 55:1] Christmas in the Near East. — January 1956
Creator: Cate, Carolyn L.
Celebrations of Christmas for a young missionary nurse in Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt and Jordan, visiting clincs along the way.

[Article 55:1] Deaths. — January 1956

[Article 55:1] Global Aspects of Midwifery. — January 1956
Creator: Eastman, Nicholson J. (Nicholson Joseph), 1895-
With 75% of births in world delivered by untrained attendants, the need for additional training is essential, especially due to the impossibility of training adequate numbers of trained midwives for these areas.

[Article 55:1] In Hong Kong. — January 1956
Creator: Alt, Grace E.
Description of a new World Health Organization program in Hong Kong of work done with refugees from many different countries with many different cultures. Also covered in the article are the attention the programs have received throughout the world and plans for the future.

[Article 55:1] In Memory of .... — January 1956
Donations and brief tributes to recently deceased alumnae Anna Mary Warder and Frances Abernathy.

[Article 55:1] In the Philippines -- a Diversified but Satisfying Life. — January 1956
Creator: Spessard, Lottie M.
Alumna's experiences as a missionary nurse in the Philippines from arrival in 1924 until present time, from a single Mission hospital to three hospitals, from director of the program to starting new program in "the mountains." Includes experiences during WWII and adventures in hiding, etc.

[Article 55:1] Items of Interest. — January 1956
JHH on TV; Award to national public health nurses.

[Article 55:1] Marriages. — January 1956

[Article 55:1] Mary Sanders Price. — January 1956
Creator: Farr, Mary
Biographical editorial on Mary Sanders Price on her appointment as Director of the JHHSON and JHH Nursing Service. The article is accompanied by a full-page black-and-white photograph of Mrs. Price.

[Article 55:1] Notes from the Nursing Office. — January 1956
Creator: Betzold, K. Virginia
Activities since retirement of Miss Wolf and before arrival of Mrs. Price. These include: deaths of Miss Warder and Miss Abernathy, new appointments, graduation exercises in September for 14 students, admission of new class of 98 students for the Class of 1958, faculty members on L-O-A for advanced study.

[Article 55:1] Nurse Week in Turkey. — January 1956
Creator: Dodd, Mary Avery
National celebration of Nurse Week in Turkey joined by World Health Organization's observation of World Health Day. (Written by missionary nurse, introduction written by JHHSON Alumna)

[Article 55:1] Nursing in Thailand. — January 1956
Creator: Argo, Myrtle B.
Description of World Health Organization's program in Thailand, described as too rapid for the inhabitants to keep up with. Health (both remedial and preventive) and education are discussed in relative detail.

[Article 55:1] Officers and Committees J.H. H. Nurses Alumnae Association. — January 1956
Listing of the oficers, Board of Directors, chairmen of standing and special committees, plus listing of the membership of each committee. (In this indexing, only the chairmen are listed unless there is no chairman designated, in which case all the members are llisted.)

[Article 55:1] Origin of the Alumnae Association Minutes of the First Meeting of the Alumnae Association (1901). — January 1956
Creator: Thayer, Susan Chisolm Read

[Article 55:1] Reflections of a 1914 Graduate of JHH at Graduation -- September 17, 1955. — January 1956
Creator: Dines, Alta Elizabeth
The challenges and opportunites open to nurses at that time and in the future; the importance of the meeting of patient/family needs vs. the mere numbers of nurses; her personal experiences and those of several other JHHSON alumnae.

[Article 55:1] Report of the Board of Directors. — January 1956
Quarterly report of Board of JHHNAA

[Article 55:1] Some Observations on the Use of the Serologic Test for Syphilis with Special Reference to the Biologic False Positive Phenomenon. — January 1956
Description of STS, diagnosis of false results, actions in this occurrence.

[Article 55:1] The Johns Hopkins Annual Roll Call. — January 1956
Creator: Mason, Jennie Joan Sulli
Correction of way of directing contributions to M. A. Nutting Endowment Fund; announcement of contribution to this fund by recently deceased alumna (Katherine Ink '1900).

[Serial Volume 55:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1956). — 1956, April. — 1 issue

[Article 55:2] "The Lepers are Cleansed". — April 1956
Creator: Davies, Rebekah Hoffman
Experiences of an alumna missionary nurse in India and Nigeria.

[Article 55:2] Alumnae News. — April 1956
Much of the news in this issue comes from letters of varying length from many alumnae.

[Article 55:2] Bake Sales, Rummage and Donations. — April 1956
Creator: Kavanagh, Frances Cowles
Need for other means to support Gate House Shop since the razing of the buildings on Broadway.

[Article 55:2] Current Problems in Higher Education Address given at the Annual Dinner of the JHH School of Nursing Alumnae Association, May 24. 1954. — April 1956
Creator: Horn, Francis
Discussion of several problems in higher education: Aristocratic vs. Democratic concepts, the Intellectual vs. the Whole Man concept, the Liberal vs. the Vocational concept, financing higher education.

[Article 55:2] Deaths. — April 1956
Includes a brief In Memoriam to Jessie Rogers Nash by Miss Pfefferkorn.

[Article 55:2] First Annual Meeting of the J.H.H. Nurses' Alumnae Association a continuation of the series of minutes of the Association heretofore unpublished. — April 1956
Creator: Thayer, Susan Chisolm Read
Since the magazine did not appear until 1901, the minutes of the proceedings of the initial meetings of Board and at Homecoming are being published in issues of current magazines.

[Article 55:2] Homecoming. — April 1956
Creator: Harriss, Julia
Planned activities for upcoming Homecoming May 19 - 21, 1956

[Article 55:2] Items of Interest. — April 1956
Representation of alumnae at American Alumni Conference; award to Margaretta Craig '29;M. Newcomer '29 election as officer in Michigan Industrial Nurse Associatio; other items about physicians at JHH.

[Article 55:2] Marriages. — April 1956

[Article 55:2] Nominees for Office J.H.H. Nurses' Alumnae Association. — April 1956
Nominees for election at the next Homecoming Annual Meeting with brief professional resumees.

[Article 55:2] Notes from the Office of the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — April 1956
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders
Information about activities and changes at the SON and at the hospital by Mary Sanders Price, new Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service.

[Article 55:2] Nursing Education in Lebanon. — April 1956
Creator: Moser, Elizabeth
Progress and difficulties vs. progress in the seven schools of nursing in Lebanon (six in Beirut and one in Tripoli) by alumna who has been there for nine years as Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service at the American University of Beirut.

[Article 55:2] Present Constitution and By-Laws J.H.H. Nurses' Alumnae Association. — April 1956

[Article 55:2] Report of the Board of Directors. — April 1956
Quarterly report of Alumnae Board to membership of the JHHNAA.

[Article 55:2] Stop -- Read -- Think. — April 1956
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason
Detailed presentation of proposed revisions to JHNAA By-Laws for vote at Annual Meeting of Homecoming May 20, 1956. For each proposed change, a clear reason is presented by the writer.

[Article 55:2] The Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Aid Fund. — April 1956
Creator: Popham, Ruth Curtis
Appeal for funds for Lawler Scholarship Fund. Writer gives uses of the fund and the good it brings to many.

[Article 55:2] Tributes and In Memoriam. — April 1956
Creator: Pfefferkorn, Blanche
Brief biographies and/or tributes to recently deceased alumnae

[Article 55:2] What Do You Seek? Address at Candlellight Service November 22, 1955. — April 1956
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
The broader concept of nursing "skills" as including the "why" and the consideration of the individual and his/her needs, judgments without egotism; the seeking of companionable fellowship; a means of social and economic security. Most important is the realization of "caring for people."

[Serial Volume 55:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1956). — 1956, July. — 1 issue

[Article 55:3] "Our Oldsters". — July 1956
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Alumnae news of graduates of older classes with frequent excerpts from their letters.

[Article 55:3] Address to the Graduates of the Class of 1956. — July 1956
Graduation speech emphasizing the principles in nursing as Democracy, Skill, God.

[Article 55:3] Alumnae News. — July 1956

[Article 55:3] American Nurses' Association Convention, Chicago, Illinois. — July 1956
Creator: Rupert, Jane H.
Report on activities of annual convention of ANA, including report on activities of ICN and "Hopkins Breakfast" get-together.

[Article 55:3] Banquet Address Speaking from the Editor's Chair. — July 1956
Address given by Corbin Gwaltney at Homecoming Banquet: search for truth at universities, even as they "upset the current apple cart."

[Article 55:3] Class of 1936 Reunion -- 20 Years. — July 1956
Creator: Popham, Ruth Curtis
Listing of members of the reunion class of 1936 plus announcement of $400 class contribution to the Lawler Scholarship Aid Fund.

[Article 55:3] Deaths. — July 1956
In this issue, two "lost" deaths from Class of 1905 are included; also tributes to two alumnae from family and classmates are included.

[Article 55:3] Donation In Memoriam. — July 1956

[Article 55:3] Marriages. — July 1956

[Article 55:3] Report of the Board of Directors March, April, May, 1956. — July 1956
Quarterly report of JHNAA Board to membership

[Article 55:3] Report of the Sixty-Fourth Annual Meeting. — July 1956
Creator: Farr, Mary ;  Fallon, Helen Gross ;  Price, Mary Sanders
Minutes of annual Homecoming meeting, including reports of president of JHNAA, Director of the SON, and all committee chairmen.

[Article 55:3] Report on Examination. — July 1956
Annual detailed auditor's report on finances and investments of the JHNAA.

[Article 55:3] The Alumnae Banquet May 19, 1956. — July 1956
Creator: McNeill, May Ermer
Events of the Homecoming banquet May 19, 1956

[Article 55:3] The School. — July 1956
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders
Personal and professional review of the previous year at JHHSON; deaths of prominent alumnae; makeup of the current and next class of students of the SON. (Given at graduation exercises May 1956)

[Serial Volume 55:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1956). — 1956, October. — 1 issue

[Article 55:4] Deaths. — October 1956

[Article 55:4] Items of Interest. — October 1956
Award to Elizabeth Moser '26; memorials to F. Abernathy and A. Warder

[Article 55:4] Marriages. — October 1956

[Article 55:4] Our Older Alumnae. — October 1956
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
News and excerpts from letters gathered about graduates from earlier classes of JHHSON

[Article 55:4] Second Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association May 31, 1894. — October 1956
Creator: Patterson, Adah H.
Continuation of a series of annual meeting minutes heretofore unpublished.

[Article 55:4] Stress and Disease. — October 1956
Creator: Selye, Hans
The "exact" mechanism by which stress attacks the human and the symptoms/disease conditions that can occur in response or improper response to this stress.

[Article 55:4] Twentieth Reunion of the Class of 1936. — October 1956
Creator: Popham, Ruth Curtis
Detailed account of reunion activities of the class and update on professional and personal news of all members of the Class of 1936.