Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 71] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1972). — 1972

[Serial Volume 71:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1972). — 1972, April. — 1 issue

[Article 71:1] Alumni News. — April 1972

[Article 71:1] Deaths. — April 1972

[Article 71:1] Marriages. — April 1972

[Article 71:1] Mary Adelaide Nutting, Pioneer of Modern Nursing. — April 1972
Summary/book review of new biography of Mary Adelaide Nutting, written by Helen Marshall.

[Article 71:1] Proposal for School of Health Services. — April 1972
Creator: Furgess, Lois Ann
Two alternate proposals: baccalaureate degree program vs. master's degree program. The report gives the advantages of each type.

[Article 71:1] Two Hopkins Nurses Killed, One Seriously Injured in Accident. — April 1972
Automobile accident killed two Hopkins nurses, seriously injured on (Sarah Allison, class of 1953) on their return from a nursing conference in Washington, D.C. The article also includes several tributes to the two who died.

[Serial Volume 71:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1972). — 1972, July. — 1 issue

[Article 71:2] A Note of Thanks. — July 1972
Brief note of thanks from Sarah Allison for concerns expressed during her recuperation from serious automobile accident.

[Article 71:2] Alumni News. — July 1972

[Article 71:2] Deaths. — July 1972

[Article 71:2] Editor's Notes. — July 1972
Creator: Piercy, Judith Roth ;  Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
Vigilando Fund set up for donations for special occasioins
Happy 10 year Anniversary to Dorothea Robertson as Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association

[Article 71:2] Honors to Alumni. — July 1972
Retirement of Lucille Wallis from MD. Dept. Health and Mental Hygiene

[Article 71:2] Marriages. — July 1972

[Article 71:2] Mary Adelaide Nutting: Pioneer of Modern Nursing. — July 1972
Creator: Kiger, Alice
Detailed biography of Mary Adelaide Nutting along with the review of the new book by Helen Marshall

[Article 71:2] National Health Insurance Proposals and Effects. — July 1972
Creator: Emminizer, Lazelle Dianne
Need for improvement of health care in U.S. and review of some proposals to meet needs.(Condensation of a term paper by the author.)
Term Paper written as student nurse

[Article 71:2] Nursing School Statistics. — July 1972
Statistics from the NLN on numbers of admissions to different types of schools of nursing plus numbers of graduation. Emphasis put on esssential need to improve the quality of the education as well as the numbers.
Released by National League for Nursing April 1972

[Article 71:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — July 1972
Nominees (with their Curriculum Vitae) for vote at next Alumni Nurse Homecoming meeting.

[Article 71:2] Student News. — July 1972
Creator: Novak, Catherine (Cathy)
Socials at Hampton House during the year; graduation plans for Senior students, effects of closing of school on students and hospital.

[Article 71:2] The Sign of the Cross in Nursing Insignia. — July 1972
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
In response to a query about the use of the Cross in nursing, this article gives that history of the eight forms of nursing. It proceeds to the story of the Hopkins' nurses adopting their pin using the Maltese Cross plus the use of the motto "Vigilano," which means more than just the originalsuggested motto "I serve."

[Article 71:2] What's New at Hopkins. — July 1972
Malcolm Peterson appointed Dean of upcoming School of Health Services.
Catherin Loeffler, 1932, retires as Associate Director of Nursing after 40 years of service
Request by Dr. A. McGehee Harvey to be relived of job as Chairman of Department of Medicine at Hopkins.
Peterson article from Johns Hopkins Gazette

[Serial Volume 71:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Fall, 1972). — 1972, Fall. — 1 issue

[Article 71:3] Address to the Graduating Class School of Nursing The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Fall 1972
Some changes to nursing now allow the new graduates to choose their own courses in the profession, accepting more responsibility for planning direct patient care, for working beyond the old "handmaiden of the physician" concept. Part of the new job for nurses is managing the doctors of the health care team. He gives to the new graduates three wishes: hard work, intense study, and love -- of all groups of people.
Delivered June 17, 1972 by Leigh Thompson, M.D.

[Article 71:3] Alumni News. — Fall 1972

[Article 71:3] Deaths. — Fall 1972

[Article 71:3] Dr. Nelson to Leave Next June. — Fall 1972
Announcement by Dr. Nelson of his retirement next June as Director of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Reprinted from The Dome July 1972

[Article 71:3] Last Patient Treated at Harriet Lane. — Fall 1972
Closing of Harriet Lane as the pediatric services move to the new Park Building on the corner of Broadway and Monument Streets.
From The Sunpapers, July 26, 1972
from The Sun July 26, 1972

[Article 71:3] Marriages. — Fall 1972

[Article 71:3] Student Graduation Speech. — Fall 1972
Creator: Bortles, Constance
An often humorous review of the course of going through the school of nursing from the first day, the beginnings of friendships, the trials and tribulations of patient care and learning to be a nurse. Also included is the relief from the social life. And the ending is a brief comment on death.