Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 69] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1970). — 1970

[Serial Volume 69:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1970). — 1970, March. — 1 issue

[Article 69:1] Alumnae News. — March 1970

[Article 69:1] Deaths. — March 1970

[Article 69:1] Drug Abuse: An Experimental Clinic for Narcotic Abusers. — March 1970
Abstinence program of the Narcotic Clinic JHH

[Article 69:1] Drug Abuse: Man Alive is Alive, and Well. — March 1970
The Methadone Clinic at JHH called "Man Alive" vs. drug abuse.

[Article 69:1] Drug Abuse: Myths and Facts about Marijuana. — March 1970
Presentation of eight (8) facts about marijuana: not a narcotic, causes no physical damage, psychological effect depends on strength of the drug, relation between marijuana and hashish not founded on research, use of marijuana does not lead to use of heroin, marijuana use is "participation in a social group," more research is required, effects may be milder than use of alcohol, but "two wrongs do not make a right."
by Leon Wurmsner M.D. Director of Crug Abuse Center JHH

[Article 69:1] Drug Abuse: The Program of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Drug Abuse Center. — March 1970
Summary of different programs, the success, problems and potential for each.

[Article 69:1] Editor's Notes. — March 1970
Mary Kuntz steps down as editor of Alumnae Magazine

[Article 69:1] Honors to Alumnae. — March 1970
Louise C. Smith appointed acting dean of nursing at University of Wisconsin
Joan L. Williams appointed Director of Nursing at the Medical Center in Columbus, GA.

[Article 69:1] In Memoriam. — March 1970
In Memoriam tributes to three recently deceased JHHSON alumnae.

[Article 69:1] Marriages. — March 1970

[Article 69:1] Report on Development of a Nursing Program within the University. — March 1970
Update on progress of collegiate SON as Mrs. Price retires.

[Serial Volume 69:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1970). — 1970 June. — 1 issue

[Article 69:2] A Response to: Thoughts on the Open Curriculum -- the "Ladder Concept" in Nursing. — June 1970
Creator: Spring, Faye E.
Differences between "technical" and "professional" nursing with necessary differences in education/preparation; differences in meaning of "Clinical Ladder."

[Article 69:2] A Summer at Kaimosi Mission -- Kenya. — June 1970
Creator: Farmer, Jay
Part of the report sent by participants on the 10 weeks spent in Kenya describing the environment and experiences there.
Detailed description of three particular patients, one with acute tetanus, one with an infectious case of "madura foot," the third was a child who died who had "measles encephalitis."
Work of the author in the mission school of nursing.
The Kenyan people in general

[Article 69:2] Alumnae News. — June 1970

[Article 69:2] Announcement -- Close of JHHSON. — June 1970
Announcement per vote of JHH Board of Trustees May 5, 1970

[Article 69:2] Honors to Alumnae. — June 1970
Honors to two members of the Class of 1956: Margaret Dame and Barbara Donaho.

[Article 69:2] In Memoriam. — June 1970

[Article 69:2] Marriages. — June 1970

[Article 69:2] Mary Sanders Price. — June 1970
Creator: Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
Biographical information on Mary Sanders Price upon her retirement as Director of the JHHSON and JHH Nursing Service

[Article 69:2] Report on Development of a Nursing Program within the University. — June 1970
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Update on the little bit of progress for a collegiate level nursing eduction program.

[Article 69:2] Student News. — June 1970
Creator: Fournier, Cynthia ;  Schieve, Cecilia
The new class of student nurses with new "uniforms"
Address from Capping Ceremony 12/01/69

[Article 69:2] Thoughts on the Open Curriculum -- the "Ladder Concept" in Nursing. — June 1970
Presentation of concept of education beginning at technical level with progress to professional levels, including medicine as highest level-- plus nursing;s responses and rebuttles to this concept.
Speech delivered at Homecoming October 1969 by Marion I. Murphy, Dean of University of Maryland School of Nusing

[Serial Volume 69:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (September, 1970). — 1970, September. — 1 issue

[Article 69:3] "I'm Frightened". — September 1970
Creator: Shallenberger, Rev. Clyde R.
Expressed and unexpressed fears of hospitalized patients. Rise of anxiety re death related to receiving anesthesia. Importance of listening to patients' fears.

[Article 69:3] A Community Service. — September 1970
Refresher nursing program conducted by JHH Nursing Service department. One photograph of Ethel Ward,'46, an instructor with student Ruth Caspari, '30 the refresher student.

[Article 69:3] Alumnae News. — September 1970

[Article 69:3] Deaths. — September 1970

[Article 69:3] Editorial. — September 1970
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
What has happened to the School of Nursing, Alumnae Nursing Board's stands and actions.

[Article 69:3] Homecoming Plans. — September 1970
1. Announcement of Homecooming dates and brief general schedule.
2. Nominees for election at the Fall meeting

[Article 69:3] Honors to Alumnae -- Maddeline Schuldes. — September 1970
Maddeline Schuldes, 1947, honored for services to Western Wisconsin Technical Institute.

[Article 69:3] Leave No Stone Unturned/Alternate Prosposal for Nursing Education at Hopkins. — September 1970
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett ;  Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
Two part article presenting an alternate proposal for a collegiate school of nursing at JHU as submitted by Executive Board of Alumnae Association. Contains the rationale for the proposal and the proposal itself (including specifics and rationale for each part. The proposal itself encourages the creation of the collegiate SON in the Evening College at JHU.

[Article 69:3] Marriages. — September, 1970

[Article 69:3] Medi-Rock: A Bridge Between Two Cultures. — September 1970
Creator: Dansky, Kathryn Healy
Experiences at Miami Rock Festival to establish contact with youthful drug users and attempt to help with the attitudes and activities to combat drug use. Also for the professiona health care personnel to learn more about the youth culture with drugs.

[Article 69:3] School of Nursing News. — September 1970
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
Brief account of recent N.L.N. convention with listing of JHHSON alumnae attending.

[Article 69:3] Spring Social. — September 1970
Creator: Crooks, Eileen M. (Peg) Collingwood
Social for Senior students of SON. Special program to honor Mary Sanders Price on her retirement. Brief write-ups of experiences with a "younger" Mary Sanders Price by several classmates and friends.

[Article 69:3] Switch Off, Tune In, Turn On. — September 1970
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
How to cope with and react to uncomfortable situations with patients, avoiding/repressing undesirable reflexes and responses. Article accompanied by seven (7) illustrative cartoons.
"Switch off" = Interrupt the personal reflex to protect yourself
"Tune in" = Look at and listen to the feelings expressed by the patient
"Turn on" = Use the feelings expressed by the patient as helpful guide.

[Article 69:3] The Current Status of "Anxiety". — September 1970
Creator: Brown, Clinton C.
Separate aspects of anxiety and effective treatment for them. Illness-anxiety. Studies in pre-surgical patients.

[Serial Volume 69:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1970). — 1970, December. — 1 issue

[Article 69:4] Class News. — December 1970

[Article 69:4] Deaths. — December 1970

[Article 69:4] Homecoming -- 1970. — December 1970
Creator: Jonides, Linda Renninger
Minutes of Homecoming 1970 with all standing and special committee reports, plus the president's report.
Photos accompany article

[Article 69:4] In Memoriam -- Effie Jane Taylor. — December 1970
Creator: Wakeman, Grace Kussmaul
In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased alumna Effie J. Taylor, 1907, accompanied by a full-page portrait of her.

[Article 69:4] Letter to Dr. Russell A. Nelson about closing of JHHSON. — December 1970
Creator: Trimble, I. Ridgeway (Isaac Ridgeway), 1900-1979
Letter from Dr. Trimble to Dr. Nelson protesting the closing of the school and offering suggestions for its continuing. Copies of the letter were sent to members of the Board of Trustees, other physicians with close relations to JHH, to the nursing officials.

[Article 69:4] Marriages. — December 1970

[Article 69:4] Reaction to the Closing of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. — December 1970
Creator: Wersinger, Susan Ann
Excerpts from letters from student nurses with their reactions to the announcement of the closing of the school

[Article 69:4] There Is No Status Quo. — December 1970
Nursing in a changing society; relation of health to social needs; U.S. "health" care really being only "sick" care; growth of nursing and "so-called" allied/paraprofessionals; increased need for more force in stating our positions; need for nurses to define the scope of their practice and prepare for it.