Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 79] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1980). — 1980

[Serial Volume 79:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1980). — 1980, January. — 1 issue

[Article 79:1] Class News. — January 1980

[Article 79:1] From the President's Desk. — January 1980
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Homecoming planning, need for alumnae involvement

[Article 79:1] Institutional Politics: Nursing's Impact Today. — January 1980
Creator: Wolf, Karen Anne
Increasing activity and need for participation by nurses in matters relating to work conditions and control by others in hospital administration. Use of power and persuasion.

[Article 79:1] Johns Hopkins University's Evening College Reviatalizes its B.S. for R.N.'s. — January 1980
Creator: Verhaalen, Roman J.
New program at JHU developed in consort with the accreditation guidelines of NLN

[Article 79:1] Political Impact of Health Care. — January 1980
Third party health care coverage must include midwives and nurse pracitioners; mental health discharge instructions requirement; importance of political activity and political "voice" for nurses; call for "expanded" role for nurses as citizens and nurses.

[Article 79:1] Power: An Enigma Facing Nursing and Nurse Leaders. — January 1980
Report on speaker's research on the Queen Bee Syndrome and its seven (7) characteristics. (Study refers to women who have reached leadership roles.)
speech at Homecoming 1979 by Suzanne Halsey RN, MSN

[Article 79:1] The 87th Annual Meeting. — January 1980
Proceedings of annual Homecoming meeting including president's comments, reports from all standing and special committees. Includes photographs on three (3) pages of alumni at activities

[Serial Volume 79:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1980). — 1980, July. — 1 issue

[Article 79:2] A Photographic Display of Hopkins -- Selected Views of Past and Present. — July 1980
Seven pages of photographs from past and from present showing what "was" and what "is" in both buildings and health care practice at Hopkins.
Explanatory comments are printed along with each photograph.
Comments and explanation accompany each photograph

[Article 79:2] Alumni News. — July 1980

[Article 79:2] Class of 1945 Propose Formation of History Fund. — July 1980
Initiation of fund by Class of 1945 to subsidize book on continuation of history of JHH School of Nursing.

[Article 79:2] Deaths. — July 1980

[Article 79:2] Nursing Alumni Receive Distinguished Alumni award from JHU. — July 1980
Awards from JHU Alumni Association to Linda Tarr-Whelan (JHHSON1960) and K. Elise Fitzpatrick (graduate of Evening College JHU).

[Article 79:2] Practical Politics -- A Power Potential. — July 1980
Need for increased political activity by all nurses to ensure access to good health care for all citizens of the world. Speaker also gives methods of obtaining this political presence. Role of nurse in Wellness care as opposed to Sickness care.
(Address given by Barbara T. Curtis, RN at Homecoming 1979)

[Article 79:2] Slate of Officers. — July 1980
Nominees for offices of the Nurses' Alumni Association for vote at Homecoming Annual Meeting

[Article 79:2] Spring Fashion Show. — July 1980
Two page photographic display of the alumnae models at the Spring Fashion Show sponsored by the JHHNAA.