Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 73] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1974). — 1974

[Serial Volume 73:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1974). — 1974, January. — 1 issue

[Article 73:1] Alumni News. — January 1974

[Article 73:1] Continuing Education -- Problems and Progress. — January 1974
Creator: Courtney, Margaret
Endorsement of Continuing Education by ANA; Need for continuing education for nurses to meet needs of advancing new technology and improve general nursing competency for better patient care; Current status of continuing education at JHH and JHU.

[Article 73:1] Deaths. — January 1974
Includes an In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased Jessie Black McVicar

[Article 73:1] Editor's Notes. — January 1974
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Introduction to need for Continuing Education for nurses; importance of wooing older alumni to join JHNAA

[Article 73:1] Fifty Years Ago in the Alumnae Magazine. — January 1974
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
Abridged reprint from issue 50 years ago by M. A. Nutting about Yale U. and Western Reserve U. receiving funds for starting collegiate schools of nursing at their respective universities.

[Article 73:1] Honors to Alumni. — January 1974
Susanne Pilliod Pfaff (1946) receives "Nurse of the Year" award in Battle Creek, Michigan.

[Article 73:1] In Memoriam: Jessie Black McVicar. — January 1974
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Tribute to Jessie Black McVicar, 1930, upon the occasion of her recent death.

[Article 73:1] Leona Retires. — January 1974
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth ;  Reikinis, Carolyn Kirby
Announcement of the retirement of Leona Wasilewski from her job with the Alumni Association accompanied with a brief account of her interests and a big "Thank You."

[Article 73:1] Marriages. — January 1974

[Serial Volume 73:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1974). — 1974, April. — 1 issue

[Article 73:2] Deaths. — April 1974

[Article 73:2] Marriages. — April 1974

[Article 73:2] New Outpatient Clinic Opens at Broadway-Orleans. — April 1974
Opening of new neighborhood clinic to give outpatient care to residents of the Broadway-Orleans housing development.

[Article 73:2] Report of Nominating Committee. — April 1974
Nominees for vote at the Homecoming annual meeting of the Nursing Alumni Association.

[Article 73:2] Report: Search Committee Defines Nursing Program Objectives. — April 1974
Report by Search Committee re objectives for nursing in the new School of Health Services.

[Serial Volume 73:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1974). — 1974, July. — 1 issue

[Article 73:3] A Biography of the Late Ethel Johns LL.D.. — July 1974
Work involved in writing the biography of Ethel Johns plus introduction to the new book about her. Article is written by her biographer, Margaret M. Street.

[Article 73:3] Alumni News. — July 1974

[Article 73:3] Demolition Begins at JHMI. — July 1974
Demolition in redevelopment program begins with Harriet Lane that opened in 1912. Brief history of Harriet Lane, its work, and proud history included in brief.(Reprinted from Johns Hopkins Gazette)
Reprinted from The Johns Hopkins Gazette

[Article 73:3] Editorials. — July 1974
Two (2) editorials about the coming of the school of nursing being in a School of Health Services under the JHU; one (1) letter to the editor with additional praise for recently deceased Jessie Black McVicar.

[Article 73:3] Letter from Ethel Johns March 1948. — July 1974
Letter describing the Historical Library of the School of Nursing. Includes the Nightingale Collection and the presence of the Nightingale wheel chair.

[Article 73:3] Marriages. — July 1974

[Article 73:3] Nursing Orders. — July 1974
Initiation in Osler of nursing "orders" based on problems derived by nurses from Nursing Diagnoses.

[Article 73:3] Primary Nursing in a Psychiatric Setting. — July 1974
Creator: Rieve, Janice E.
Description of the development in Phipps of the "primary nursing" role in patient care. The purposes of the program are discussed and the activities of the Primary Nurse are reviewed in detail. The writer ends by admitting that this is still a "system in progress."

[Article 73:3] Recipe Corner. — July 1974
Recipes from alumni for Poached Chicken, Hamburger-Cheese Bake, Chicken Gumbo, Chocolate Loaf Cake

[Article 73:3] Redevelopment: The Challenge is Met. — July 1974
Creator: Arnold, Robin
Redevelopment model at JH hospital with goals and progress; several photos included to illustrate the planned changes.

[Article 73:3] The Problem-Oriented System -- An Innovation for Charting Medical Records. — July 1974
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth ;  Reikinis, Carolyn Kirby
New system of documentation of patient care by nurses as a way to improve communication among health care professionsals, to have a more logical and patient-centered apporoach to the care.

[Serial Volume 73:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (October, 1974). — 1974, October. — 1 issue

[Article 73:4] Deaths. — October 1974

[Article 73:4] Dr. Kay Partridge Selected. — October 1974
Announcement of selection of Kay Partridge as Director of Programs in Nursing Education at the new School of Health Services.
Detailed professional biography of Dr. Partridge and history of her activities with Hopkins, especially in the School of Hygiene and Public Health.

[Article 73:4] Homecoming 1974 -- The 82nd Annual Meeting. — October 1974
Minutes and proceedings of the annual meeting of the Nurses Alumni Association, including reports of JHNAA President, all Standing and Special Committees, Executive Secretary.