Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 84] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1985). — 1985

[Serial Volume 84:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (January, 1985). — 1985, January. — 1 issue

[Article 84:1] A Nurse's Reflection Johns Hopkins Hospital 1942 - 1944. — January 1985
Creator: Scherer, Frances Schlosser
Very personal -- and very readable -- account of the student and graduate days of one graduate of the JHHSON during World War II.

[Article 84:1] Class News. — January 1985

[Article 84:1] Deaths. — January 1985

[Article 84:1] Dedication Ceremonies. — January 1985
Detailed Insert to Alumni Magazine of Ceremonies for Dedication of new Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing held September 23, 1984. Includes four (4) pages of photos.

[Article 84:1] Faculty Highlights. — January 1985
Introduction of several new instructors for the JHUSON: Sandra Besser, Suzanne Durkin, Kathleen Becker. Nancy Boothby is the new Director of Student Affairs.

[Article 84:1] Hall of Fame Honorees. — January 1985
Two JH nursing alumnae are honored by the ANA and inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame. These alumnae are Frances Reiter, 1931, and Ruth Freeman, Honorary Alumna, are the two honorees.

[Article 84:1] Homecoming in Review. — January 1985
General review of Homecoming activities with one (1) cartoon and five (5) pages of photographs.

[Article 84:1] Hospital Notes. — January 1985
Creator: Gilman, Cheryl A.
Effect on hospital of changes in payments for health care services and trend toward more outpatient services; Community Care Program; Post-Hospital Services for the Frail Elderly; Home Health Care. Changes in Surgery Services, Medical Services. Initiation in Oncology Outpatient Department of primary nursing.

[Article 84:1] Profile -- Distinguished Alumna. — January 1985
Personal an professional biography of Eleanor Wade Custer, 1930.

[Article 84:1] School of Nursing -- From the Dean. — January 1985
Creator: Gray, Carol
Comments about Dedication Ceremony, the promise of the future, the importance of the alumni gift of the Nutting Chair of Nursing in the new shcool.

[Article 84:1] School of Nursing Featuring: Director of Student Affairs. — January 1985

[Article 84:1] School of Nursing: Class of 1986 -- Profile. — January 1985
Profile of first student group at JHUSON with 27 women and 3 men with ages from 21 to 41 years, previous work experience in and out of health care. Includes small photo of the group.

[Article 84:1] The 92nd Annual Meeting. — January 1985
Minutes of the annual alumni meeting at Homecoming, including report of president and reports of standing and special committees. Also includes presentation of Nutting Chair of Nursing to the University Board of Trustees with the official agreement.
Special parts of this article include the educational program held by a group of lecturers, also the report of the History Committee Report and the progress of the Anual Fund

[Serial Volume 84:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (May, 1985). — 1985, May. — 1 issue

[Article 84:2] "I Think That I Shall Never See...". — May 1985
Loss of old beech tree at Phipps to make room for new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Center.
Accompanied by photograph of the tree.

[Article 84:2] A Step Back in Time. — May 1985
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Reception by JHNAA of uniform, pin, and several letters from Agnes Bartlett Murdaugh, Class of 1916. Excerpts from letters give descriptions of life as a student nurse in that era.

[Article 84:2] A Tribute to Well Remembered Medical Colleagues. — May 1985
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M. ;  Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Brief tributes to three recently deceased physicians.

[Article 84:2] Around the Dome. — May 1985
After move of psychiatric service to new Meyer building, the old Phipps building is renamed for Frank M. Houck, M.D. The renovated building now houses the new School of Nursing, among other services.
Includes brief professional and personal data about Dr. Houck
Article reprinted from Under the Dome, April 1985.

[Article 84:2] Baltimore -- Foundation for Impetus and Growth of Health Care. — May 1985
Synopsis of Baltimore in the 1890's.
Reprinted from The Centennial Sponge, a publication of The Women's Auxiliary of Sinai Hospital, Inc. June 1966

[Article 84:2] Class News. — May 1985
Includes three photos of class reunions of classes 1944, 1945, and1964.

[Article 84:2] Deaths. — May 1985

[Article 84:2] From the President. — May 1985
Creator: Angell, Sandra Stine
Update on JHNAA activities, death of Mrs. Price, slide show by Betty Cuthbert, Phonathon for funds for new JHUSON.

[Article 84:2] In Memoriam. — May 1985
Creator: Jacoby, Esther ;  Tribulski, Jean L. Albert
Subjects: Mary Sanders Price '34, Patricia Onikama Lee '58

[Article 84:2] It's Time to Make the Invisible Nurse Visible. — May 1985
"What is wrong today with the image of nursing is that the perception of what nurses do has not caught up with what nurses actually do." Article is a discussion of these invisible activities, e.g. preventing complications, and a call for professional "humility."(Reprinted from The American Nurse by permission of tthe American Nurses Association.)

[Article 84:2] Marriages. — May 1985

[Article 84:2] Memorial Contribution. — May 1985
Announcement of $1500 to library of School of Nursing in honor of Mrs. Price

[Article 84:2] Phon-a-thon Report. — May 1985
Over $10,000 pledged to support activities in JHUSON.

[Article 84:2] School of Nursing. — May 1985
Creator: Gray, Carol ;  Sanborn, Allie M. ;  Appling, Susan Elizabeth ;  Blau, Clare Montgomery
1) Message of progress of new school by Dean Gray; 2) Introduction of new Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, and of several new members of the faculty; 3) review of student progress/activities going into 2nd academic semester; 4) JHNAA student scholarship awards to two (2) current students; 5) role of nurse practitioners in the practice of nursing.

[Article 84:2] School of Nursing Endowment Funds. — May 1985
Review of the many funds available to the new SON that are not sponsored by the JHNAA.

[Article 84:2] Sinai Hospital: Its Past and Present. — May 1985
History and development of Sinai Hospital from 1826 to present time and new building in Northwest Baltimore. Photographs included.

[Article 84:2] Slate of Officers. — May 1985
Slate of nominees for officers of the Alumni Association for vote at the next Annual Meeting of the Nurses' Alumni

[Serial Volume 84:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (September, 1985). — 1985, September. — 1 issue

[Article 84:3] Alumni-Student Social. — September 1985
Two pages of photos taken at Alumni-Student Social. Highlight was slide presentation "An Unofficial Pictorial History of Hopkins" created amd narrated by Betty Cuthbert '43.

[Article 84:3] Around the Dome. — September 1985
Patient Units Improvements in Children's Center and in Neuro- Critical Care Unit; Two new department heads named in Department of Medicine and in Department of Pediatrics.
New department heads section excerpted and reprinted from Dome, April and May 1985.

[Article 84:3] Changes in Ambulatory Care in an Urban Hospital. — September 1985
Creator: Ford, Constance (Connie) Lewis
Increased importance of ambulatory care in hospitals due to the increased revenue brought in from new governmental changes in payment. General facts plus description of an ambulatory center in New Jersey.

[Article 84:3] Church Hospital: A Brief History. — September 1985
Facts about and history of Church Hospital, member of the consortium comprising the new JHU School of Nursing.

[Article 84:3] Class News. — September 1985

[Article 84:3] Class of 1987 Arrives. — September 1985
Arrival of 31 new nursing students for the second class of the JHU School of Nursing. Includes general demographic information on composition of class plus several photographs.

[Article 84:3] Deaths. — September 1985

[Article 84:3] Did You Know....?. — September 1985
Dates of Alumni Association creation and incorporation
History of Alumni Magazine
History of creation of graduate nursing cap and uniform
History of creation and traditions of Alumni pin
Words of first Alumni Association president, Helena Barnard, 1892

[Article 84:3] Honors to Alumni. — September 1985
Recognition to three (3) Hopkins nursing alumnae on their recently awarded honors: Patricia Gonce MIller, Joan Masek Sutton, and Phyllis Baker Kaiser
Kaiser article excerpted from a Reno, Nevada newspaper Feb 20, 1985

[Article 84:3] In Memoriam. — September 1985
In Memoriam tributes to recently deceased alumnae Anna D. Wolf and Mary Swisher Loucks

[Article 84:3] Instructor Receives Award. — September 1985
Instructor Kathy Lent Becker, ANP, one of three selected as outstanding Nurse by District 2 MNA

[Article 84:3] Mary Adelaide Nutting Revisited. — September 1985'
Creator: Larson, Elaine
Reflection on life and goals of M. A. Nutting by first Nutting Professor at the new JHUSON. Many quotes by Miss Nutting included.

[Article 84:3] Nursing Research: Its Importance to the Profession and to Nursing Practice. — September 1985
Creator: Sacci, Martha
"Advancement of nursing intrinsically linked to advancement of nursing education and educational research." Article states progress of JHH in this direction with need to advance farther.
Article adapted and approved for inclusion originally written for The Hopkins Nurse, an in-hospital newsletter.

[Article 84:3] Other Memories. — September 1985
Memories of 91 year old Dr. Leo Brady while at the early Hopkins. Several anecdotal memories are included especially three (3) about his wife, Class of 1921, when with the Grenfell group in Labrador.

[Article 84:3] Report from Development Director. — September 1985
Creator: Baldick, Jacqueline
Status and results of fund raising by JHNAA and nursing in general for the various funds and chairs. Includes six (6) pages of donors by class.

[Article 84:3] School of Nursing -- Elaine Larson: First M. Adelaide Nutting Professor. — September 1985
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Professional biography of first Adelaide Nutting Professor in new JHUSON.

[Article 84:3] School of Nursing -- From the Dean. — September 1985
Creator: Gray, Carol
Need for funds in orer to function at a collegiate level and respond to new challenges.
Needs and roles of school faculty and students to operate at a collegiate level.
Expression of optimism for the future of the school.

[Article 84:3] School of Nursing Endowment Funds. — September 1985
Continuation of existing educational funds to help students of School of Nursing.
Description of individual endowment funds with brief biographies of those for whom each fund is named.

[Article 84:3] Summer Memories. — September 1985
Brief memories of lack of air conditioning at Hopkins and of trips to the Sherwood Forest cottage to relax. Includes a poem reprinted from the Routine, 1923.

[Article 84:3] Three Decades of Service -- Elsie M. Lawler. — September 1985
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M.
Brief biography and description of her long 30 year tenure as head of the JHHSON.

[Article 84:3] To Veterans of the 18th and 118th General Hospital Units -- World War II. — September 1985
Request for help from members of these units to aid in research being done by researcher in New York.