Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 87] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1988). — 1988

[Serial Volume 87:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Spring, 1988). — 1988, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 87:1] Alumnus Receives Award. — Spring 1988
Brief announcement of award from MD. Nurses Association to E. Elizabeth Derr, 1952, for leadership. Includes a summary of her profeesional activities.

[Article 87:1] Class News. — Spring 1988

[Article 87:1] Deaths. — Spring 1988

[Article 87:1] Excerpt from Vol. II of The History of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. — Spring 1988
Excerpt is a partial account of Miss Betzold's appplication to the SON and Miss Lawler's doubt that she should be admitted.

[Article 87:1] Homecoming Highlights. — Spring 1988
Two pages of informal photographs of alumni and guests at Homecoming

[Article 87:1] I Remember -- Germany after WWII. — Spring 1988
Creator: Clark, Laura Reed
Immediately after V-E Day, Laura Clark '32 served in new assignment to Public Health in Military Government in England, Paris, different cities/towns in defeated Germany, Russian and Polish camps. Main interests were about nutrition, sanitation, maternal/child health, food and medical supplies.

[Article 87:1] In Memoriam. — Spring 1988
Brief tributes to specific alumni who died during the period: C. McMahon '28, G. Rood '23, R. Taylor '24, E. Stevens '33.

[Article 87:1] Jubilarians. — Spring 1988
Photographs with names identification of members of Class of 1937 at Homecoming 1987.

[Article 87:1] Letter from the President. — Spring 1988
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Upcoming Centennial celebration of SON, progress on Volume #2 of History of JHHSON book, progress on new Alumni Directory.

[Article 87:1] Reunion Classes. — Spring 1988
Group photographs at Homecoming of Classes of 1937, 1942, 1957, 1962.

[Article 87:1] School of Nursing A Right to Health Care. — Spring 1988
Creator: Holmes, "Chip"
A student at JHUSON writes pro and con about everyone having the right to health care. He then writes of the huge cost of this freedom and what else would have to be deleted because of the cost. At the time of writing, he concludes health care is a privilege, not a right.

[Article 87:1] The 95th Annual Meeting. — Spring 1988
Proceedings of annual JHNAA business meeting at Homecoming, including reports of the president, Elaine Larson (SON), officers of the JHNAA, all Standing and Special Committees.

[Article 87:1] The Business of Nursing. — Spring 1988
Professional Practice model being used at JHH followed by panel discussion with nurses who have integrated business with their professional practice. Role of entrepreneurship in professional practice.

[Serial Volume 87:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Summer, 1988). — 1988, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 87:2] Another excerpt from Vol. II of The History of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. — Summer 1988
Continuing single page excerpt of upcoming book, this one immediately after WWII.

[Article 87:2] Around the Dome Hopkins on the Move Again. — Summer 1988'
Construction going on at JH Bayview, the former City Hospitals, JH on Broadway. Includes diagram of The Bayview Community and of the JHMI @ Broadway.

[Article 87:2] Class News. — Summer 1988

[Article 87:2] Class of 1988. — Summer 1988
Group photograph of Class of 1988. Includes name identification.

[Article 87:2] Deaths. — Summer 1988

[Article 87:2] Did You Know?. — Summer 1988
Historical facts about the formation and opening of the JHH and JHU, opening of JHHSON the same year as the JHH (1873), opening of JHU School of Medicine in 1893, Proposal by M.A. Nutting in 1900 at JHNAA Annual Meeting to publish a magazine.

[Article 87:2] Funding Sought for Proposed International Nursing Practice Course. — Summer 1988
Proposal for new program at SON to be introduced by Elaine Larson at JHHNAA annual meeting with appeal for funds.

[Article 87:2] In Memoriam. — Summer 1988
Creator: McDonald, Joyce Lewis
In Memoriam tribute to Isabel Kesler, 1946, by her classmate.

[Article 87:2] JHMI Centennial Week Schedule. — Summer 1988
Calendar for the 100th anniversary activities from 6/2/88 through 6/10/88.

[Article 87:2] Letter from the President. — Summer 1988
Homecoming preview. Nursing at JH Centennial plans, including opening of "Art in Medicine" exhibit at Walter's Art Gallery and special Nursing Symposium.

[Article 87:2] School of Nursing Nutting Notes -- The Economics of Nursing Education: Then and Now. — Summer 1988
Initial use of student nurses as hospital staff, Miss Nutting's early recognition of need for financial independence of SON from hospital. Includes many quotations from her graduation address of 1906.

[Article 87:2] Slate of Officers. — Summer 1988
Nominations for officers of JHH Nursing Alumni Association for voting at the annual meeting during Homecoming

[Article 87:2] Why Nursing?. — Summer 1988
Creator: Schweizer, Barbara Wilson
Personal reasons for choosing nursing in general and at Hopkins specifically by one graduate.