Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 74] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1975). — 1975

[Serial Volume 74:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1975). — 1975, January. — 1 issue

[Article 74:1] Alumni News. — January 1975

[Article 74:1] Deaths. — January 1975
Death of Anna Bolger Helbling '26 erroneously reported in this issue. Corrected in Volume #74 Issue #2 July 1975.

[Article 74:1] Getting It Together: Coordinator for Continuing Care. — January 1975
Creator: Pfaff, Susan Pilliod
Direct nursing care is usually not enough. Most patients require continuing care, for which the resources of the community must be identified and used. Continuing care is this transition phase with the arrangement of care beyond the direct or acute phase. Using case studies, the writer describes how the continuing care at her hospital functions.

[Article 74:1] Honors to Alumni. — January 1975
Brief descriptions of the honors awarded to two alumnae

[Article 74:1] In Memoriam: Helen M. Howell. — January 1975
In Memoriam tribute to Helen M. Howell, 1922, upon her recent death.

[Article 74:1] Miss Nutting's Dream Revisited. — January 1975
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
School of Health Services as realizing ambition for baccalaureate nursing degree for students.

[Article 74:1] Rehabilitation Medicine. — January 1975
Creator: Kirby, Nell
Introduction to Department of Rehabilitation at JHU, including philosophy of rehabilitation and objectives.

[Article 74:1] Rehabilitation Nursing is Nursing. — January 1975
Creator: Barnard, Ruth Marion
Rehabilitation nursing deals with the prevention, therapy, and maintenance aspects of acute and long term care. The article includes discussion of each aspect from the points of view of the patient, those at home, and the home itself.

[Article 74:1] The Rehabilitation Counselor: Another Factor in Total Patient Care. — January 1975
Creator: Sestak, Betty Jo Chicken
Role of the rehabilitation counselor who works with the physically, socially, or mentally disabled to restore the total person to maximum capacity, especially in the vocational and economic areas.

[Serial Volume 74:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1975). — 1975, April. — 1 issue

[Article 74:2] B.S.N. Progress Notes. — April 1975
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
Update on progress in establishing the school of nursing within the new School of Health Sciences. Completed are the philosophy, framework and objectives bofre a "refinement" of all. Already applications are being received by both prospective students and interested faculty.

[Article 74:2] Dr. Ross Named. — April 1975
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Professional biography of Dr. Richard Ross upon his appointment as dean of the JHU Medical School.

[Article 74:2] Historical Collection Displayed. — April 1975
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Acceptance by MD Historical Society of historical collection of JHHSON with subsequent display at the Historical Society. Included uniforms, graduation pictures, slides, etc.

[Article 74:2] Homecoming Alert. — April 1975
Presentation of the planned events to be held at Homecoming, 1975. Included in the plans are a two session educational seminar, a luncheon, dinner dance, and annual business meeting.

[Article 74:2] I Can, I Can, I Know I Can. — April 1975
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Coping with the effects of strike by 1600 members of hospital auxiliary workers' union begun in December for 10 days.

[Article 74:2] In Memoriam. — April 1975
Very brief tribute to recently deceased 1967 graduate Kris Haines with announcement of nursing scholarship fund now established in her name.

[Article 74:2] The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Club and Registry. — April 1975
Creator: Carroll, Jane Long
Story of the JH Nurses' Registry from founding in 1892 with support of JHNAA through 1946 when the association withdrew funding with JHNAA feeling that all nurses in Baltimore belong to a single RN Registry as set up in the city.

[Serial Volume 74:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1975). — 1975, July. — 1 issue

[Article 74:3] Alumni News. — July 1975

[Article 74:3] Changing Trends in Neurosurgical Nursing. — July 1975
New techniques in care of neurosurgical patient, with particular emphasis on newer complex monitor-computer systems.

[Article 74:3] Components of a Nursing Program for Patients in Chronic Pain. — July 1975
Creator: Komoroski, Mary Christine
Work of relatively new Pain Treatment Center at JHH with bed capacity of 14 with long waiting list for admission. Discussion of nursing focus on inabilities of patient for self-care, with particular emphasis on patients' active participation in handling of pain relief.

[Article 74:3] Deaths. — July 1975

[Article 74:3] Editorial. — July 1975
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
It is not only important, but it is essential that nurses keep up with the changes in all fields of medical studies if, indeed, nurses can be professional side-by-side workers with doctors.

[Article 74:3] Homecoming, 1975. — July 1975
Summary of events planned for Homecoming 1975, including special educational seminar with seminar and varied discussions with different alumni in different positions throughout the U.S.

[Article 74:3] Marriages. — July 1975

[Article 74:3] Pulmonary Artery Catheters. — July 1975
Creator: Zwarra, Donna M.
Purpose, uses, advantages and potential hazards of pulmonary artery catheters in use at JHH for four (4) years at time of writing.

[Article 74:3] Report of Nominating Committee. — July 1975
Nominees for office in the Alumni Association to be voted upon at Homecoming Fall 1975

[Article 74:3] Something New at Hopkins: the E.M.I.. — July 1975
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
A new radiological "first" is being used at JHH. The E.M.I. gives clear cross sections of the brain. The article discusses the concept of the E.M.I. and the ease with which it is used with no discomfort to the patient.
Two photographs accompany the article.

[Article 74:3] The Heritage Award. — July 1975
Anna D. Wolf first female to receive JHUAA Heritage Award in recognition of significant contribution to school and the association. K. Virginia Betzold honored by award at Homecoming Annual Dinner.
Two photographs accompany the brief article.

[Article 74:3] Update on the B.S.N. Program. — July 1975
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
Update on progress of new school of nursing from Kay Partridge, the director of the new school.
Surprise and pleasure of Partridge on types of applicants to new school.

[Serial Volume 74:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (October, 1975). — 1975, October. — 1 issue

[Article 74:4] Alumni Relations. — October 1975
List of dates and locations for JHU alumni association branch meetings from October through December

[Article 74:4] Deaths. — October 1975

[Article 74:4] M. Adelaide Nutting Endowment Fund History and Recommendations. — October 1975
Historical summary of fund, division between JHH (1936) with retention of a portion by JHNAA for further growth of Fund; recommendations for use after closure JHHSON.

[Article 74:4] Nurse Internship Program Begins in Halsted. — October 1975
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
New, innovative, six-month internship for nurses begun in Halsted, with the support of the Department of Surgery.

[Article 74:4] Population Explosion at Hopkins. — October 1975
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Decrease in chronic nurse shortage at JHH due to improved salary, better benefit plan, establishment of tuition reimbursement program, and intensified recruitment activities.

[Article 74:4] Practitioner Scholar Program for Baccalaureate Graduates. — October 1975
Funding of new program by JHHNAA; program to be led by S. Allison '53 in The Wilmer Institute; program based on Dorothea Orem's general theory of nursing; review of levels in planned program.