Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 85] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1986). — 1986

[Serial Volume 85:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Spring/Summer, 1986. — 1986 Spring/Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 85:1] 118th General Reunion. — Spring/Summer 1986
,1985. The reunion, pushed by Dr. Wm. VandeGrift and Esther Jacoby, 1930, was held in September and featured a plaque listing all the members of the 118th General Hospital, this plaque being hung near the front entrance of the hospital.
The article includes a brief explanation with six (6) photos of the reunioin.

[Article 85:1] Around the Dome. — Spring/Summer 1986
Building of residence, Rockwell House, for relatives of ill people being treated at Hopkins Hospital.
Reprinted and excerpted from the DOME July/August 1985.

[Article 85:1] Cartoon. — Spring/Summer 1986
Full page cartoon plus appeal for membership and participation in JHNAA.

[Article 85:1] Class News. — Spring/Summer 1986

[Article 85:1] Deaths. — Spring/Summer 1986

[Article 85:1] Did You Know....?. — Spring/Summer 1986
Historical facts: (1) donation of Nightingale wheelchair; (2) donation of Nightingale letters; (3) Nursing Code of Ethics; (4) 1898 program to give nursing care to poor in Baltimore; (5) establishment of Registry for private duty nurses; (6) JHNAA 100th anniversary.

[Article 85:1] Experiences of a Nursing Student on an Oncology Unit. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Schweizer, Barbara Wilson
1. The importance of nurses in building self-esteem for patients.
2. Importance of psychological aspect of nursing practice.
3. Activitiesof a nurse on JHH Oncology Unit
4. Use of anecdotes in the article

[Article 85:1] From the President. — Spring-Summer 1986
Creator: Miller, Patricia Marie Gonce
Review of a very successful Homecoming 1985.
Three nurse alumnae honored by JHU Alumni Association

[Article 85:1] Homecoming in Review. — Spring/Summer 1986
Three pages of photos of different groups at Homecoming 1985

[Article 85:1] Homelessness: One City's Response. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Winslow, Becky Atkinson
Program and problems in providing health care for the homeless in Atlanta, GA. as experienced in one clinic for that purpose.
Three photographs accompany the article.

[Article 85:1] Honors to Alumni. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Sutton, Joan D. Masek ;  Christmyer, Carol Severn ;  Kuntz, Mary N., 1917-
Honorary awards by JHU Alumni Association to three Nursing alumnae: Betty Cuthbert ('43), Margaret Courtney ('40), and Virginia Arnold ('35).

[Article 85:1] In Memoriam. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Immelt, Susan Carroll
Tribute by classmate to recently deceased Mary Pat Haberle in a plan crash in Alaska.

[Article 85:1] Letters to the Editor. — Spring-Summer 1986
Creator: Watson, Zola E.
Letter of pride received from being awarded alumni pin of an early alumna who had returned her pin to the JHNAA before her death.

[Article 85:1] Marriages. — Spring/Summer 1986

[Article 85:1] Our 50th -- Class of 1935. — Sprong/Summer 1986
Creator: Smith, Louise C.
Overall review of Homecoming with some special activities for 50th reunion class.

[Article 85:1] Phonathon Report. — Spring/Summer 1986
Results of recent successful phonathon in October 1985

[Article 85:1] Promoting Nursing: Strategies for Success. — Spring/Summer 1986
Synopses of presentations from educational program during Homecoming activities October 11, 1985. Includes Essentials of Marketing, Nurses as Accountable Professionals, Mapping the Message of Nursing, Using Media Effectively.

[Article 85:1] Reunion Classes 1930 - 1965. — Spring/Summer 1986
Two pages of group photographs of reunion classes, from 1930 - 1965, at Homecoming. Photographs identify participants by name.

[Article 85:1] School of Nursing. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Gray, Carol
Column From the Dean, summary of Convocation for incoming students Class of 1987, importance of handwashing to prevent infections, brief descriptions of three (3) members of the School faculty (K. Cresci, M. Herlihy, J Greaney).

[Article 85:1] The 93rd Annual Meeting. — Spring/Summer 1986
Creator: Immelt, Susan Carroll
Minutes and proceedings of the 93rd Annual Meeting at Homecoming 1985. Also includes annual reports of all standing and special committees.

[Serial Volume 85:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Fall, 1986). — 1986 Fall. — 1 issue

[Article 85:2] 1986 Annual Fund. — Fall 1986
Class-by-class breakdown and listing of contributors to Annual Roll Call.

[Article 85:2] A Tribute to Well Remembered Colleagues. — Fall 1986
Brief tributes on their deaths to : Irma Pfeffer (graduate CHH SON who worked in Halsted), Helen Taussig, M.D. (Professor of Medicine JHH), Richard Hoover, M.D. (Wilmer Ophthalmology).

[Article 85:2] China Visit. — Fall 1986
Creator: Armstrong, Doris, 1926-
Experiences from a Continuing Education program designed to combine educational and cultural pursuits in China with opportunities to share between the two cultures.

[Article 85:2] Class News. — Fall 1986

[Article 85:2] Deaths. — Fall 1986

[Article 85:2] Expanding the Nursing Role: Innovating an Activities Program for Geriatric Patients on a Psychiatric Ward in Austria. — Fall 1986
Creator: Clift, Judith M.
The progreesive changes on an open psychiatric ward in an Austrian provincial hospital.
Description of hospital itself and desired changes
How the change was brought about after initial lack of interest.
Effect of expanded nurses' role on other hospital units.

[Article 85:2] First University Class Graduates. — Fall 1986
Description of the activities at the first class of graduates from the new JHUSON, held in Turner Auditorium on May 31, 1986.
Half page photo of graduation class on first page.
On last page are five (5) photos of different aspects of the graduation.

[Article 85:2] From the Dean. — Fall 1986
Creator: Gray, Carol
Update by Dean Gray about graduation of first class of nurses from new University School of Nursing; about next project of introducing graduate programs to the School. Excerpts from address given by Dr. Elaine Larson giving brief overview of nursing profession "today." Description and photographs of graduation of first University nursing graduates.

[Article 85:2] In Memoriam: Cecile Moon Barnwell, Grace Kussmaul Stone Wakeman. — Fall 1986
In Memoriam tributes to two recently deceased alumnae: Cecile Moon Barnwell and Grace E. Kussmaul Stone Wakeman

[Article 85:2] Letter to Editor. — Fall 1986
Creator: Clark, Francile E.
Establishment of Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund by writer Francile Clark '40

[Article 85:2] Nutting Notes. — Fall 1986
Creator: Larson, Elaine
Need for good medical AND good nursing care.
Quotes from Florence Nightingale, Rozella Schlotfeldt, and a current job description of the nurse at a major medical center.
The complex qualities of being a good professional nurse.
Reprinted from The American Nurse July-August 1985

[Article 85:2] Profile -- Distinguished Alumna. — Fall 1986
Tribute and biography of Louise Fitzpatrick , 1963, with reference to her many accomplishments and subsequent honors.

[Article 85:2] Slate of Officers. — Fall 1986
Slate of Officers presented by Nominating Committee for Annual Meeting in October 1986

[Article 85:2] The Nursing Profession in China: A Call for American Cooperation. — Fall 1986
Downgrading of nurses in China as result of "Cultural Revolution" until 1976
Shortage of qualified nurses in China
Move to restore nursing as a profession in China
Improvement in education in China
Plea for American help to restore professional nursing in China
Reprinted from The American Nurse July-August 1985