Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 65] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1966). — 1966

[Serial Volume 65:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1966). — 1966, March. — 1 issue

[Article 65:1] Alumnae News. — March 1966

[Article 65:1] Art in Psychiatry. — March 1966
How people express their feelings and thoughts in art rather than in written language and how this can be a big part of therapy.

[Article 65:1] Christmas at Hopkins. — March 1966
Creator: Egbert, Anne Coleman
Overview of Christmas 1965 at JHH with 3 1/2 pages of photographs

[Article 65:1] Deaths. — March 1966

[Article 65:1] Establishment of Lucile Petry Leone Award. — March 1966
Announcement of an award by Public Healrh Service to encourage leadership in nursing among young nurses. Contributions are encouraged.

[Article 65:1] Honors to Alumnae. — March 1966
Honors to Veronica Lyons (1927) on her retirement as dean of Cornell School of Nursing,to Rae Chittick (1919) on her new mission to Ghana, and a lengthy article from a newspaper in Hawaii on Mabel Wilcox (1911).

[Article 65:1] In Memoriam. — March 1966
Creator: Wakeman, Grace Kussmaul
In Memoriam tributes to five recently deceased alumnae, several of which were taken from local papers.

[Article 65:1] Marriages. — March 1966

[Article 65:1] News of Books and Authors. — March 1966
Creator: Repp, Betty
Brief review of "A Doctor's Secrets of Youth, Health and Long Life" by John Eichenlaub, M.D.

[Article 65:1] What's New at Hopkins. — March 1966
Creator: Arnold, Robin ;  Malone, Sally K. ;  Angevine, Bonnie
New Nursing Recruiter
Community Action Agency opens Neighborhood Center
Russel Nelson, M.D. accepts Medicare Post
Candlelight Service November 1965

[Serial Volume 65:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1966). — 1966, June. — 1 issue

[Article 65:2] Alumnae News. — June 1966

[Article 65:2] Deaths. — June 1966

[Article 65:2] Fifty Years Ago. — June 1966
Alumnaae Magazine being sent and received in Germany during World War I

[Article 65:2] Heart Surgery -- Past, Present and Future. — June 1966
Creator: Gott, Vincent L.
A mulitude of cardiac operations that formerly could not be done now are possible since the advent of open heart surgery. The history of the development of cardiac surgeries since 1938 is discussed. The different types of cardiac surgery is discussed. Replacing faulty heart valves is discussed. There remain "major cardiac problems that defy satisfactory surgical correction, primarily coronary artery disease. Heart transplantation is discussed.

[Article 65:2] Honors to Alumnae. — June 1966
Professional biographies of Lucille Petry Leone (1927) and Anna D. Wolf (1915) and the many honors they have received during their careers.

[Article 65:2] Love Makes the World Go 'Round. — June 1966
Creator: Moyer, Carol
A graduate of Class of 1956 writes of her "adventures" in becoming a nun.

[Article 65:2] Marriages. — June 1966

[Article 65:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — June 1966
Creator: Williams, Joan L.
Slate of nominees for officers of the Nurses Alumnae Association for election at the Fall meeting.

[Article 65:2] School of Nursing News. — June 1966
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Changes in the school: Jacqueline Boothe (1954) appointed administrative assistant in SON
Retirement of "Miss Frances (Frances Ryjacek) as Assistant Residence Director of Hamtpton House"
Hunt for Nursing's Historical Treasures by MLN

[Article 65:2] The A.A.C. District II Meeting -- 1966. — June 1966
Creator: Boykin, Nancy Joan Bickelhaupt ;  Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
3-day Meeting of American Alumni Council attended by JHNAA president and magazine editor.

[Article 65:2] What's New at Hopkins. — June 1966
Emergency Room Crisis with increasing patient numbers and small physical area
Adjustment of hospital to "Blizzard of '66."

[Serial Volume 65:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (September, 1966). — 1966, September. — 1 issue

[Article 65:3] A Position Paper. — September 1966
Creator: Betzold, K. Virginia
Review of ANA official positions on types of nursing education, differences between professional and technical levels.

[Article 65:3] Alumnae News. — September 1966

[Article 65:3] Deaths. — September 1966

[Article 65:3] Fifty Years Ago. — September 1966
JHHNAA discussion of Uniform Committee's recommended change in nurses' uniforms regarding type/color of shoes to be worn. Source is the Alumnae Magazine, August, 1916 and was the "Report of the Committee on Change in Uniform."

[Article 65:3] Honors to Alumnae: Kathleen Ellis. — September, 1966
Creator: Ransom, Louise Hambrecht
Personal and professional biography of Kathleen Ellis, 1915, with the honors received at her retirement in 1965.

[Article 65:3] Honors to Alumnae: Virginia Lee McMaster Foard. — September 1966
Trbute to Mrs. Foard on the occasion of her 99th birthday, still active and injoying being active in Columbia, SC. (Accompanied by an informal photograph of Mrs. Foard.)

[Article 65:3] In Memoriam: Gertrude Boquist. — September 1966
Creator: Fitzpatrick, Louise
Brief tribute to Ms Boquist, a teacher of JHHSON students in Public Health, on the occasion of her recent death.

[Article 65:3] Influences on Student Behavior at J.H.H.. — September 1966
Creator: Weibel, Sally
Problems of students at JHHSON due to lack of degree, narrow limits of nursing education.
Factors contributing to problems of student nurses: socio-economic, separation, personal or situational.

[Article 65:3] Marriages. — September 1966

[Article 65:3] Notes from the Historical Library. — September 1966
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Full-page photograph of Enoch Pratt window display of Florence Nightingale memorabilia from the Hopkins' collection. Includes her wheel chair.
Acquisition of mementos from alumnae by Historical Library.
Role of individual JHNAA alumnae in formation of ANA
Role of M. A. Nutting in establishment of mandatory state registration of graduate nurses.

[Article 65:3] Rx from the Patient: Physician, Heal Thyself. — September 1966
Article from Time Magazine May13, 1966 reprint
Problems of physicians from strain of profession, closeness to patients, abundance of learning from commiting errors.
Suggestions for physician movement "back to prominence."

[Article 65:3] School of Nursing News. — September 1966
Creator: Gardner, Susan N.
JHHSON's participation in Nusing Equipment Fair in basement of Main Residence
Student News: Arrival of new class of students, actiivities of upper class.
What is a Student Nurse? (author unknown)

[Article 65:3] She's a "Penny" for Your Thoughts. — September 1966
Interview with Zola Watson (1951) about her career and experiences with Dooley Foundation. (Published in an issue of The Reader's Digest.)

[Article 65:3] What's New at Hopkins. — September 1966
Joint program between Cornell and JHSchool of Medicine in research
Development at JHH of education and job opportunities in East Baltimore for local poverty-level youth. (Reprinted from Under the Dome.)

[Serial Volume 65:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1966). — 1966, December. — 1 issue

[Article 65:4] A Revised Educational Program for Students. — December 1966
Creator: Courtney, Margaret
Revised educational curriculum for SON after a two year faculty committee study. To begin with class admitted in Fall, 1966.
Details given of revised program
Year 1: 2 17 week sessions and 12-week summer session: pre-lim courses in basic college courses with college credit given. Revision of Nursing Arts or Fundamentals of Nursing. Summer = care of patients with specific diseases.
Year 2: 2 terms, 24 weeks each (Med-Surg; Maternal Child)
Year 3: 3 terms 12 weeks each (Psychiatry; Out- Patient/Community; Leadership in Nursing.)

[Article 65:4] Alumnae News. — December 1966

[Article 65:4] Deaths. — December 1966

[Article 65:4] Homecoming -- 1966. — December 1966
74th Annual Homecoming of JHHNAA
Main address on Legal Aspects of Nursing by John F. King
Photos of some reunion classes, some of graduating class, officers of JHNAA
JHNNAA Board of Directors 1966-1967

[Article 65:4] Marriages. — December 1966

[Article 65:4] Student News. — December 1966
Creator: Andrews, Margaret M.
New students arrive
Revised eduction program
Entertainment besides study

[Article 65:4] The 74th Annual Meeting. — December 1966
President's Report, Treasurer's Report
Committee reports: Membership, Finance, Endowed Bed, Sidk Benefit, By-Laws, Education Fund, Editorial.
Executive Secretary's report
Report of Advisory Board of the SON for 1965-1966
Report of Nominating Committee

[Article 65:4] What's New at Hopkins. — December 1966
Conferences at School of Hygiene and Public Health
Article from Under the Dome October 1966