Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 95] Vigilando (1996). — 1996

[Serial Volume 95:1] Vigilando (Spring, 1996). — 1996, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 95:1] "Because of the Respect You Showed Us". — Spring 1996
Creator: D'Lugoff, Marion
Development and activities of Community Health Program at JHUSON; its effect on the community.

[Article 95:1] An Interview with Fannie Gaston-Johanssson. — Spring 1996
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
Professor Gaston-Johansson's graduate life in Sweden, her return to the States and her professional and personal journey until getting to Hopkins School of Nursing.
Her interest in international nursing, culture along with her international consulting responsibilities.

[Article 95:1] Class News. — Spring 1996

[Article 95:1] Deaths. — Spring 1996

[Article 95:1] Editorial: "In Transition". — Spring 1996
Creator: Wilcox, Patti
Changes and potential changes at JHU, JHH, JHNAA, and nursing and nursing education.

[Article 95:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 1996
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
The problems of a big city like Baltimore and how the school is meeting them.
Recognition of the "stellar" work of the faculty members of the SON.

[Article 95:1] From the Vice-President for Nursing. — Spring 1996
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
Legacy of leadership from early Hopkins nurses to the contemporary nurse leaders at Hopkins.

[Article 95:1] Holiday Party. — Spring 1996
JHNAA Holiday Party for alumni and students; includes four (4) photos.

[Article 95:1] Homecoming 1996 Preview. — Spring 1996
Educational Program, other events/meetings planned for Homecoming June 7 and 8, 1996.

[Article 95:1] Letters to the Editor. — Spring 1996
Comments by seven alumni on previous issue of Vigilando

[Article 95:1] Life Before Nursing. — Spring 1996
Creator: Wirth, Leslie Ann
Previous careers, jobs of four (4) current students at JHUSON as representative of the diversity in student body.

[Article 95:1] Nurse Legislators Present at Doris Armstrong Leadership Forum. — Spring 1996
Creator: Appling, Susan Elizabeth
Activities and participants at first annual Leadership Forum for JH nurses -- includes group photo.

[Article 95:1] Profile: Maravene Deveney Hamburger '37 Supports Nursing's Future. — Spring 1996
Relationship of Maravene Deveney Hamburger to SON, her donations that support scholarship at the School

[Article 95:1] Rainbow Foundation. — Spring 1996
Creator: Pipkin, Kate
Profiles of six (6) graduate students at JHUSON receiving scholarships from foundation established by a SON alumna for the pursuit of master's degrees in nursing.
One photo accompanies article.

[Serial Volume 95:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1996). — 1996, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 95:2] 1996 Homecoming Weekend. — Summer 1996
Creator: Wirth, Leslie Ann
Summary of weekend activities including groundbreaking for new building, Annual Banquet, continental breakkfast befor annual meeting. Includes six (6) photographs.

[Article 95:2] 1996 JHUSON Graduation. — Summer 1996
Creator: Hegarty, Mary Kate
Brief summary of graduation May 20, 1996 from one of the members of that class. Includes five (5) photographs

[Article 95:2] An Interview with Sue Culp. — Summer 1996
Creator: Weston, Jerry L. Newman
Description of job as "nurse manager" of Neonatal I.C.U. including changes in technologies.
Includes a photograph of the interviewee

[Article 95:2] Annual Meeting June 8, 1996. — Summer 1996
Minutes and proceedings of the Annual Meeting at Homecoming with reports by president and treasurer as well as of all standing and special committees.

[Article 95:2] Class News. — Summer 1996

[Article 95:2] Deaths. — Summer 1996

[Article 95:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 1996
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Groundbreaking for new SON building 6/6/96; contents of "time capsule", prominent nursing leaders at JHSON of past

[Article 95:2] From the Vice-President of Nursing. — Summer 1996
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
Role of Case Managers at JHH, begun in 1993.

[Article 95:2] In Memoriam: Betty Nelle Barefoot Lindstrom. — Summer 1996
Creator: Huddleson, Irene
Attributes and accomplishments in life of Betty Lindstrom as recalled by a classmate at time of what would have been her 50th reunion.

[Article 95:2] Letters to the Editor. — Summer 1996
Comments from readers on previous issue of Vigilando

[Article 95:2] Marriages. — Summer 1996

[Article 95:2] Nurse, Teacher, Alumna Extraordinaire: Betty Cuthbert '43. — Summer 1996
Creator: Davis, Ada, 1929-2009
Biographical study of Betty Cuthbert from college experience, through student nurse days, to career as instructor in Phipps and in U.S.Army, and many contributions as an active nurse alumna.

[Article 95:2] The Class of 1946 Breaks the Record. — Summer 1996
Donation to School of Nursing by Class of 1946 surpasses previous record by Class of 1945 the previous year.

[Article 95:2] The Living Legacy of Betsy Boggs '51. — Summer 1996
After receiving full scholarship as a student, alumna establishes a scholarship in honor of her 45the reunion.

[Serial Volume 95:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1996). — 1996, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 95:3] Alumni News -- Stepping Stones. — Winter 1996
Comment on photo appearing in another publication of an alumna with five (5) clients in a shelter providing emergency housing to the homeless.

[Article 95:3] Alumni News -- Stepping Stones. — Winter 1996
Comment on photo appearing in another publication of an alumna with five (5) clients in a shelter providing emergency housing to the homeless.

[Article 95:3] Another Hopkins Nurse Innovator. — Winter 1996
Sidebar about alumna Elizabeth Phillips, '27, who began the Meals on Wheels service in 1958.

[Article 95:3] Back To School Mixer. — Winter 1996
Photos of JHNAA-sponsored Back-to-School Mixer for students after summer vacation.
"Mixer" held by Senior Class with financial support of JHNAA

[Article 95:3] Class News. — Winter 1996
1996 nurse Joan Straka cannot be found in the Directory.
1987 graduate Karen Carcerano cannot be found in the Directory.

[Article 95:3] Deaths. — Winter 1996

[Article 95:3] Editorial. — Winter 1996
Creator: Wilcox, Patti
Plans for next year for JHNAA relating to finance, membership, Vigilando, greater connection with students.

[Article 95:3] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 1996
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Diversity and international relationships of JHUSON, its students and its faculty; need to "try new things."

[Article 95:3] From the Vice President of Nursing. — Winter 1996
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
The new JHH Patient Care Delivery Model with its characteristics.

[Article 95:3] Good Neighbor Alums. — Winter 1996
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Two examples of the help given by nursing alumnae to another alumna in need.

[Article 95:3] How Things Have Changed: Nursing Students Through the Ages. — Winter 1996
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Cayward, Kathleen Ann Downs ;  Cayward, Heather
Three artcles from JHSON alumni showing changes in responsibilities and roles of student nurses over the years. Written by members of classes of 1905, 1961, 1996.

[Article 95:3] Joy, the Dancing Spirit of Love Surrounding You. — Winter 1996
Brief description of a new book written by Beverly Eanes, 1962, a member of the Editorial Committee.

[Article 95:3] Landmark Presidency -- Mary Frances Keen. — Winter 1996
Creator: Wirth, Leslie Ann
Brief biographical sketch of M. F. Keen as first nurse to head JHU Alumni Association, accompanied by photographs of the reception in her honor.
Article accompanied by six (6) photographs taken at the reception in her honor

[Article 95:3] Legacy of Giving Planning for the Future. — Winter 1996
A gift annuity from an alumna helps the school and helps herself.

[Article 95:3] Letters to the Editor. — Winter 1996
Comments from readers on previous issues of Vigilando

[Article 95:3] Marriages. — Winter 1996

[Article 95:3] Nursing Students: Essential Team Members in our Re-engineered Patient Care Unit. — Winter 1996
Wilmer's new unit combines outpatient, inpatient, and emergency care for eye patients. The need for change was due to the increasing number of outpatient eye treatments.

[Article 95:3] Our Heritage is Our Future. — Winter 1996
Creator: Donaho, Barbara Russell
Keynote address given by 1956 graduate of JHSON during the seminar during Homecoming 1996.
Discusses the history of the Hopkins School of Nursing, its previous nursing leaders, called "Tranformational Leaders.
The present Hopkins nurses and their faithfulness to the traditions and carving the future.

[Article 95:3] Students Speak Out. — Winter 1996
Creator: Hardy, Marlo
The first year of nursing education at JHUSON as described by a current student.
Side Bar gives information that author of the article has received a fellowship to a conference on Cancer Nursing.

[Article 95:3] The Growing Dream. — Winter 1996
Three (3) aerial photographs of progress in building the new SON building