Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 72] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1973). — 1973

[Serial Volume 72:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1973). — 1973, January. — 1 issue

[Article 72:1] Alumni News. — January 1973

[Article 72:1] Alumni Recipes. — January 1973
Recipes not in published alumni book. Include: Pineapple Torte, Jelly Jumble cookies, Peach Cobble, Maryland Gingerbread, Quick Pecan Fluff Pie, International Pilaf, Green Beans, Mini Quiches.

[Article 72:1] Deaths. — January 1973

[Article 72:1] Editor's Notes. — January 1973
Review of plans for Homecoming--Graduation 1973

[Article 72:1] Homecoming 1972 The 80th Annual Meeeting. — January 1973
Reports by officers; standing and special committee reports; election of officers for next year. Some photos included.
Special attention given to end of the School of Nursing and plans for something new at the new Center for Allied Health Careers.

[Article 72:1] Honors to Alumni. — January 1973
Honor to Donna Stonesifer Wantz (1961) elected to MD. section of Nurses Association of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Accomplishments of Anne West, 1960, during five years in Philippine Islands.
Wantz: from News Release The NAACOG. West: from the Tucson Daily Citizen, Tucson, AR.. July 15, 1972

[Article 72:1] Marriages. — January 1973

[Article 72:1] What's New at Hopkins. — January 1973
1) Appointments of Dr. Muller as president JHH and Dr. Heyssel as executive vice-president JHH and director of health care programs. 2) Day Care Center opens in Park I buildiing.

[Serial Volume 72:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Spring, 1973). — 1973, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 72:2] Alumni News. — Spring 1973

[Article 72:2] Deaths. — Spring 1973

[Article 72:2] Homecoming 1973. — Spring 1973
Creator: Steahly, Harriet Taylor
Change of Homecoming date to June 1973 to coincide with graduation from JHHSON of last class.
Summary of plans for Homecoming

[Article 72:2] Marriages. — Spring 1973

[Article 72:2] Mary Kuntz Resigns as Editor. — Spring 1973
Announcement of resignation as Editor by Mary Kuntz (1943).

[Article 72:2] Miss Lillian Hudson Dies at 86. — Spring 1973
Creator: Fitzpatrick, Louise
Letter from Louise Fitzpatrick (1963) with the information of the death of Liilian Hudson (1916), accompanied by a brief professional biography of the deceased.

[Article 72:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — Spring 1973
Listing of nominees for election to offices at the next meeting for the Alumni Association.

[Article 72:2] The Alumni Association of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing: What Next?. — Spring 1973
If and how the JHHNAA will continue after the closing of the JHHSON

[Article 72:2] The Vigilando Fund. — Spring 1973
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Encouragement of use of Fund to increase alumni income while remembering celebrations or sad events in the lives of other alumni.

[Article 72:2] Transcripts. — Spring 1973
Creator: Courtney, Margaret
How to obtain transcripts of records after the closing of the school of nursing.

[Serial Volume 72:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1973). — 1973, July. — 1 issue

[Article 72:3] "Insight" with A. J. Downs. — July 1973
Tribute to Nancy Hastings '68 who took care of writer's wife after surgery at JHH

[Article 72:3] 35th Anniversary Reunion, Class of September,'38, The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. — July 1973
Creator: Casale, Elaine Hess
Special section of class news gathered at reunion in Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Special article precedes regular Class News section of issue. Of the 27 members of the class, 16 were present.

[Article 72:3] Alumni News. — July 1973

[Article 72:3] Deaths. — July 1973

[Article 72:3] Editorial: Homecoming--Graduation 1973. — July 1973
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
The closing of the SON and some of the feelings/facts about it

[Article 72:3] Homecoming 1973. — July 1973
Closing Ceremony JHHSON with speeches by Lucile Petry Leone '27 (RN), I. Ridgeway Trimble (M.D.),Russell A. Nelson, M.D. (Director), Dr. Steven Muller (Closing Remarks). Activities of Homecoming with Dinner Dance, Annual Alumni meeting, graduation with address at graduation. Several photos included in the articles.

[Article 72:3] In Memoriam: Nellie Grant 1941. — July 1973

[Article 72:3] Marriages. — July 1973

[Article 72:3] Nursing Excellence: A Special Challenge in Complex Settings. — July 1973
Creator: Armstrong, Doris, 1926- ;  Partridge, Kay B.
A program to strengthen the contribution of nursing to patient care at JHH; changes that are recommended. The program is an innovation and evaluation is in progress.
Revision of same titled article appearing in Nurse Clinics of North America June 1973 by same authors.

[Article 72:3] Student News. — July 1973
Creator: Novak, Catherine (Cathy)
After-graduation plans of the various individual members of the Class of 1973

[Article 72:3] The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care. — July 1973
Creator: Roberts, Jean Stauffer
Use of nurse practioners in Primary Care to reduce patients' waiting time, do better clinic referrals, increase effeciveness of treatments, improve patient education and direction.

[Article 72:3] Untitled announcement of publication of writings of Ethel Johns. — July 1973
Book title to be "Watch-fires on the Mountains: The Life and Writings of Ethel Johns" to be available Autumn of 1973.

[Article 72:3] What's New at Hopkins. — July 1973
Creator: Donough, Mary Jane
Brief statements of the future plans of the instructors who were working at the now-closed School of Nursing. (Only those who are JHHSON alumnae and have definite plans are included in this indexing.)

[Serial Volume 72:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (October, 1973). — 1973, October. — 1 issue

[Article 72:4] Deaths. — October 1973

[Article 72:4] Hospital Redevelopment. — October 1973
Hospital Redevelopment plan to be done on Hospital's present lot includes new buildings as well as improvement to old buildings, new hospital entrance. Patient Services will not be interrupted.

[Article 72:4] Marriages. — October 1973

[Article 72:4] The 81st Annual Meeting. — October 1973
Creator: Davis, Amy Gibson
Minutes of the activities and other proceedings at the annual meeting, including reports of all standing committees, special committees, report of President of Alumni Association, discussions of stated purpose of association after closure of school of nursing.