Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 94] Vigilando (1995). — 1995

[Serial Volume 94:1] Vigilando (Spring, 1995). — 1995, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 94:1] Class News. — Spring 1995

[Article 94:1] Deaths. — Spring 1995

[Article 94:1] Editorial. — Spring 1995
New magazine cover; new columns by Dean of JHUSON and by V.P. Nursing JHH; introduction to other contents of issue.

[Article 94:1] Endowing the Legacy. — Spring 1995
Descriptions of the endowed chairs and scholarship funds in place at JHUSON. Includes full page phot of Isabel Davidson Gamble

[Article 94:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 1994
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
News of and from the School: the review by the NLN, the various programs now offered, the joint effort between the School and the hospital Department of Nursing in establishing the educational Institute for JH Nursing.

[Article 94:1] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Spring 1995
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
Latest events in nursing in JHH: clinical care, research, level of nursing productivity in several areas.

[Article 94:1] Homecoming 1995. — Spring 1995
Plans and program for Homecoming June 9 and 10, 1995

[Article 94:1] Interview: Dean Stella Shiber. — Spring 1995
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
Interview covering the history of Dr. Shiber in the various jobs held with JH Nursing and the School. It also covers her professional biography with her concentration on the several novel programs initiated and carried out by the students.

[Article 94:1] Mary France Keen '70 Elected Vice President. — Spring 1995
Announcement of the election of Mary Frances Keen '70 as Vice-president of the JH University Alumni Concil.

[Article 94:1] Paula Einaudi Named New Development Director for Nursing. — Spring 1995
Announcement of new appointment to position. Einaudi states primary goal to be raising funds for new SON building.

[Article 94:1] Symbols of Our Heritage. — Spring 1995
Significance of JHNAA Maltese Cross pin, JHUSON pin from JHU, graduate cap.

[Article 94:1] Trip to Hawaii. — Spring 1995
Photo and brief description of gathering in Honolulu of JHSON alumni with Melinda Rose.

[Article 94:1] Wonder and the Nursing Spirit. — Spring 1995
Creator: Eanes, Beverly E.
The wonder involved in healing -- both physical and emotional.

[Serial Volume 94:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1995). — 1995, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 94:2] Alumni Activities Class Agents Meeting; West Coast Connection; Graduate Program Honored. — Summer 1995
Brief citations of alumni activities in Baltimore and in other areas in the country. Several photos accompany article.

[Article 94:2] Annual Meeting June 10, 1995. — Summer 1995
Proceedings of the Annual Business meeting JHNAA with reports of Dean of the SON, president of JHNAA, all committee chairmen; new business about By-laws. Article accompanied by seven (7) photos.

[Article 94:2] Class News. — Summer 1995

[Article 94:2] Deaths. — Summer 1995

[Article 94:2] Editorial. — Summer 1995
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Memories of student days from members of Class of 1950.
In Memoriam to Esther Jacoby Class of 1930.

[Article 94:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 1995
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
All Hopkins nurses have two things in common: love of nursing and love of Hopkins; honorary degree from JHU to Lucile Petry Leone; activities and honors at the annual JHNAA annual banquet; additions to JHUSON curriculum.

[Article 94:2] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Summer 1995
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
New nursing models in JHH to give affordable and quality care. Cited are Oncology Inpatient-Outpatient (IPOP) model and the redesign of Wilmer into Wilmer Nursing and Trauma Center.

[Article 94:2] Graduation Ceremony 1995. — Summer 1995
Creator: Liszewski, Valerie A.
Report of the different parts and activities of graduation. Besides the actual graduation there was the tribute and honorary degree award to Lucile Petry Leone '27. Special attention was given to the graduation speech of Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, along with a professional biography of her.

[Article 94:2] Gram, Did You Always Want to be a Nurse?. — Summer 1995
Creator: Petrick, Margaret Krebs
The steps in making the decision to become a nurse as expressed by one Hopkins alumna.
Excerpt from book by Margaret Krebs Petrick '46
Excerpt from book Put Asunder and Back Together Again by Margaret Krebs Petrick '46

[Article 94:2] Janet Stulz Pile '38, Creates Legacies for Nursing Students. — Summer 1995
Brief account of establishment of two funds for students at JHUSON by one alumna, Janet Stulz Pile,'38.

[Article 94:2] Marriages. — Summer 1995

[Article 94:2] Pinning Ceremony 1995. — Summer 1995
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Pinning ceremonies of May 1995 and July 1995 graduating classes JHUSON. Includes some excerpts of comments made by students on selections of individuals to give each his/her pin.

[Serial Volume 94:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1995). — 1995, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 94:3] 1996 Homecoming June 7 & 8 1996. — Winter 1995
Announcement of Homecoming, JHNAA class representatives for reunion classes, activities schedule for the weekend.

[Article 94:3] A Christmas Story. — Winter 1995
Creator: O'Connor, Kathryn Holman (Peg)
A message of hope brought to two young nurses on a Christmas eve at JHH in 1944 during World War II. Includes also very brief "Christmas in the Hospital" from JHNAA magazine 1905 and a poem entitled Christmas Gift.

[Article 94:3] Across the Street from the Dome. — Winter 1995
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
The new (1992) JH Outpatient Center and how it works to provide an "ideal patient experience." Includes a photo account of fictional visit by Editor to Same-Day Surgery. Also includes interviews with several managerial staff nurses.
Other photographs of some of the staff are in the article as well.

[Article 94:3] Alumni Activities Preparing to Catch a Glimpse of the Pope; Mary Sexton '42. — Winter 1995
Two students represent the LIthuanian community for visit to Baltimore of Pope John Paul II. One phot included.
Mary Sexton '42 honored in Michigan. Photo of Mary Sexton included
Student-Donor lunch held to enable students to meet donors of their scholarships to SON. Photos included.

[Article 94:3] Beyond Merely Wishing to Help. — Winter 1995
Creator: Eanes, Beverly E.
Another in the series of characteristics of the good nurse: the spirit of compassion with its companion of "action."

[Article 94:3] Class News. — Winter 1995

[Article 94:3] Deaths. — Winter 1995

[Article 94:3] Editorial: The Alumni Council and You. — Winter 1995
Creator: Keen, Mary Frances (Fran)
Explanation of work of the JHU Alumni Council in relation of JHNAA, JHNAA representation on Council.
Appeal for "Host Families" for students at either the JHU or JHUSON.

[Article 94:3] Experience in Nicaragua: Chapter One. — Winter 1995
Creator: Picone, Meghan Christopher
Experiences of a recent alumna whose job is to "train the trainers" under much less than good conditions in Nicaragua; the problems she encountered and the work to eliminate or ease those problems; prospects -- good and bad -- for the future.

[Article 94:3] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 1995
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Plans for new JHUSON building, appreciation for several gifts from individuals and from JHU, citing need for aditional space in order to increase faculty and size of student body.

[Article 94:3] From the Vice-President of Nursing. — Winter 1995
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
Announcement of new Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing created by JHH Department of Nursing and JHUSON to share responsibliity for new educational programs for continuing education.

[Article 94:3] Hopkins Initiates Dual Graduate Degree in Nursing/Business. — Winter 1995
Joining of JHUSON and JHU School of Continuing Studies to give program to prepare nurses to "manage nursing services and integrated health services successfully."

[Article 94:3] Lucille Wright, '45, Gives to Repay a Debt. — Winter 1995
JHHSON alumna "repays" favors by earlier JHUSON alumnae in helping get advanced degree at Cornell after graduation by setting up a charitable gift annuity to the JHUSON. (Includes photograph of donor)

[Article 94:3] Redsigning the Continuum of Care. — Winter 1995
Health Care has become the "business" of health care. Two nurse managers write of ways to incorporate VALUE with QUALITY of care, using the Oncology division's Inpatient/Outpatient Care Continuum (IPOP).
One (1) full-page photograph of nurses with oncology patient
Authors: Gina Szymanski and Jane Shivnan

[Article 94:3] Research and Music: An Interview with Sue K. Donaldson. — Winter 1995
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
The dean of the JHUSON speaks of her personal interests, her professional interest in physiology as her field of research, the plans for the building for the JHUSON, and the newly established cooperative educational venture with the Institute for JH Nursing.