Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 88] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (1989). — 1989

[Serial Volume 88:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Spring, 1989). — 1989, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 88:1] Blocks to Nursing Success. — Spring 1989
Creator: Kalisch, Beatrice J.
Blocks to nursing success attributed to lack of assertiveness, lack of self respect of nurses and nursing profession. Includes suggestions to overcoming these blocks.
Reprinted from Nursing Success Today Vol.3 No.12

[Article 88:1] Captured Moments. Homecoming Highlights. — Spring 1989
Three pages of photographs from Homecoming 1988 -- no name identification on photos

[Article 88:1] Class News. — Spring 1989

[Article 88:1] Deaths. — Spring 1989

[Article 88:1] In Memoriam: Margaret Brooks Gorman. — Spring 1989
Creator: Mamrack, Elizabeth Donovan
In Memoriam tribute from a classmate to Margaret Brooks Gorman, 1942

[Article 88:1] Letter from the President. — Spring 1989
Creator: Lorenz, Joan Monchak
Thanks for the election to office of president of nurses' alumni association.
Update on status of History Book, Part II
Participation in JHU Spring Fair

[Article 88:1] Marriages. — Spring 1989

[Article 88:1] Nursing Diagnosis: Waste of Time or Valued Tool?. — Spring 1989
Creator: Tribulski, Jean L. Albert
Difficulties encountered with nursing diagnoses including awkward language, length of time required, medical diagnoses too often, missing diagnoses to fit specific problems. Discussion of above with suggested remedies. Emphasis on nursing diagnosis as a communication tool and their need for complete care of patients.

[Article 88:1] Reunion Classes. — Spring 1989
Five (5) group photographs at Homecoming of Classes of 1938, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978. (Class of 1938 is only photo with the individual subjects identified)

[Article 88:1] School of Nursing: Nutting Notes Elective in International Nursing; Hopkins Nursing Research Day A Big Success; Summer Internship Abroad. — Spring 1989
Creator: Larson, Elaine ;  Shambaugh, Tina
Details of the contents and courses in the new SON elective in International Nursing.
Brief summary of activities of the fourth JH Research Day held in October with plans to held the next one during Homecoming.
Successful "independent study by a nursing student on board the Youth With a Mission Mercy Ship.

[Article 88:1] The 96th Annual Meeting. — Spring 1989
Minutes of 96th Annual Homecoming meeting with president's report and reports of all standing and special committees.

[Serial Volume 88:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine (Winter, 1989). — 1989, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 88:2] A Century of Caring -- A Future of Excellence History, Hopkins and Heroes. Furture Trends in Nursing -- A Mid-Life Crisis. — Winter 1989
1. History, Hopkins and Heroes by Janie Brown (Associate Prof. Villa Nova University) reviewed history of attempts to achieve collegiate nursing school at Hopkins. 2. Future Trends in Nursing by Constance Kolva (Educator and consultant in mental health and nursing in Harrisburg, PA presents nursing in 1989 as being in "mid-life crisis" with ambiguity about the role, status, and uniqueness of nursing, then presents her solution to problem.
2. Future Trends in Nursing by Constance Kolva (Educator and consultant in mental health and nursing in Harrisburg, PA presents nursing in 1989 as being in "mid-life crisis" with ambiguity about the role, status, and uniqueness of nursing, then presents her solution to problem.
Two educational sessions presented at JHH Centennial Week summarized by Diane Booth, a free lance writer.

[Article 88:2] A Salute to Hopkins Nurses. — Winter 1989
Creator: Scherer, Frances Schlosser
Rewards of nursing besides status and monetary gains. Writer discusses the roles of alumni in establishing programs and schools all over the world in JHSON history and currently. Singles out Nina Gage (a JHH nurse), Anna D. Wolf, and Lily Pinneo.

[Article 88:2] Another View. — Winter 1989
Creator: Coxworth, Lois Pagoria
Rebuttle to article about Nursing Diagnoses from Summer 1989 issue. Writer points out complexity of language in nursing diagnoses, present burden of documentation, importance of using language that is understood by all.

[Article 88:2] Class News. — Winter 1989

[Article 88:2] Deaths. — Winter 1989

[Article 88:2] Homecoming Photographs. — Winter 1989
Several pages of photographs from Homecoming activities, reunion classes, exhibits on display at the SON, special programs for the Centennial celebration.

[Article 88:2] Honors to Alumni. — Winter 1989
Creator: Cuthbert, Betty Liggett ;  Dvorak, Penelope Miller
Distinguished Alumni Award to Joan M. Sutton includes lengthy account of her activities and accomplishments.
Heritage Award to Anna Buchko Dolan Flatley, Class of 1940
Award to Keynote Speaker and alumna Carolyne K. Davis -- photo only

[Article 88:2] Letter from the President. — Winter 1989
Introduction to Centennial issue of magazine covering the activities; moving of JHNAA office to Houck building; retirement of Dorothea Robertson to part-time work for JHNAA.

[Article 88:2] School of Nursing Oncology Experience. — Winter 1989
Creator: Elliott, Carol Diane
Writing of her personal experience with a two-year old boy with a type of leukemia, the article brings out the sadness and learning and patient heroism in this field of nursing.

[Article 88:2] The 97th Annual Meeting. — Winter 1989
Minutes and reports of all committees from the 97th Annual Homecoming meeting of JHNAA held June 10, 1989.

[Article 88:2] Thinking About the 21st Century. — Winter 1989
Creator: Davis, Carolyne Kahle
Extensive reviews of content of several programs/speeches/panel discussions directed towards title topic of Health Care Delivery in the 21st Century. Included were present and new problems in health care, e.g. increase in homelessness, teenage pregnancy, rise of AIDS presented and discussed by national nursing leaders. Case Management model developed by University of Virginia because of shortage of nurses in hospitals; role of economics/profits in what had become the health "business"; Community Mobile Treatment developed for pyschiatric nurses at JHHH; role of managed care and impact on patient care.
One or more page summaries of content of all educational sessions by Diane Booth, freelance writer.