Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 83] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1984). — 1984

[Serial Volume 83:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1984). — 1984, January. — 1 issue

[Article 83:1] An Interview with Dr. Carol Gray. — January 1984
Interview centered on new university-based consortium structure with Sinai Hospital and Church Home Hospital, the new dean's hopes and plans for the new SON.

[Article 83:1] Deaths. — January 1984

[Article 83:1] Homecoming in Review -- Class News. — January 1984

[Article 83:1] Honors to Alumni. — January 1984
M. Louise Fitzpatrick receives award from Teachers College, Columbia
Red Cross Volunteer awards in Arlington, VA to Mary Elizabeth Dunn and Helen Walker-Templeton

[Article 83:1] In Memoriam: Veronica Lyons Roehner. — January 1984
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
In Memoriam tribute with short professional biography to recently deceased Veronica Lyons Roehner, 1927

[Article 83:1] The 91st Annual Meeting. — January 1984
Report of annual JHNAA meeting on October 22, 1983. Includes report of president and reports of all standing and special committees.
Special note and activities were present due to the establishment of the new collegiate Hopkins School of Nursing, under the lead of Carol Gray, and as a consortium school with Sinai and Church hospitals.

[Article 83:1] Toward a New Optimism. — January 1984
Creator: Clowry, Marjorie Ames
The meaning of "Vigilando" with the significance to nursing.
The "new" profession must emphasize the "caring" of the profession as well as the curing.

[Article 83:1] Treating Migraine with Biofeedback -- A Nurse Therapist's View. — January 1984
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Includes case study x1 to illustrate a general discussion of use of biofeedback in therapy in general.

[Serial Volume 83:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (May, 1984). — 1984, May. — 1 issue

[Article 83:2] Announcement Homecoming 1984. — May 1984
Announcement of dates for Dedication of JHUniversity School of Nursing at Homecoming 1984.

[Article 83:2] Deaths. — May 1984

[Article 83:2] In the Beginning -- Isabel A. Hampton. — May 1984
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M.
Life and achievements of Isabel Hampton Robb as first head of the Hopkins School of Nursing.
Includes photos of first graduating class JHHSON

[Article 83:2] Review of Existing Funds of JHNAA. — May 1984
Funds include Elsie M. Lawler Scholarship Fund, Anna D. Wolf Education Fund, M. Adelaide Nutting Endowment Fund, General Fund of Alumni Association.

[Serial Volume 83:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (July, 1984). — 1984, July. — 1 issue

[Article 83:3] 50 Years Ago ..... — July 1984
Very brief notes of accomplishments of several nursing alumnae 50 years ago,
Notes of nursing salaries of nurses and academic credentials of nursing students 50 years ago.

[Article 83:3] Blazing the Trail. — July 1984
Creator: Richards, Esther L.
Personal impressions of the growth and development of the SON beginning in 1915. Inclusion of public health nursing in SON curricula.
Speech given to NY branch of Nurses Alumnae Association in May 1934
Speech given by Dr. Esther Loring Richards to the NY branch of the JHNAA in May 1934.

[Article 83:3] Class News. — July 1984

[Article 83:3] Deaths. — July 1984

[Article 83:3] From the President's Desk. — July 1984
Creator: Christmyer, Carol Severn
Update on activities of JHNAA, especially centered on beginning of university-based SON with Sinai Hospital and Church Home Hospital.
Update on the Nutting Fund

[Article 83:3] Honors and Profiles. — July 1984
Susan Barkr Baird, 1963, featured in recnt Cancer Nursing News
Mary Edwards Torsch, 1954, voted outstanding faculty member in Oklahoma.
Section on Trosch from Oral Roberts University News Release

[Article 83:3] Hospital Notes. — July 1984
Creator: Gilman, Cheryl A.
Wilmer's first annual seminar of ophthalmic nursing; new Hopkins Diabetes Center;

[Article 83:3] In Memoriam. — July 1984
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth ;  Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
In Memoriam tributes to recently deceased alumnae, Helen J. Weber, 1934, and to Anne Hahn Lindblad, 1929

[Article 83:3] Slate of Officers. — July 1984
Nominees for offices in Nurses Alumni Association for vote at next Annual Meeting

[Article 83:3] The Seed for a Dream. — July 1984
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M.
Biographical sketch of M. Adelaide Nutting. Includes photograph of Miss Nutting and a "typical ward" at JHH at the time of Miss Nutting's administration.

[Serial Volume 84:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Fall, 1984). — 1984, Fall. — 1 issue

[Article 84:4] Deaths. — Fall 1984

[Article 84:4] Limited Fulfillment. — Fall 1984
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M.
Biographical article about Georgina C. Ross, third superintendant of nursing school.

[Article 84:4] Nursing Faculty Highlighted. — Fall 1984
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Introduction with very brief biographical data about several faculty members for new JHU School of Nursing.