Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 91] Vigilando (1992). — 1992

[Serial Volume 91:1] Vigilando (Winter, 1992). — 1992, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 91:1] "A Day on Ward E" -- Johns Hopkins Hospital 1928-29. — Winter 1992
Detailed description of typical day on a specific unit at JHH for student nurses. Accompanied by two photographs from that period.
Article found among old papers by graduate from 1929 and sent to Dean Carol Gray.

[Article 91:1] Class News. — Winter 1992

[Article 91:1] Deaths. — Winter 1992

[Article 91:1] El Salvador's Health Needs. — Winter 1992
Creator: Barg, Mikhaila
Account of JHUSON's student elective in January 1991, concentrating on the conditions and needs of "undeveloped" nation.

[Article 91:1] From the School of Nursing's Admission Office. — Winter 1992
Announcement of admission of first winter term Accelerated Baccalaureate students to JHUSON. The class began studies in January 1992 and completed in May 1993.

[Article 91:1] From the University Alumni Association. — Winter 1992
Reminder and appeal for volunteers for JHU Alumni Association for participation in Baltimore Host Family Program and National Alumni Hosting Program.

[Article 91:1] Handcrafted Stained Glass Maltese Crosses Now Available. — Winter 1992
Announcement that 100 four inch stained glass Maltese Crosses have been created for the upcoming 100th year celebration and are on sale.

[Article 91:1] Helena Barnard: First President of Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association. — Winter 1992
Accomplishments and contributions to nursing and to SON of Helena Barnard, Class of 1892, as student and graduate.

[Article 91:1] Homecoming Preview for Centennial. — Winter 1992
Detailed schedule for all activities for upcoming JHNAA Homecoming educational, social, and business sessions.

[Article 91:1] I Remember.... — Winter 1992
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Memories of graduate of 1950 about (1) salary and benefits of first job after graduation and (2) description of first "uniform" as student nurses.

[Article 91:1] In Memoriam -- Joan Masek Sutton. — Winter 1992
Tribute plus description of Memorial held for her at JHH

[Article 91:1] James A. Block, M.D. Succeeds Robert Heyssel, M.D. As Head of Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Winter 1992
Appointment of Dr. Block as chief executive of JHH and JH Health System to succeed Dr. Heysell who sesrved since 1972.

[Article 91:1] Maternity Nursing in Ghana. — Winter 1992
Creator: Richardson, Annie
Account by student nurse of adventures/activities in Ghana during nursing elective taken in January 1991.

[Article 91:1] Nutting Notes. — Winter 1992
Creator: Larson, Elaine
Brief discussion of recent nursing studies and establishment of Center for Nursing Research to facilitate SON's efforts.

[Article 91:1] President Richardson Highlights Faculty Achievements. — Winter 1992
Excerpt from a letter from President Richardson about need for public support and applause for Elaine Larson, Nutting professor at the SON.

[Article 91:1] Recent and Past Student Experiences at JHSON. — Winter 1992
Two pages of photos of current SON students and former SON students; two pages of structures/buildings from the past and current.

[Article 91:1] School Gets New Sigma Theta Tau Chapter. — Winter 1992
New chapter of International Nursing Honor Society established at JHUSON
Article accompanied by two photos of members of the society posing with Hopkins nursing personnel.

[Serial Volume 91:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1992). — 1992, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 91:2] Caring for People with AIDS: One Student's Experience. — Summer 1992
Creator: Ciattei, Martha Ann
Personal experiences with several specific patients with AIDS recalled by a student nurse. Article also includes a poem written by a different student nurse to a specific AIDS patient.

[Article 91:2] Class News. — Summer 1992

[Article 91:2] Deaths. — Summer 1992
Brief biography included with each notice of death

[Article 91:2] Educational Program 1992. — Summer 1992
Abstracts and summaries of the total educational program and of the individual sessions held during this Centennial celebrtion of the SON.

[Article 91:2] Graduation Speech -- July 2, 1992. — Summer 1992
Creator: Oberdorf, Veronica Ann
Graduation speech by one of graduates of first Accelerated Class. Includes mention of many of her classmates.

[Article 91:2] Homecoming '92 -- Photographs. — Summer 1992
All photographs with identification of individuals. Also includes Proclamation from Governor Schaeffer and Proclamation from Mayor Schmoke honoring Centennial celebration of SON.

[Article 91:2] I Remember. — Summer 1992
Creator: Gillespie, Helen Esther
First experiences of graduate of 1922 as a student just entering and being "inspected" in new PINK uniform.

[Article 91:2] Minutes of the 1992 Annual Meeting. — Summer 1992
Proceedings of the Annual Homecoming JHNAA business meeting including reports of president, all standing and special committees, and Dean Gray for JHUSON.

[Article 91:2] School of Nursing Graduation. — Summer 1992
Graduations of the traditional class in May 1992 and the accelerated baccalaureate class later. Article accompanied by group photos of each class, also a photo of several graduates.