Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 86] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1987). — 1987

[Serial Volume 86:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Spring, 1987). — 1987, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 86:1] Annual Fund Update. — Spring 1987
Creator: McGeady. Mary E. Mumaw
Results of recent phonathon with plans for remainder of 1986-87 campaign.

[Article 86:1] Bequests: Do's, Don't's and Please's. — Spring 1987
This article gives clarification of how to make certain that gifts and other bequests for the School of Nursing go TO the intended group or fund.
Financial positions and needs of the new School of Nursing.

[Article 86:1] Class News. — Spring 1987

[Article 86:1] Class News Jubilarian Report. — Spring 1987
Creator: Winebrenner, Mary Ruth
Summary of activities of Class of 1936 celebrating its 50th anniversary
Article is accompanied by 4 photographs

[Article 86:1] Deaths. — Spring 1987

[Article 86:1] From the Editor. — Spring 1987
Summary of Homecoming 1986 and preview of upcoming Homecoming 1987
Progress in writing of History book
Minor changes to magazine

[Article 86:1] From the President. — Spring 1987
Creator: Zeiler, Sandra Bollinger
Progress of History Committee with Volume 2 of history of SON with plans for completion.

[Article 86:1] Homecoming in Review. — Spring 1987
Three pages of photographs of Homecoming and special reunion classes

[Article 86:1] Honors to Alumni. — Spring 1987
Awards to: Katherine Nelson '36 -- Distinguished Alumni Award; Mildred Struve '26 -- Heritage Award; Barbara Wilcox '36 -- Heritage Award.

[Article 86:1] Honorary Alumna Unanimously Approved. — Spring 1987
Alumni Secretary elected as Honorary Member of the JHNAAat Annual Meeting.

[Article 86:1] In Memoriam. — Spring 1987
Tributes to recently deceased alumnae: Dorothy Anderson '41, Nano Foote Kennedy '16, Elizabeth McLaughlin '37, Lucretia Henry Richter '47.

[Article 86:1] Marriages. — Spring 1987

[Article 86:1] Nursing 2010. — Spring 1987
Summary of presentation by team of Kalisch and Kalisch: External and internal factors responsible for changes in nursing in previous 25 years; how to use these factors to predict changes in next 25 years.

[Article 86:1] School of Nursing From the Dean. Nutting Notes. September 1987 Marks Opening of Graduate Program. Dedication of Trimble Lecture Hall. — Spring 1987
Discussion by Dean Gray of work/activities of Dr. Elaine Larson, plans for increasing research by others. Third Annual Nursing Research Seminar summary by Dr. Larson; Opening of Graduate Program of SON in September 1987; Dedication of Trimble Lecture Hall

[Article 86:1] The 94th Annual Meeting. — Spring 1987
Proceedings and Minutes of 94th Annual Meeting JHNAA including comments of president and reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 86:1] The Role of a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse in Pediatric Oncology. — Spring 1987
Creator: Furgess, Lois Ann
Role of the Liaison Nurse in Pediatric Critical Care and Oncology. Nurses act as care givers but also must be aware of the family and help them cope as comfortably and effectively as possible.
Coping with the death of young patients.

[Serial Volume 86:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Winter, 1987). — 1987, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 86:2] Class News. — Winter 1987

[Article 86:2] Confronting Rheumatoid Arthritis at Home. — Winter 1987
Creator: Burr, Kathryn Marie Smith
Personal account of JHHSON graduate in caring for husband through acute and rehabilitation phases of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

[Article 86:2] Deaths. — Winter 1987

[Article 86:2] I Remember -- 1942 and the 118th General Hospital. — Winter 1987
Creator: Jacoby, Esther
Memories by member of the group of people and activities of this hospital unit based in South Pacific during World War II.
Accompanied by four (4) photos of the group in the South Pacific

[Article 86:2] In Memoriam. — Winter 1987
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett
Brief tributes to recently deceased alumnae C. Laila Skinner, K. Virginia Betzold '33, Virginia Dunbar '23, Isabella Wood '42, Joan Rowles '53

[Article 86:2] Letter from the President. — Winter 1987
Creator: Zeiler, Sandra Bollinger
Accreditation of JHUSON by NLN; Master's program to begin 9/87; benefits of membership to JHNAA; need to mark donations with desired destinations.

[Article 86:2] Pre-Publication Review History of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing 1943-1978. — Winter 1987
Brief sample from its Introduction of the new book slated for publication 1989

[Article 86:2] School of Nursing Nutting Notes.Personal Philosopohy of Nursing. Class of 1987. — Winter 1987
Nutting Notes by Elaine Larson: research on nosocomial infections, two new Fellows at SON.
Personal Philosophy of Nursing by a new graduate of JHUSON.
Photo of Class of 1987 with Dean Carol Gray.

[Article 86:2] Some Things Don't Change. — Winter 1987
Page contains four (4) photos: three (3) with Anna D. Wolf relaxing, one(1) of some of Class of 1989 at Oriole baseball game.
Photos provided by Betsy Boggs Class of 1951