Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 78] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1979). — 1979

[Serial Volume 78:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1979). — 1979, January. — 1 issue

[Article 78:1] Class News. — January 1979

[Article 78:1] Deaths. — January 1979
Creator: Conner, Phyllis
Includes three (3) In Memoriam tributes to alumnae: Grace Alt, Evelyn Abel Osborne, Cynthia Mallory. Tribute to Miss Mallory written by Phyllis Conner, '46.

[Article 78:1] Homecoming 1978. — January 1979
Creator: Timms, Eileen Tyrell ;  Sacci, Martha
Overall topic = Stress: Societal Effects of Stress on Health; Implication of Loss on Family, Patient, and Staff; Management Stress. Included are the talks or summary of talks given at the educational program.

[Article 78:1] Honors to Alumni: Carolyne Kahle Davis, M. Louise Fitzpatrick. — January 1979
Election to American Academy of Nursing to Carolyne K. Davis, 1954, and to Louise Fitzpatrick, 1963. In addition, Lucile Petry Leone, 1927, given Honorary election.

[Article 78:1] In Memoriam: Grace Alt, Evelyn Osborne, Cynthia Mallory. — January 1979

[Article 78:1] The 86th Annual Meeting. — January 1979
Proceedings of the annual Homecoming business meeting featuring reports from the president of JHNAA, all standing, special, and ad hoc committees.

[Serial Volume 78:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (April, 1979). — 1979, April. — 1 issue

[Article 78:2] Class News. — April 1979

[Article 78:2] Deaths. — April 1979

[Article 78:2] Editorial. — April 1979
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
What can the JHNAA do to make it easier and more desirable for alumni to attend Homecoming: time of schedule? Activities? need for more publicity? -- a request for suggestions from alumni.

[Article 78:2] From the President's Desk. — April 1979
Creator: Seaman, Florence Watson
Interim report of activities and plans of JHNAA by its president.

[Article 78:2] Letter from a Passionate Alumna. — April 1979
Creator: Lawrence, Cora Jane
Letter from an alumna with two concerns about the Special Committee to Consider Nursing at Johns Hopkins: (1) concentration only on the immediate needs with failure of "vision," and (2) defining nursing as a part of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

[Article 78:2] Mabel I. Wilcox. — April 1979
Story of Mabel Wilcox, Class of 1911, her pre-Hopkins life and post-graduation experiences. These included WWI experiences and returning to home in Kauai with establishment of public health nursing there.

[Serial Volume 78:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1979). — 1979, July. — 1 issue

[Article 78:3] Class News. — July 1979

[Article 78:3] Craig Memorial Fund Established in India. — July 1979
Establishment of scholarship honoring Margaretta Craig first principal of the school, then known as Delhi University College of Nursing.

[Article 78:3] Deaths. — July 1979

[Article 78:3] Dorothea Puckett Encourages Nurses to Do Research. — July 1979
Appeal to nurses to pursue research in nursing to improve practice.

[Article 78:3] Down in Betty's Basement. — July 1979
Photo story of some of the JH nursing memorabilia saved by Betty Cuthbert,1943, and stored in the basement of her home.

[Article 78:3] Editorial. — July 1979
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Why Homecoming is important to one alumna + encouragement for more to attend.

[Article 78:3] Four Departments Appoint New Administrators. — July 1979
Brief biographies of new appointments of nursing administrators
reprinted from The Hopkins Nurse Vol. 3 No. 3 May-June 1979

[Article 78:3] From the President's Desk. — July 1979
Creator: Seaman, Florence Watson
Introduction to some of the activities for next Homecoming

[Article 78:3] In Memoriam: Susanna L. Chase. — July 1979
In Memoriam tribute with brief professional biography to Susanna Chase, 1938, on her recent death
Taken from news release University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

[Article 78:3] Israel Hospital Builds Bridge of Health to Peace. — July 1979
Hadassah Hospital in Israel serves both Israeli and Palestinian patients and the hopes of cooperation in promoting peace.
Accompanied by two photographs

[Article 78:3] Letter to the Editor. — July 1979
Creator: Holyer, Kathryn Barnes
Positive response to appeal for news and letters from alumni. Includes insight into the JH nurses graduate cap.

[Article 78:3] People's Republic of China. — July 1979
Creator: Wood, Marian McGill
"A few selected impressions" of an alumna from her tourist visit to China includes food, health care, spirit, housing, clothing, consumer goods, transportation, birth control, education, tourism.

[Article 78:3] Reiter Scholarship Established at Pace. — July 1979
Appeal for funds for newly established Frances Reiter Memorial Scholarship Fund at Pace University, NY

[Serial Volume 78:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (October, 1979). — 1979, October. — 1 issue

[Article 78:4] Class News. — October 1979

[Article 78:4] Deaths. — October 1979

[Article 78:4] In Memoriam: Susanna Leona Chase. — October 1979
Brief In Memoriam tribute to Susanna Chase from colleagues at in North Carolina, emphasizing her persoanl traits above any professional achievements.

[Article 78:4] Reality Shock: What all New Nurses Face. — October 1979
Problems of new graduate RN in "first real nursing job" and ways of coping successfully
Reprinted from The Hopkins Nurse, May-June, 1979

[Article 78:4] The New Women's Clinic. — October 1979
Creator: Thompson, Monica
Destruction of Women's Clinic 1919 with beginning of new Psychiatric-Neuro-Science Center with plans for new OB/GYN building with advances and changes in the JHH care of patients with OB/GYN needs.