Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 64] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1965). — 1965

[Serial Volume 64:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1965). — 1965, March. — 1 issue

[Article 64:1] Alumnae News. — March 1965

[Article 64:1] Books in Review. — March 1965
Creator: Watson, Mark S. ;  Dunbar, Virginia
Review of biography of Alice Fitzgerald, 1906) by writer in Baltimore Sunpaper
Progress report on writing of biography of Miss Nutting

[Article 64:1] Deaths. — March 1965

[Article 64:1] Editors Notes. — March 1965
Creator: Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
New size, format and cover for Alumnae Magazine

[Article 64:1] Excess Vitamin D Seen Harmful. — March 1965
Three articles on Vitamin D and effects on children of taking it in excess, plus the study of this by the FDA.

[Article 64:1] Honors to Alumnae. — March 1965
Article on I. Graham Price Strain reprinted from Shreveport Times.
Election to Washington State Lesgislature of Mary Start Lux

[Article 64:1] In Memoriam: Margaretta Craig. — March 1965
Creator: Williams, Vivian Weinhardt
Lengthy In Memoriam tribute reprinted from Baltimore Sunpaper.
Shorter personal I Memoriam tribute by classmate.

[Article 64:1] In Memoriam; Martha K. Lewis -- 1923. — March 1965
In Memoriam tribute to Martha Lewis, 1923

[Article 64:1] Marriages. — March 1965

[Article 64:1] Nutritional Quackery. — March 1965
Condensation of Progress Report of FDA's Campaign vs. Nutritional Quackery

[Article 64:1] Our Heritage and Challenge of the Future. — March 1965
Creator: Leone, Lucille Petry
Anniversaries are for "reminiscing," for "paying tribute to tradition," and for "looking ahead." The speaker gives some anecdotes for each, concluding with the advances and possibilities in nursing. (Speech given by Lucille Petry Leone, 1927, on 9/18/64 at the 75th anniversary of the JHH School of Nursing)

[Article 64:1] Preparing the Child at Home and in the Hospital for an Operation. — March 1965
With Dr. Alex Haller as moderator, this is a discussion of the roles of the nurse, the anesthesiologist , the surgeon, and the parents in preparing a child for surgery.

[Article 64:1] School of Nursing News. — March 1965
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders
New apppointment of Assistant Director of Pediatric Nursing

[Article 64:1] Student News. — March 1965
Creator: Newberry, Karen
Candlelight Ceremony for Class of 1967
Christmas at Hampton House
First snow of season
Street clothes for Phipps duty

[Serial Volume 64:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1965). — 1965, June. — 1 issue

[Article 64:2] Alumnae News. — June 1965

[Article 64:2] Colleges, Schools and Hospital Team Up to Beat the Nurse Shortage. — June 1965
Discussions of nursing programs for Practical Nurses and Associate Degree nurses, all newly developed for Hopkins to help alleviate the nursing shortage. The article includes complete curriculum objectives, contents, and administration of each program.

[Article 64:2] Deaths. — June 1965

[Article 64:2] Editor's Notes. — June 1965
Creator: Flatley, Anna Buchko Dolan ;  Seaver, Margaret Fulk
Plans for Homecoming in September 1965
Plans for reunion Class of 1945

[Article 64:2] Expansion Projects. — June 1965
Creator: Rychwalski, Margaret Purkiss
Two new projects at JHH: for post-doctoral research center and for School of Hygiene and Public Health.

[Article 64:2] Hearing the Grass Grow. — June 1965
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Short article recalling a section of a speech by Dr. Osler quoting George Eliot about the tragedy of life is so close ("Hearing the grass grow").

[Article 64:2] Honors to Alumnae. — June 1965
Brief account of the granting to Sybil MacLean (1931) of an honorary degree from the Medical College of Virginia.

[Article 64:2] In Memoriam: Alta Elizabeth Dines. — June 1965
In Memoriam tribute to Alta Dines (1914), writing of her personal and professional achievements.

[Article 64:2] Journal of a Novice. — June 1965
Creator: Salkin, Linda Lee
Journal of four days spent in Belgium shortly after her graduation to observe hospital care and techniques, the main result of which was to increase her appreciation of the nursing education she received at JHHSON.

[Article 64:2] Letters of Lavinia Dock Presented to the School. — June 1965
Presentation of eleven letters and one postal card written by Miss Dock between 1939 and 1947 have been given to the School historical collection. The article also describes the contents of the letters. They were presented to the School by her nephew. There also is printed an excerpt from a paper read by Miss Dock in 1907.

[Article 64:2] Marriages. — June 1965

[Article 64:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — June 1965
Creator: Melvin, Virginia Brown Lester
Nominees for offices of Alumnae Association for President-Elect, Vice-President, Treasurer, Director, and three members of the next Nominating Committee.

[Article 64:2] Student News. — June 1965
Creator: Newberry, Karen
Senior students' annual dance
Student representatives to National Student Nurses' Convention in San Francisco
Newly elected officers of JHHSON Student Government

[Serial Volume 64:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (September, 1965). — 1965, September. — 1 issue

[Article 64:3] Alumnae News. — September 1965

[Article 64:3] Can We Do More in Contributing to History of Nursing?. — September 1965
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
The need for more nurses' contributing to the documenting of the history of nursing
Miss Nutting's interest in, use of, knowledge of the history of nursing
Writing of the 2-volume history of nursing by Nutting and Dock

[Article 64:3] Deaths. — September 1965

[Article 64:3] Editor's Notes. — September 1965
Excerpts from letters expressing pleasure at new look for Alumnae Magazine

[Article 64:3] Homecoming. — September 1965
Preview of events to come at Homecoming 1965

[Article 64:3] Honors to Alumnae: Effie J. Taylor. — September 1965
Luncheon at Yale to honor Miss Taylor including cases of Memorabilia from her career at Hopkins, Yale, as ICN president, other notable achievements.

[Article 64:3] Honors to Alumnae: Sybil MacLean. — September 1965
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters awarded to Sybil MacLean upon her retirement by Medical College of Virginia.

[Article 64:3] In Memoriam: Alta Dines. — September 1965
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Brief In Memoriam tribute to Alta Dines by her classmates of the JHHSON Class of 1914.

[Article 64:3] In Memoriam: Mary Breckinridge. — September 1965
Creator: Banghart, Carolyn Anne
In Memoriam tribute to Mary Breckinridge who founded the Frontier Nursing Service
Detailed account of personal and professional life

[Article 64:3] In Memoriam: Ruth C. Popham. — September 1965
Creator: Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
In Memoriam tribute to Ruth Popham, 1936, one of Hopkins' "best nurses and one of its most loyal friends."

[Article 64:3] Marriages. — September 1965

[Article 64:3] Ministry to the Sick 1. Introduction. 2. Psychotherapy and the Care of Souls. — September 1965
Creator: Shallenberger, Rev. Clyde R. ;  Tournier, Paul
Relationship of clergy with physicians in healing of the ill
Finding one's "place" in society and the world
The problem of psychology and faith

[Article 64:3] Mothering 13 Fatherless Children. — September 1965
After enjoying at Hopkins School of Nursing, two students find they have friendship and a sharing of a common goal. This leads to becoming foster parents in India to 13 children, commiting to 20 years to complete the rearing of the group. This article from the Baltimore Sunday Sunpapers describers the history of the move and the workings of the Signal House, as it is called.

[Article 64:3] Pregnancy and Other Contraindications to Smallpox Vaccination. — September 1965
Article taken from The Medical Newsletter May 7, 1965
Surveys of vaccination during pregnancy show increase in congenital anomalies and other adverse effects in the offspring.
Other contraindications of skin disorders, corticosteroid therapy.
Policies to follow with international travel without vaccination.

[Article 64:3] School of Nursing News. — September 1965
Retirement of K. Virginia Betzold 1933
Appointment of Margaret E. Courtney 1940

[Article 64:3] Student News. — September 1965
Creator: Arnold, Robin
Events during senior year of graduating class
Preparations for arrival of new Pre-Clins
Return of Ethel Foresman as director of Hampton House

[Article 64:3] The Johns Hopkins Annual Roll Call -- 1965. — September 1965
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason
Details about schedule for Roll Call appeal

[Article 64:3] What's New at Hopkins. — September 1965
Creator: Arnold, Robin
New appointments of physicians.
Day nursery move to Harriet Lane
Establishment of Temporal Bone Bank
Special OB/Gyn Conference
Status of McCoy College at JHU
Annual Turtle Derby

[Serial Volume 64:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1965). — 1965, December. — 1 issue

[Article 64:4] Alumnae News. — December 1965

[Article 64:4] Class of 1955 -- 10 Year Reunion. — December 1965
Besides the general overview of activities for the class at Homecoming, this article includes the alumnae news for each individial

[Article 64:4] Deaths. — December 1965

[Article 64:4] Graduation Address. — December 1965
Backround that led Florence Nightingale to create modern nursing.
Potential for individual growth
Challenges ahead for the young nurses

[Article 64:4] Homecoming 1965. — December 1965
Overview and summary of Homecoming 1965
Special recognition to Miss Betzold on her retirement

[Article 64:4] Honors to Alumnae. — December 1965
Retirement of Ruth Bullis Montgomery
Carol Moyer become nun
Praise for Sally Sample as head of nursing in nationally praised newspaper article

[Article 64:4] In Memoriam. — December 1965
Praise for recently deceased Margaret McKinnon Ellis, 1899, from her three children.

[Article 64:4] Marriages. — December 1965

[Article 64:4] The 73rd Annual Meeting. — December 1965
President's Report
Reports of all standing and special committees
Complete Auditor's Report
Minutes of the proceedings, old and new business

[Article 64:4] The Changing Nurse-Physician Relationship. — December 1965
Creator: Zuidema, George D.
Changes in medical care bringing about perceived changes in M.D./Nurse relationships.

[Article 64:4] What's New at Hopkins. — December 1965
Tribute to Emanuel Chambers
Honors given to Dr. Harriet Guild at her retirement
Student news: graduation exercises; arrival of new class
50 years ago in the Alumnae Magazine