Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 92] Vigilando (1993). — 1993

[Serial Volume 92:1] Vigilando (Winter, 1993). — 1993, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 92:1] 1993 Homecoming. — Winter 1993
Schedule, Reunion leaders, and summary of educational program for JHNAA Homecoming June 11 and 12, 1993

[Article 92:1] A Glimpse of the Future Hopkins. — Winter 1993
Diagram of future medical campus plus article and plans for new cancer care facility.
Article from DOME, December '92

[Article 92:1] Annual Holiday Party. — Winter 1993
JHNAA annual party to thank volunteers and student officers. Includes three (3) photographs.

[Article 92:1] Class News. — Winter 1993

[Article 92:1] Cuthbert-Farr House Dedication. — Winter 1993
Dedication of newly renovated home of Center for Nursing Research donated by two nursing alumni.. Consists on brief commentary plus five (5) photos of the occasion.

[Article 92:1] Deaths. — Winter 1993

[Article 92:1] Don't Fence Me In. — Winter 1993
Autobiography of Maude Magill Bagwell is published and offered for purchase by her publisher. There is a brief review of the book with praise for the deceased author from her publisher and from her husband.

[Article 92:1] Kudos -- (Honor to Alumna). — Winter 1993
Alumna Sally Sample, 1954, appointed to Board of Commissioners of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
reprinted from The American Nurse, Dec. 1992 by Joan Mechan

[Article 92:1] Marriages. — Winter 1993

[Article 92:1] Past Presidents' Meeting. — Winter 1993
Photographs of meeting to explore ways that past presidents of JHNAA can serve as better resources for SON.

[Article 92:1] Rev. Clyde Shallenberger to Retire. — Winter 1993
Brief announcement of retirement on June 1, 1993 of Reverend Shallenberger.
Accompanied by photograph of Rev. Shallenberger

[Article 92:1] Student Community Outreach Internship Program. — Winter 1993
Beginning of volunteer community projects for student participation, initiated by JH Alumni Council

[Article 92:1] The Holidays at Hopkins. — Winter 1993
One (1) page of photos of scenes showing preparation for Christmas at SON. Photos include identification of students in photos.

[Article 92:1] The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council. — Winter 1993
Summary of Annual Meeting of JHU Alumni Council that included nine (9) nursing members. Four (4) photographs incuded.

[Article 92:1] The President's Corner. — Winter 1993
Creator: Immelt, Susan Carroll
Present and future activities being done or planned for the year by JHNAA. Includes evaluation of education grants, development of relationship with Rutland Center (transitional housing for young families), plans to establish a student services fund to encourage extra-curricular activities, plans for Homecoming.

[Article 92:1] The Role of Nursing in the New Administration. — Winter 1993
Endorsement by President Clinton of ANA's "Nursing's Agenda for Health Care Reform with subsequent meaning for health care in the United States and elevation of nurses to principal providers of care. Article includes views and evaluations of several nurses.

[Serial Volume 92:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1993). — 1993, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 92:2] Alumni Luncheon in Texas. — Summer 1993
Account of the Alumni Luncheon held in Dallas, TX for all Texas alumni. Information also is given about each of the attendees.
Three (3) photographs accompany the article.

[Article 92:2] Class News. — Summer 1993

[Article 92:2] Colorado Alumni Meet for Tea. — Summer 1993
Account of the tea organized in Colorado for alumni of that area. Includes information about each participant.
Two photographs accompany the article.

[Article 92:2] Deaths. — Summer 1993

[Article 92:2] Editorials. — Summer 1993
(1) Carol Gray to step down as Dean of JHUSON
(2) Mission of the Editorial Committee of JHNAA.

[Article 92:2] Graduate Students Sponsor Lecture by Dr. Joellen Hawkins. — Summer 1993
Creator: Tolman-Jager, Annemarie
Topic was the work involved in establishing Nurse Managed Clinics and Wellness Centers with their impact on health.

[Article 92:2] Highlights of 1993 Education Program. — Summer 1993
Creator: Lorenz, Joan Monchak
Summary of the program attended by over 200 nurses.
Dining activities of several of the reunion classes.

[Article 92:2] Homecoming 1993. — Summer 1993
Six (6) pages of photos from Homecoming, including Annual Meeting, Class of 1948 Brunch, Tea with Dean Gray, tour of Houck Building, Continental Breakfast, Educational Program, annual banquet.

[Article 92:2] Hopkins Launches Combined Nursing/Public Health Program. — Summer 1993
Announcement of joint educational project between School of Nursing and School of Hygiene and Public Health. Degree granted will be MSN/MPH.

[Article 92:2] Hurricane Andrew. — Summer 1993
Creator: de Ogburn, Charlotte M.
Detailed description by JHHSON alumna during Hurricane Andrew of being in her house that was right in the center of the eye of the storm.

[Article 92:2] I Remember.... — Summer 1993
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Memories of 1950 graduate of her own graduation: the decision about the weather, the excuses for a late member of the class, the pregnant classmate, Miss Wolf's greeting at the reception line.

[Article 92:2] Kudos. — Summer 1993
Sue Appling receives Excellence in Teaching award
Carol Gray named Outstanding Educator of the Year

[Article 92:2] Marriages. — Summer 1993

[Article 92:2] Minutes of 1993 Annual Meeting. — Summer 1993
Creator: Wilcox, Patti
Proceedings of annual JHNAA Homecoming business meeting including report of SON, president's report, reports of treasurer and committees, election of Rev. Shallenberger as Honorary Member of JHNAA.

[Article 92:2] Nurses Week Celebration at the White House. — Summer 1993
JHUSON had three representatives attending President Clinton's gathering of nurses from all over the country. Photo included of President Clinton, Dean Gray, Jeffery Baldwin (Sr. Class President)

[Article 92:2] Outreach Program. — Summer 1993
Account of the specific uses the money donated by the Alumni Board was put for first aid kits for children in the Hopkins neighborhood.
Two photos accompany the brief article.

[Article 92:2] Reverend Shallenberger named Honorary Alumnus. — Summer 1993
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Includes content of nominating speech by Sue Appling plus section of Thank You letter from Reverend Shallenberger, also invocation given by Reverend Shallenberger at annual banquet.
Also includes photo of the Reverend and Sue Appling.

[Article 92:2] School of Nursing 1993 Graduation. — Summer 1993
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Account of the graduation, including the messages of various participants plus the commencement address by Sharon Krum, PhD, RN. Also includes a page of photos taken at the reception for the graduating students.

[Article 92:2] Student Community Service Internship Program. — Summer 1993
Brief announcement that two senior nursing students receive JHU Alumni Council funding for summer work at Rutland Transitional Housing Center and Maternity Center East. (See other brief article on the use of these donated funds.)

[Article 92:2] Symbols of Our Heritage. — Summer 1993
Explanation of origins and significance of JHHSON graduate cap, JHNAA alumni pin, JHU school pin.

[Serial Volume 92:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1993/1994). — 1993-1994, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 92:3] Class News. — Winter 1993 (1994)

[Article 92:3] Dean's Search Begins. — Winter 1993 (1994)
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Search is on for successor to Carol Gray as head of the School of Nursing.

[Article 92:3] Deaths. — Winter 1993/1994

[Article 92:3] Editorial. — Winter 1993/1994
Introduction to the issue recognizing the accomplishments of some of today's Hopkins nursing graduates.

[Article 92:3] From The School. — Winter 1993/1994
Admissions Update, Inauguration of Master's Program in School, change of plans to tear down Phipps Clinic to build new cancer center.

[Article 92:3] Interview -- Dean Carol Gray. — Winter 1993/1994
Interview with Dean Gray on the occasion of her leaving after 10 years of establishing and leading the university school of nursing.

[Article 92:3] Marriages. — Winter 1993/1994

[Article 92:3] Maryann Fralic New V.P. for JHH Nursing. — Winter 1993/1994

[Article 92:3] Nurses on the Cutting Edge. — Winter 1993/1994
Series of articles and reflections on unusual careers of some JHHSON or JHUSON alumni and students about choices made in nursing.