Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 61] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1962). — 1962

[Serial Volume 61:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1962). — 1962, March. — 1 issue

[Article 61:1] Alumnae News. — March 1962
In the beginning of these Alumnae News items, there is a small section on the dates of the meetings of the JH Nurses Club of Maryland and its newly elected officers.

[Article 61:1] Candlelight -- Class of 1964. — March 1962
Creator: Martell, Elizabeth (Liz) ;  Dorsey, Nellie Polk
Addresses by two upperclass students at the Candlelight Service for the new class of 1964 as they celebrate getting their student uniforms.

[Article 61:1] Deaths. — March 1962

[Article 61:1] In Memoriam -- Nell Stoltzfus. — March 1962
Short tribute to Nell Stoltzfus on her death

[Article 61:1] Marriages. — March 1962

[Article 61:1] School of Nursing News. — March 1962
Creator: Susan Barker
Review of all the activities with the students in the SON after Christmas has been put away for another year.

[Article 61:1] The Alcoholic Patient, the Nurse and the Hospital. — March 1962
Creator: Iber, Frank L.
This is a very thorough discussion on the causes of alcoholism, its causes, reasons for hospitalization, the problems while hospitalized, care of the patient with a table of community sources of assistance for them.

[Article 61:1] The Challenge of Direct Service in Public Health Nursing. — March 1962
Creator: Barnard, Mildred
Although more difficult than in earlier years, public health nursing presents many opportunities in the areas of family and preventive health. Teaching the family is essential to achieve these goals, making this specialty in nursing a "working with" rather than a "doing for."

[Article 61:1] The Changing Scene -- What's New at JHH. — March 1962
Creator: O'Connor, Margaret Mary
New apartment-office building Jefferson & McElderry Streets
Construction for new Children's Center
Day Nursery in Main Residence
New swimming pool

[Serial Volume 61:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1962). — 1962, June. — 1 issue

[Article 61:2] Alumnae News. — June 1962

[Article 61:2] Annual Homecoming. — June 1962
Preview of Homecoming September 22 and 23

[Article 61:2] Deaths. — June 1962

[Article 61:2] In Memoriam -- Elsie M. Lawler. — June 1962
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black ;  Pastore, Evelyn M. Thomson ;  Ellis, Margaret McKinnon ;  McBride, Dorothy Filler
Tributes to Elsie M. Lawler at her death

[Article 61:2] In Memoriam I. Gertrude Bunting. — June 1962
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
In Memoriam tribute to I. Gertrude Bunting, Class of 1911

[Article 61:2] In Memoriam Jane L. Carter. — June 1962
Tribute by Mary McMaster Ketchin at death of Jane Carter, Class of 1901

[Article 61:2] Insurance. — June 1962
Creator: Smith, Florence E.
Resume of different types of health and accident insurance, life insurance

[Article 61:2] Marriages. — June 1962

[Article 61:2] Pediatric Clinical Research Unit. — June 1962
Creator: Dougherty, Jeanne A.
Coming into being through a grant from the NIH, a clinical unit for pediatric research is now open and in operation. The article writes of the different protocols and precautions operational in this unit, the roles of the families, nurses, physicians, dietary department. Balance Studies are discussed in greater detail, with the ultimate objective being to learn.

[Article 61:2] Report from Nursing Service. — June 1962
Creator: Martell, Gabrielle D.
The article discusses the responsibility to the care of the individual patient but also the responsibility of nursing service to the welfare and morale of those giving this care. The article goes into some detail on this responsibility to various groups involved.

[Article 61:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — June 1962
Creator: Worthington, Ruth ;  Boitnott, Carolyn Pope ;  Stevens, Elizabeth R.
Nominees with professional biographies of the candidates proposed for elected officers of the JHNAA.

[Article 61:2] Report of Recruitment and Admissions. — June 1962
Creator: Skinner, Laila
The article points out some ways in which alumnae can help in recruiting candidates for the school. It also gives some details on how the recruitment/admissions is carried out as well as requirements in the application. The article points out the school's appeal is through its reputation and its friendliness.

[Article 61:2] School of Nursing News. — June 1962
Creator: Susan Barker
The many activities within the school are discussed briefly from a spaghetti dinner to welcome the Spring, the Senior Prom, a Spring Choral Concert, the voting for the student officers, new weekly "coffee hours." Special notice is given to a new booklet with the Student Directory.

[Article 61:2] Understanding the Older Person. — June 1962
Creator: Farr, Mary
With the increase in the number and percentage of older people in our society accompanied by a more widespread familial environment, the writer goes over the newer needs of the elderly. The writer goes over the "fears" of the older person who faces illness. Two diseases are discussed in a little more detail: tuberculosis and pneumococcal pneumonia.

[Article 61:2] What's New at J.H.H.. — June 1962
Changes or additions for all areas of JHH.
Two new floors for Pediatric research
School of Hygiene and Public Health with new research wing
New scanning techniques in radioisotope lab
Nursing school basketball game.
New JHHNAA Executive Secretary

[Serial Volume 61:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (September, 1962). — 1962, September. — 1 issue

[Article 61:3] Alumnae News. — September 1962
This section in this issue includes three letters from the class of 1953: two from overseas and one from Kansas City, MO.

[Article 61:3] Chemotherapy Treatment of Solid Tumors. — September 1962
Creator: Gaertner, Robert A.
In 1940, nitrogen mustard was first used against generalized cancers, such as leukemias. Now, other chemotherapeutic agents are used against localized cancers. This means there are two main groups of these chewmotheerapeutic agents: theose such as nitrogen mustard and the antimetabolite agents. The article tells of the functioning of these two groups, how and when they are used, the treatment of the patients for each type. The article also discusses some of the nursing problems that may be presented.

[Article 61:3] Deaths. — September 1962

[Article 61:3] Editorials. — September 1962
Homecoming 1962
Lawler Scholarship Fund
Praise for JHH nursing by grateful patient

[Article 61:3] Marriages. — September 1962

[Article 61:3] Nurse-Midwifery Education and a Program of Study Leading to Certification in Nurse-Midwifery. — September 1962
Creator: Fetter, Sara E. ;  Ruth, Mary Virginia
Detailed description of nurse-midwifery program at JHH

[Article 61:3] Report to Alumnae Office by Director of School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — September 1962
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders
Alumne Breakfast in Detroit during ANA biennial meeting
Appointments and changes in JHH Division of Nursing

[Article 61:3] School of Nursing News. — September 1962
Creator: Susan Barker
Brief summary of activities of the student nurses, including the summer vacation and the anticipated arrival of the new class, the new name for the student newspaper.

[Article 61:3] The American Alumni Council. — September 1962
Creator: Van Horn, Lena
Brief report of annual conference of Mid-Atlantic (District 2) of American Alumni Council. Some of the discussion at the conference concerned the different schools and their methods, financial support methods, the alumni magazines.

[Article 61:3] The Purpose of the Alumnae Association. — September 1962
Creator: MacLean, Sybil
The work of the JHNAA and its various funds.

[Article 61:3] Turtle Derby. — September 1962
Creator: Dougherty, Jeanne A.
A review of the recently held Turtle Derby with brief summaries of the skits presented between the races. The year's final winner was "Little Turtle out of Mother Turle by Daddy Turtle," with the owner being a Marburg patient.

[Article 61:3] What's New at J.H.H.. — September 1962
Pediatric Nursing Supervision Practicum
Progress of new Children's Center
Mass Casualty Drill for Disaster Plan
Plans for new labs for Wilmer Eye Institute

[Serial Volume 61:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1962). — 1962, December. — 1 issue

[Article 61:4] Alumnae News. — December 1962
Besides the usual short items, this Alumnae News article includes excerpts from two alumnae letters and a newspaper article about how an alumna showed blind children the inside of their teeth.

[Article 61:4] Deaths. — December 1962

[Article 61:4] Editorials. — December 1962
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Graduate 1962
New President JHHNAA

[Article 61:4] Homecoming 1962. — December 1962
Creator: MacLean, Sybil ;  Shipley, Mary Patterson ;  King, Esther V. ;  Fee, Rachel ;  Flatley, Anna Buchko Dolan ;  Farr, Mary ;  Roehner, Veronica Lyons ;  McVicar, Jessie Black ;  Smith, Florence E. ;  Wilson, Helen Wright ;  Worthington, Ruth ;  Stevens, Elizabeth R. ;  Boitnott, Carolyn Pope ;  Moyer, Carol
President's Report, Treasurer's Report with proposed budget
Committee Reports: Endowed Bed, Membership, Education Fund, Publications, By-Laws, Nominating.

[Article 61:4] Marriages. — December 1962

[Article 61:4] Report to Alumnae by Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — December 1962
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders
Annual report of Director of the SON and Nursing Service giving changes in nursing positions, details of the recent graduation giving the recipients of the scholarships and awards.

[Article 61:4] Tribute to Deborah MacLurg Jensen. — December 1962
Creator: Williams, Effie Peelle
In Memoriam tribute to Mrs. Jensen on the occasion of her recent death. Also included is a newpaper article from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat on her death. Also included are the many publications to which she had contributed.

[Article 61:4] Tribute to Elizabeth Moser. — December 1962
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden ;  Baty, Harvey ;  Kevirian, Lucy
Four (4) tributes to Elizabeth Moser at her recent death: from Anna D. Wolf (Class 1915); from a physician who worked with her in Beirut, Lebanon; the New Orleans newspaper article; from the students at the School of Nursing in Beirut.