Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 77] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1978). — 1978

[Serial Volume 77:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1978). — 1978, January. — 1 issue

[Article 77:1] Class News. — January 1978

[Article 77:1] Deaths. — January 1978

[Article 77:1] Health Services Report. — January 1978
Periodic Report of School of Health Services JHU. Includes: Migrant Health Care; donation of nursing collection to reading room; appointment of Dr. Courtney as Acting Director of Nursing Education Programs; Government grants exceed million; Faculty news; Class news.

[Article 77:1] Honors to Alumni. — January 1978
Ruth Barnard, 1958, elected to National Research Committee group
Anne Seney Hoffman, 1937, accomplishments of many types
Hoffman account partially from Waterbury, Connecticut newspaper The Sunday Republican

[Article 77:1] Implications of State Nurse Practice Acts. — January 1978
Replacement of older Nurse Licensing Act with new Nurse Practice Act that raises the definition of nursing to a professional level. Discussion of modern nursing as a relatively new profession, with much different characteristics than physicians.

[Article 77:1] Issues in Continuing Education. — January 1978
Creator: Courtney, Margaret
Purpose of continuing education to benefit the public; argument about voluntary vs. mandatory continuing education, determining appropriateness of programs.

[Article 77:1] Maryland Health Issues. — January 1978
Talk by MD. legislator who also is an RN in providing the public in Maryland with better and more accessible health care at less cost. Also encouragement to become more politically active.

[Article 77:1] Nurse Involvement in Health Planning. — January 1978
Creator: Fitzpatrick, Louise
Extension of nursing role in health planning for communities; need for asssertiveness in roles in activities; Health Planning Act of 1974 with amendments. Discussion and analysis of Health Systems Agencies (HSA)

[Article 77:1] Sexism in Nursing. — January 1978
Conditions made when the Hopkins School of Nursing was started
Story of the appointment of Miss Robb as first superintendant
Nursing as broad profession to "help people attain, retain and regain health."
Equality in backrounds of nursing students vs. medical students.
Three (3) positions of women in society: Traditionalists, Moderates, and Liberationists.

[Article 77:1] The 85th Annual Meeting. — January 1978
Proceedings of annual Homecoming Sept. 17, 1977. Includes reports of president, chairpersons of all standing and special committees, treasurer.

[Serial Volume 77:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1978). — 1978, April. — 1 issue

[Article 77:2] Art Buchwald, Congressman Paul Rogers Speak of Hopkins Dedication Events. — April 1978
Dedication of Russell A. Nelson Patient Tower and the A. McGehee Harvey Teaching Tower at JHH

[Article 77:2] Deaths. — April 1978

[Article 77:2] School of Health Services Closes: New Nursing Program Planned. — April 1978
Creator: Courtney, Margaret
School closure to be June 1979 after current class graduates.
Program plan is to institute program at graduate level.

[Serial Volume 77:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (November, 1978). — 1978, November. — 1 issue

[Article 77:3] Class News. — November 1978

[Article 77:3] Deaths. — November 1978

[Article 77:3] Joan Sutton Elected. — November 1978
Election as President-Elect of Allied Health Professionals section of Arthritis Foundation.

[Article 77:3] Marriages. — November 1978

[Article 77:3] Maryland Sets Precedent. — November 1978
Maryland first in nation to pass law to reimburse nurse midwives, practicing with a physician and without a physician oversight.

[Article 77:3] Nursing Education. — November 1978
Committee appointed to study feasibility for nursing education at Johns Hopkins

[Article 77:3] Portrait Unveiled. — November 1978
Portrait of Clara Josephine McLeod '11 at University of Virginia's University Hospital for superintendant of nurses from 1924 - 1937.
Includes photo of Miss McLeod