Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 75] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1976). — 1976

[Serial Volume 75:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1976). — 1976, January. — 1 issue

[Article 75:1] Alumni News. — January 1976

[Article 75:1] Deaths. — January 1976

[Article 75:1] Homecoming 1975: The 83rd Annual Meeting. — January 1976
Minutes of the proceedings of the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Nurses Alumni Association including reports from the president, chairmen of standing and special committees, a full Treasurer's/Auditors' report, and election of new officers.

[Article 75:1] In-Home Health Services -- A View to the Furture. — January 1976
Creator: Bower, Phyllis A.
Implications for nursing education towards practice in home health care services.

[Article 75:1] Inpatient Nursing: What Is and What Ought To Be. — January 1976
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
Decentralization of responsibility for care to specific Functional Units; development of Primary Nursing for patient care; development of new pilot program for nursing at Wilmer focusing on career development: the Nurse Practitioner-Scholar program.

[Article 75:1] Marriages. — January 1976

[Article 75:1] Nursing Education at Johns Hopkins: A New Beginning. — January 1976
Creator: Partridge, Kay B.
Introduction to new nursing program within JHU School of Health Services in speech delivered at alumni meeting at Homecoming 1975.

[Article 75:1] Nursing Education for Quality Nursing Practice. — January 1976
Creator: Davis, Carolyn Kahle
Review of history of nursing education to growth of baccalaureate schools and increased accountability for patient care, education vs. training. Changes in nursing education from "how to" to "how come." Initiation and use of peer review systems in patient care. Former and current control of health care by physicians alone. Need to change attitudes in nursing education and relations with physicians. Components of "new professional model." Increase in use of scientific inquiry for improvement of clinical practice.

[Article 75:1] Our Pin and Motto. — January 1976
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Meaning of the history and meaning of the Maltese Cross alumni pin and the alumni motto of "Vigilando."

[Article 75:1] Paradoxes in Nursing Education and Research. — January 1976
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
1) Have changes in nursing education from diploma to baccalaureate been at the expense of patient care? 2) Changes in nursing education without substantiation by research. 3) Emphasis of existing nursing research on nurse practitioner vs. patient care. 4) Development and use of "physician's assistants." 5) Current research in early 1970's. 6) Paradox in defining role of nurse practitioners.

[Article 75:1] Presentations by Johns Hopkins University Nursing Students. — January 1976
Creator: Zeltzman, Michael ;  Herman, Beverly A.
Two students in the new school of nursing on what they have expected and what they have received -- and continue to receive -- from nursing school

[Article 75:1] Untitled Address by Martha Hill. — January 1976
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
Role of nurse practitioner in health maintenance and prevention of illness in OPD of JHH.

[Serial Volume 75:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1976). — 1976, April. — 1 issue

[Article 75:2] Deaths. — April 1976

[Article 75:2] Honors to Alumni: Helena I. Redford. — April 1976
Congratulations to Helena Redford on her 100th birthday

[Article 75:2] Hopkins Hundreds. — April 1976
Creator: Robertson, Dorothea
Kick-off for new alumni fund raising campaign. Includes a listing of the nursing alumni representative volunteers.

[Article 75:2] JHU Nursing Education Program (NEP). — April 1976
Creator: Reikenis, Gale R. ;  Benson, Linda S.
Description of the new Nursing Education Program in the School of Health Services
Diversity of backrounds and interests of the student nurses there.
includes small photos of instructor with two students and students displaying variety of uniforms for the program.

[Article 75:2] New Programs in Inservice Education. — April 1976
Introduction to the new Inservice programs aimed at increasing both theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. These inservices include four (4) nurse refresher courses.

[Article 75:2] Reflections on a Hopkins' Study of Nursing in Iran. — April 1976
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
Report on the experiences of Doris Armstrong who spent six (6) weeks touring hospitals and talking with nurses in Iran, beirut and England. The article also touches on the general status of women in Iran and the effect this had on nurses and nursing. The article also gives suggestions by Miss Armstrong to correct the situation.

[Article 75:2] We Are Planning a Special Reunion. — April 1976
Special dinner planned for JH Alumni attending the ANA national convention in Atlantic City.

[Serial Volume 75:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1976). — 1976, July. — 1 issue

[Article 75:3] Alumni News. — July 1976

[Article 75:3] Deaths. — July 1976

[Article 75:3] Dr, M. B. Stevens Named Connective Tissue Divsion Head. — July 1976
Announcement of appointment of Dr. Mary Betty Stevens as head of Connective Tissue Division in Department of Medicine.
Description of the realm of "connective tissue" medicine -- or Rheumatology.
reprinted from April 1976 issue of The Dome

[Article 75:3] Hamman-Baker Clinic Name Change Honors Dr. Benjamin Baker. — July 1976
Name change of General Medical Clinic honors Dr. Benjamin Baker
(Reprinted from the Dome)
reprinted from February 1976 issue The Dome

[Article 75:3] Hopkins Hundreds Campaign Report. — July 1976
Resuls of campaign for Hopkins Hundreds campaign with the nursing winners of several prizes
Accompanied by cartoon of nurses' success.

[Article 75:3] Hopkins Pioneers in Nursing: Isabel Hampton Robb and M. Adelaide Nutting. — July 1976
Creator: Christy, Teresa E.
Speech given on the lives and influence on nursing and nurses of Isabel Hampton Robb and M. Adelaide Nutting.

[Article 75:3] JHU -- NEP's. — July 1976
Update by the student nurses on community health rotation, then a brief vacation to return to Med-Surg II before the new class of students enters.

[Article 75:3] Multidisciplinary Rounds in Practice. — July 1976
Creator: Novak, Catherine (Cathy) ;  Delligatti, Cathy Lynn Vincenzes
Description of the participants and procedures of the multi-disciplinary rounds in rheumatology at Good Samaritan Hospital.

[Article 75:3] Report of Nominating Committee. — July 1976
Nominees for election at the Fall meeting of the Nurses' Alumni Association

[Article 75:3] Rescue from Obsolescence. — July 1976
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Often tongue-in-cheek detailed description of the Refresher Course in nursing taken by an alumna.

[Article 75:3] RN- BSN at JHU. — July 1976
New program at JHU announced for part-time Baccalaureate study for nursing.

[Article 75:3] The M. A. Nutting Nursing Chair. — July 1976
Announcement by Dr. Muller of establishment of the Nurses Alumni Association funded M. Adelaide Nutting Chair of Nursing at JHU and search for candidate to fill the chair.

[Article 75:3] The Nutting Funds. — July 1976
Part of Nutting Fund to endow Chair of Nursing at JHU, another part administered by JHNAA for various educational projects.

[Serial Volume 75:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (November, 1976). — 1976, November. — 1 issue

[Article 75:4] 1918 -- The Flu Hits Baltimore. — November 1976
History of the extent and impact on Baltimore of historical flu epidemic of 1918.

[Article 75:4] Deaths. — November 1976

[Article 75:4] Honors to Alumni: Patricia Kirkland. — November 1976
Brief announcement of alumna Patricia Kirkland being awarded an Outstanding Teaching Award

[Article 75:4] Hopkins' Nurses Honored at ANA Convention. — November 1976
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Three (3) JHH nurses honored at ANA convention celebrting the Bicentennial of Nursing: Isabel Hampton Robb, M. Adelaide Nutting, and Lavinia Dock. Article includes activities of the three and their significance. The article also includes the details of the evening activities by the Hopkins alumni.

[Article 75:4] Oncology Nursing in the New Cancer Center. — November 1976
Creator: Arenth, Linda M.
Description of the new Oncology Center which will be opened in the Fall.
Accompanied by an artists's sketch of the Oncology Center

[Article 75:4] Quality Asssurance at Hopkins -- An Overview. — November 1976
Creator: Novak, Catherine (Cathy)
QA program established in 1974 under leadership of M. J. Donough. Brief review of objectives, standing committees and their responsibilities, status and achievements at time of writing.

[Article 75:4] Remembering Doris Armstrong. — November 1976
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
Honors to Doris Armstrong as she leaves her position as Director of Nursing to assume similar positions at the Hartford Hospital. Tributes were delivered by Margaret Evering, Connie Waxter plus a portrait of Miss Armstrong was unveiled.
Accompanied by a photo of Miss Armstrong unveiling her portrait.