Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 68] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1969). — 1969

[Serial Volume 68:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1969). — 1969, March. — 1 issue

[Article 68:1] Alumnae News. — March 1969
Included in Class of 1958 is Zelda Aardvark Zebra of whom no trace can be found.

[Article 68:1] Deaths. — March 1969

[Article 68:1] Fifty Years Ago. — March 1969
Brief extract from JHH Alumnae Magazine of February 1919 making the statement that $1000/year is the minimum salary any Public Health nurse should accept.
from JHHNAA Alumnae Magazine February 1919

[Article 68:1] For Michael: A Project for Disabled Children. — March 1969
Creator: Corbett, Edith Osborn
Project introduced by an alumna who drew stories in picture forms for pediatric leukemia patients awaiting treatments to diminish their fears. Enlargement of the project to include in-patient children for many causes.

[Article 68:1] Home from Vietnam. — March 1969
Short letter from '59 alumna on her return from Viet Nam and her current activities.
Original poem written by author on the sadness of the families of soldiers killed during the war.

[Article 68:1] Hopkins Hospital Staff Recalls Drama of Heart Transplant. — March 1969
Interviews with "behind the scenes" participants in the heart transplant surgery, including different nurses, physicians other than principle surgeons, technicians, hospital chaplain.
From the Evening Sun, November 29, 1968

[Article 68:1] Levels of Nursing Education and Practice. — March 1969
Creator: Orem, Dorothea
This is a paper first presented to the Nurses' Alumnae Association on October 12, 1968
The different "levels" of education taught in schools of nursing with the two types of change and innovation offered.
Level I= Teaching of what to do. Level II = use of information gathering to solve practical problems. Level III = Discovery of problems and ways to solve them.

[Article 68:1] Marriages. — March 1969

[Article 68:1] What's New at Hopkins. — March 1969
Creator: Brinkley, Jeanne ;  Beers, Anna
First Cardiac Self-Teaching Laboratory;
Osler Coronary Unit admits first patients;
Student News: the new class of students; Christmas events; a senior student's address at Candlelight Service for Class of 1971.

[Serial Volume 68:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1969). — 1969, June. — 1 issue

[Article 68:2] ADAPT -- A Worthwhile Project. — June 1969
Creator: Piercy, Judith Roth
Federal Narcotics Bureau-related project near JHH to use three phases to switch narcotic addicts to Methidone.

[Article 68:2] Adelaide Nutting's Mother: Harriet Sophia Peasley Nutting 1824 - 1884. — June 1969
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Information about Mrs. Nutting primarily in her adult years, using contents of many letters by Adelaide Nutting.
Ambitions of Miss Nutting for all members of her family.

[Article 68:2] Alumnae News. — June 1969

[Article 68:2] Deaths. — June 1969
Creator: Dick, Edith R.
Includes an In Memoriam tribute to Robina Stewart by Edith Dick '30

[Article 68:2] Establishment of the Center for Experimentation and Developent in Nursing: An Institute of Nursing at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — June 1969
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
To meet the educational and practical needs of "overly busy" nurses, this center has been established at Hopkins to develop the tools to measure and evaluate the outcomes of nursing on patients.

[Article 68:2] Fifty Years Ago -- Experiences with a "Shock Team". — June 1969
Creator: Stock, Pauline B.
World War I Field Hospital "Shock Team" treatment for the most seriously wounded near Chateau Thierry.
Article reprinted from JHH Alumae Magazine May 1919

[Article 68:2] In Memoriam -- Robina Lamont Stewart. — June 1969
Creator: Dick, Edith R.

[Article 68:2] Marriages. — June 1969

[Article 68:2] Our Challenge for the Future. — June 1969
Creator: Fitzpatrick, Louise
"Nursing education must progress to meet the ever changing needs and demands" of our society. The Hopkins of "old" cannot meet the needs of today. The challenge for us is to acknowledge that the education of yesterday is insufficient for today and the future.

[Article 68:2] Spring Social. — June 1969
Creator: Alt-White, Anna C.
Summary of the activities during the Spring Social held in honor of the June graduating class of nurses.

[Article 68:2] Surgery on the Unborn: Successful on Animals Today, It May Save Infants' Lives Tomorrow. — June 1969
Experimental intrauterine surgery done on animals with goal of future use on humans.
From the Baltimore Sun March 16, 1969

[Article 68:2] What's New at Hopkins. — June 1969
Creator: Brinkley, Jeanne
1. Underground route to new buildings made easier, faster. 2. Alma Leakan appointed new associate director of Osler nursing. 3. Early Hopkins payroll discovered from 1899. 4. Student News
Section of early payroll from Under the Dome Feb-March, 1969

[Serial Volume 68:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (September, 1969). — 1969, September. — 1 issue

[Article 68:3] A Glimpse of Lavinia Dock in her 90th Year. — September 1969
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
An on-the-spot, often humorous account, of Lavininia Dock reacting to comments about her by Effie Taylor on the occasion of Miss Dock receiving an award from the ICN.

[Article 68:3] Alumnae News. — September 1969

[Article 68:3] Deaths. — September 1969

[Article 68:3] Honors to Alumnae. — September 1969
Honors to Effie Taylor, Frances Reiter and Constance Cole Waxter
Taylor -- from New Haven Jornal-Courier
Reiter - from American Red Cross News Service
Cole - from ACOG Nurses Bulletin

[Article 68:3] In Memoriam -- Emma H. Chapman. — September 1969

[Article 68:3] Marriages. — September 1969

[Article 68:3] On Nurses and Nursing. — September 1969
Creator: Rogers, David E.
The shortage of nurses.
The move of nurses from clinical care to administration.
How nursing should fit into new "systems" of patient care.

[Article 68:3] Report of Nominating Committee. — September 1969
Nominees for election at Fall meeting of Alumnae Association

[Article 68:3] School of Nursing News. — September 1969
List of 21 JHH alumnni attending the NLN convention in May 1969

[Article 68:3] Student News. — September 1969
Creator: Fournier, Cynthia ;  Dillon, Patricia
Graduation of Senior class.
Preparations for the arriving new class of students
Poem by member of Class of 1971

[Article 68:3] The Child LIfe Department is Alive and Well and Living in Baltimore. — September 1969
Creator: Dombro, Robert H.
Need for a "therapeutic relationship" with the child and family.
Story of the effects on one pediatric surgeon whose little patient died after surgery with application to all.
A paper presented May 19, 1969 symposium of A CHILD, HIS FAMILY AND HIS SURGEON -- A THERAPEUTIC FRIENDSHIP sponsored by the Child Life Department and the Department of Pediatric Surgery JHU School of Medicine

[Article 68:3] What's New at Hopkins. — September 1969
Books on sale at the Hopkins Book Center
New ceilings at the Book CEnter
May Book Exchange
Reprinted from UNDER THE DOME May 1969

[Serial Volume 68:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1969). — 1969, December. — 1 issue

[Article 68:4] Alumnae News. — December 1969

[Article 68:4] Deaths. — December 1969

[Article 68:4] Homecoming -- 1969. — December 1969
Includes reports of all standing committees, Treasurer with proposed budget for next year, Presidential address and report, report of Advisory Board, By-laws changes as approved by membership, additional business.

[Article 68:4] Honors to Alumnae. — December 1969
Two alumnae receive honors.
Faye Spring -- from University of Colorado Mediocal Center July 9, 1969

[Article 68:4] In Memoriam. — December 1969

[Article 68:4] JHH Now Helps Students Decide on Nursing. — December 1969
Initiation of the NOW program at JHH to decreasae attrition rates from schools of nursing
from Under the Dome

[Article 68:4] Letter to the Editor. — December 1969
Creator: Timanus, Ann Rae
Defense of three year nursing program of nursing in rebuttal of a speech advocating only collegiate schools.

[Article 68:4] Marriages. — December 1969

[Article 68:4] Poem. — December 1969
Creator: Hart, Adrienne
Poem by JHHSON student about a pediatric patient with serious burns and subsequent treatment.

[Article 68:4] Student News. — December 1969
Creator: Fournier, Cynthia
Recent "side shows" welcoming incoming freshman students of SON.
Camping in the Fall in Shenandoah Valley in VA.
Preparing for the holidays.

[Article 68:4] The New Trauma Unit for Children. — December 1969
Opening of the new children's Accident Room at Hopkins with description of its provisions and treatments offered.

[Article 68:4] The Union Wins! -- What Next?. — December 1969
Creator: Alt-White, Anna C.
Effects and potential effects of unionization of non-professional workers at JHH