Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 93] Vigilando (1994). — 1994

[Serial Volume 93:1] Vigilando (Spring, 1994). — 1994, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 93:1] Anna D. Wolf: A Tragic Figure or a Heroic One. — Spring 1994
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
Miss Wolf, her personality, career and frustrations with the dream of a collegiate school of nursing here at Hopkins.

[Article 93:1] Class News. — Spring 1994

[Article 93:1] Deaths. — Spring 1994

[Article 93:1] Doctoral Program: Ph.D. in Nursing. — Spring 1994
Description of doctoral program at JHUSON stating goal and two areas of study: Nursing Care in Health and Illness and Nursing Care Delivery and Policy.

[Article 93:1] Editorial. — Spring 1994
The Evolution of attending Homecoming each year from a responsibility to a "just plain" pleasure.

[Article 93:1] Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. — Spring 1994
As part of her orientation, a young nurse accompanies a Home Health Nurse for a day.

[Article 93:1] Focus on New Faculty: A Profile of Jacquelyn C. Campbell. — Spring 1994
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
Jacqueline C. Campbell is appointed the first faculty member to occupy endowed chair named for Anna D. Wolf.Article also includes the professional biography of Dr. Campbell.

[Article 93:1] I Remember.... — Spring 1994
Memory by former student of Miss Wolf's unhappiness at use of word "dedicated" with nurses.

[Article 93:1] Letters. — Spring 1994
Three letters to editor: two of congratulations for previous issue, one pointing out unhappiness with omission of Miss Lawler in editorial of last issue.

[Article 93:1] Nightingala: And Evening to Celebrate Nursing. — Spring 1994
First annual Nightingala held at JHH Homewood campus to increase awareness of nursing in Baltimore and to recognize its importance in the corporate community. Simultaneous holding of Nightingala in Greenwich, Connecticut for same purposes. Article accompanied by seven (7) photographs.

[Article 93:1] Nursing Research at Hopkins. — Spring 1994
Creator: Sanborn, Allie M.
Development of nursing research at Hopkins from its meager beginnings in 1960's to present greater activity.
Attention is paid to the contributions of Sarah Allison (60's) and Martha Hill (current)
Five photographs accompany the article

[Article 93:1] Proposed By-Laws Change, JHNAA. — Spring 1994
Proposed changes to be voted on at next Annual Meeting June 18, 1994.

[Article 93:1] Reunion Giving to the School of Nursing. — Spring 1994
Some past amounts of giving to SON by reunion classes at Homecoming plus some other kinds of donations.

[Article 93:1] Vigilando Goes to School. — Spring 1994
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Vigilando editor reports on her experience attending a morning class in the new Doctoral Program.

[Serial Volume 93:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1994). — 1994, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 93:2] 1994 School of Nursing Graduation. — Summer 1994
Very brief summary of graduation with six (6) photos of graduation May 26, 1994 and of the lunch for graduating students with three (3) photos.

[Article 93:2] Annual Meeting. — Summer 1994
Detailed summary of 102nd Annual Homecoming businesss meeting with message from president and reports of all committees.

[Article 93:2] Class News. — Summer 1994

[Article 93:2] Dean Gray Meets with Lucille Petry Leone. — Summer 1994
Brief article about the meeting of Dean Gray with Lucille Petry Leone
One photograph of Mrs. Leone and Dean Gray together

[Article 93:2] Dean Gray's Testimonial Dinner. — Summer 1994
Photographs of the invitation to the dinner, the achievements of the School of Nursing under Dean Gray, and a card giving some of her many accomplishments.
A photograph of Dr. Gray also is on the page.

[Article 93:2] Dean Shiber Named Honorary Alumna. — Summer 1994
Very brief announcement of the election as honorary alumna of Dean Stella Shiber

[Article 93:2] Deaths. — Summer 1994

[Article 93:2] Editorial. — Summer 1994
Creator: Scherer, Frances Schlosser
Memories of student days from student days and the subservience of the nurse ending with the current professional independence and collegiality with physicians.

[Article 93:2] Education Program (Homecoming). — Summer 1994
Sumaries/descriptions of Innovations in Practice: New Options and Alternatives. Includes main speakers and breakout sesions. Also includes six (6) photographs.

[Article 93:2] Homecoming Photographs. — Summer 1994
Homecoming photographs from the educational program, the banquet, the breakfast and the Annual Meeting. Most photos include identification of the subjects.

[Article 93:2] Honoring the Past by Honoring the Present: Commencement Award Honors Joan Sutton '63. — Summer 1994
Joan D. Sutton Award, established to honor a student for exceptional care and interdisciplinary practice, awarded to new graduate. Includes a brief biography of both Sutton and awardee, Nancy Glass.

[Article 93:2] JHU Alumni Association Teaching Awards. — Summer 1994
Announcement of JHU Nursing teaching awards given to two (2) professors of Nursing-- Jerilyn Allen and Arlene Butz

[Article 93:2] Letters. — Summer 1994
Two letters about expanding membership in JHNAA to graduates of other JHU programs in nursing.

[Article 93:2] Memories of a Hopkins Nurse. — Summer 1994
Creator: Gravatt, Nancy Wayland McClung
The path to nursing for an older alumna and her nursing education at JHHSON back in 1918.

[Article 93:2] New Dean Named for School of Nursing. — Summer 1994
Brief annoncement of appointment of Sue Donaldson as new Dean of the JHU School of Nursing.

[Article 93:2] Outreach Projects. — Summer 1994
Community Health Program to which JHNAA has made a financial contribution.
Includes three photos

[Serial Volume 93:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1994). — 1994, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 93:3] A Trio of Advanced Practice Students. — Winter 1994
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Three (3) advanced practice nursing students give their reasons for their decision to pursue higher levels and their perspectives on the role of current nursing needs and activities.

[Article 93:3] Alumni Career Network. — Winter 1994
Appeal for alumni volunteers living out of Maryland as resources for students and new granduates.

[Article 93:3] Case Management and Nursing at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Winter 1994
Creator: Strassner, Larry
Role and qualifications of the "new" case manager in assuring good health care to patients.

[Article 93:3] Class News. — Winter 1994

[Article 93:3] Deaths. — Winter 1994

[Article 93:3] Development News Elise Riggs Peters '40, Finds Creative Ways to Give. — Winter 19994
Sseveral different was an alumna donated to the School of Nursing that also had benefits for her.

[Article 93:3] Editorial. — Winter 1994
Introduction to theme of Vigilando issue Winter 1994 giving several illustrations in differences in what a nurse could do before 1960 and responsibilities/role currently.

[Article 93:3] Marriages. — Winter 1994

[Article 93:3] Moving to a New Era: An Interview with MaryAnn Fralic. — Winter 1994
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
Interview with the V.P. of Nursing at Hopkins Hospital giving her educational and professional backrounds and her overall expectation and plans for the future.

[Article 93:3] New Horizons for Nurses. — Winter 1994
Creator: Scherer, Frances Schlosser
Changes in nursing over the years, emphasizing continuing characteristics of good nursing as caring, curiosity, creativity, courage.

[Article 93:3] One Student's Perspective. — Winter 1994
Creator: Liszewski, Valerie A.
Some of the changes in nursing in its role and responsibilities of today, the effect nurses can have on patients' lives, and -- in general -- nursing beyond the "traditional" role.
Advanced practice in nursing and the role of the present schools of nursing.

[Article 93:3] Opening the Windows of Hope. — Winter 1994
Creator: Eanes, Beverly E.
First in a series of articles for Vigilando written by the author on Characteristics of a Nurse. In this article, the author cites fostering realistic hope for both patient and self.
Fostering hope.

[Article 93:3] Teaching for Tomorrow. — Winter 1994
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
New and advanced practice programs developed by the JHUSON
Includes photographs of Jacqueline Dienemann and Fannie Gaston-Johansson