Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 76] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1977). — 1977

[Serial Volume 76:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1977). — 1977, January. — 1 issue

[Article 76:1] Changes in the Health Care Team: An Overview of the Front Line Personnel and Current Problems. — January 1977
Creator: Peterson, Malcom
Changes in health care team derive with indaquacies of health care system.
Some of the issues include quality of care, cost of care, licensure, patient acceptability.

[Article 76:1] Class News. — January 1977

[Article 76:1] Deaths. — January 1977

[Article 76:1] Nurses' Role in an H.M.O.. — January 1977
Creator: Angevine, Bonnie
Staffing and work of the East Baltimore Medical Plan -- an HMO established in part by JHH to reduce unnecessary trips to Emergency Room.

[Article 76:1] Nursing and Change. — January 1977
Creator: Pfaff, Susan Pilliod
Using six verbal illustrations of personal involvement, author presents varied attempts at change in community and hospital -- with sucessful and unsuccessful results. Also includes different methods for producing change in health care.

[Article 76:1] Nursing Education and Change. — January 1977
Creator: Fitzpatrick, Louise
Need for nursing to chart its own course, need to be ACTIVE participants of change; discussion of some of past JHHSON leaders and changes brought by them with special attention to Mrs. Robb and Miss Nutting.

[Article 76:1] Nursing: Change and How Change has been Effected. — January 1977
Creator: Sutton, Joan D. Masek
Development and scope of relatively new field of Rheumatology and nurse practitioner role in nurse management programs for patients with arthritis, gout, degenerative joint disease.
Author of the article is also an instructor in School of Medicine, an appointment that is questioned by some nurses.

[Article 76:1] The 84th Annual Meeting. — January 1977
Procedings, reports by President of JHNAA, standing and special committees, complete auditor's report. By-laws Committee proposals all of which were approved. Letter from Kay Partridge about use of Nutting Chair of Nursing.

[Article 76:1] The Adult Nurse Practitioner. — January 1977
Creator: Wood, Carol
Description of the new Broadway-Orleans Health Center.
Descriptions of the functions of the writer, as a Nurse Practitioner, for the patients served.
Need to educate public about role of Nurse Practitioners in today's health care system.

[Article 76:1] The Nurse Practitioner Movement. — January 1977
Creator: McGuire, Maurine
History of the development of the Nurse Practitioner movrement since early 1960's.
Differences with "traditional" role of nurses, but insistence that nursing is a multi-role profession.
Description of the Nurse Practitioner role in health care.

[Article 76:1] The Nurse Practitioner's Role in Diabetic Management. — January 1977
Role in guiding diabetic patients/families to self-care with emphasis on prevention of complications and ease of normal living.

[Serial Volume 76:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1977). — 1977, April. — 1 issue

[Article 76:2] Class News. — April 1977

[Article 76:2] Deaths. — April 1977

[Article 76:2] From the President's Desk. — April 1977
Creator: Waxter, Constance Heard Cole
Review of some of the activities of the past year: increased member participation, plans for a Spring Social and Fall Homecoming, progress of new Alumni Directory, success of recent Phono-a-thon, appoointment of Joan Sutton and current Alumni president to the Board of University Alumni Association.

[Article 76:2] Hopkins Nurse Institutes Primary Care. — April 1977
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Institution of primary care by JHHSON alumna in Tallahassee hospital to spur the return of nurses back to the bedside.

[Article 76:2] In Memoriam M. Elston Rowland, Jobyna Smith Brummette Mims. — April 1977
Creator: Keen, Mary Frances (Fran)
Brief tribute to M. Elston Rowland, 1931, and a longer one to Jobyna Mims, 1946.

[Article 76:2] Nurses Get New Director-Vice President. — April 1977
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Announcement and professional biography of Martha Sacci of her appointment as new Vice-President of Nursing Service at JHH.

[Serial Volume 76:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1977). — 1977, July. — 1 issue

[Article 76:3] An Improvement in Cancer Treatment. — July 1977

[Article 76:3] Class News. — July 1977

[Article 76:3] Deaths. — July 1977

[Article 76:3] First Class Graduates. — July 1977
First class of 30 nurses graduates from School of Health Services at JHU. Accompanied by photo.

[Article 76:3] From the President's Desk. — July 1977
Creator: Waxter, Constance Heard Cole
Latest activities of the Alumni Association re: Homecoming '77, finishing touches on new Directory, future appointment of first Nutting Professor in the SON, graduation of first class of nursesSacci from School of Health Services.

[Article 76:3] Graduates Choose Cap and Pin. — July 1977
First graduates of School of Health Services JHU choose JHHSON graduate cap with blue stripe added and the Maltese Cross pin with JHU in center of pin.

[Article 76:3] Health Services Report. — July 1977
Health Associates in the News. Unity and Diversity in West Virginia. Continuing Education Packages Available. Scholarship Funds Endowed. School Receives three Grants. Counseling Rotation Added. Health Associate and Nursing Alumni Support School. Class Notes. Faculty News.
This insert is a distribution of four (4) pages from the School of Health Services of JHU

[Article 76:3] Improving the Cancer Outlook: Where Does Nursing Fit In?. — July 1977
Role of the nurse in cancer care of the adult patient, especially with improved treatments and earlier recognition.

[Article 76:3] In Memoriam: Frances Reiter. — July 1977
In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased alumna Frances Reiter, 1931, with a personal and professional biography of the lady.

[Article 76:3] Pediatric Oncology Nursing at Hopkins. — July 1977
Creator: Sturm, Patrice Lynn
Symptoms that bring a child in for diagnosis
Behaviors of child and parents as child is oncology patient.
Meeting the physical and emotional needs of child and parents.
Effect of hospitalization on the child
Effects of unsuccessful treatment on child and family

[Article 76:3] Report of Nominating Committee. — July 1977
Nominees for Nurses' Alumni Association officers to be voted upon at the Fall Homecoming meeting

[Article 76:3] Report to Alumni Association of the JHHSON on the Feasibility Study for a Practitioner-Scholar Program for Baccalaureat Graduates. — July 1977
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
Detailed proposal for program for Wilmer using the Dorothea Orem model for nursing; program to combine education with practice in the clinic for a Practitioner-Scholar Program for Baccalaureate Graduates.

[Article 76:3] Spring Social Honor Class of 1977. — July 1977
Social in early June held to honor the first graduating class of the JHU Nursing Education program.
Evening also celebrated the anniversary of the Alumni Association.
Photo accompanies article

[Article 76:3] The Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. — July 1977
New Comprehensive Cancer Center opens officially on April 17, 1977 with changes in diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

[Serial Volume 76:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (November, 1977). — 1977, November. — 1 issue

[Article 76:4] Associate Administrator/Clinical Nursing Director-- The Department of Medicine. — November 1977
Appointment of Thomas W. Lant as Associate Director/Clinical Nursing Director in Department of Medicine JHH

[Article 76:4] Deaths. — November 1977

[Article 76:4] Directorship Changes Hands. — November 1977
Dr. Partridge resigns as Director of Nursing Education Programs JHU with place taken temporarily by Dr. Margaret Courtney. Search Committee appointed to find replacement.

[Article 76:4] Honors to Alumni Mary Borgia Moylan, Cynthia Mallory. — November 1977
Moylan -- Presentation of World War I medals.
Mallory -- award at Emery University Woodruff SON.

[Article 76:4] Presidents Commission on White House Fellowships. — November 1977
Call for application for White House Fellowship for leadership positions in various offices of U.S. government. Program initiated in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson

[Article 76:4] Progress and Tradition. — November 1977
Progress = first graduation from a university-based nursing program at JHU.
Tradition= single red rose to each graduate as done by Dr. Osler at JHHSON first graduating class in 1891.
Accompanied by one photograph

[Article 76:4] The 118th General Hospital Reunion. — November 1977
Creator: Hack, Florence
Reunion of members of the 118th General Hospital (JHH) held in St. Petersburg, FL.
Plans started for next reunion Spring, 1982.