Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 97] Vigilando (1998). — 1998

[Serial Volume 97:1] Vigilando (Spring, 1998). — 1998, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 97:1] About Sissie (Ethel) McCardel Hohman '43. — Spring 1998
Creator: Schoonover, Lillian B.
Poem written by Mrs. Hohman for 20th year reunion in 1963. Submitted by classmate on occasion of the death of Mrs. Hohman in 1997.

[Article 97:1] Alumni Activities. — Spring 1998
California receptions for alumni and prospective nursing students (with photographs)
Monthly coffee and bagel sessions sponsored by JHNAA for students at JHUSON

[Article 97:1] Barbara Thomas Yinger '58. — Spring 1998
Gift to JHUSON by alumna, accompanied by a brief biography of the alumna.
Two photographs: one as a student nurse, the other is recent.

[Article 97:1] Class News. — Spring 1998
Listed in the Class of 1993Accelerated is Christi Zohlen, whose name cannot be located in any listing.'''''

[Article 97:1] Deaths. — Spring 1998
Also listed is Evelyn Newberry Moore, 1955, whose name canot be found in the records.

[Article 97:1] Editorials 1. Ethics in Nursing. 2. Some Thoughts on Wilmer. — Spring 1998
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein ;  Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Brief introduction to lead article in this issue on Nursing Ethics.
Comments on article citing changes in Wilmer Eye department.

[Article 97:1] Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing. — Spring 1998
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Round Table discussion about past and present ethical dilemmas in nursing and where we might go for help in resolving these dilemmas.

[Article 97:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 1998
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
New programs introduced in the School of Nursing --both undergraduate and graduate -- to prepare students for "new" areas of nursing.

[Article 97:1] From the Vice-President of Nursing. — Spring 1998
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
The "shortage" of qualified nurses: fewer applicants, need for more specialized knowledge, new fields where nurses are needed, the aging of the RN population.

[Article 97:1] Homecoming 1998 June 12 and 13. — Spring 1998
Calendar, preview of, and plans for upcoming Homecoming of JHNAA.

[Article 97:1] In Memoriam: Jerry Newman Weston. — Spring 1998
Creator: Brown, Bobbie J.
Tribute to classmate on recent death

[Article 97:1] In Memory of Betty Liggett Cuthbert. — Spring 1998
Brief biographical sketch of Betty Liggett Cuthbert and her long role in the JHNAA and JH Hospital and School of Nursing.

[Article 97:1] Letters to the Editor. — Spring 1998
Comments and reactions of three alumni to previous issue of Vigilando.

[Article 97:1] Marriages. — Spring 1998

[Article 97:1] New Building Update We're There!. — Spring 1998
Six (6) photographs showing different views of new School of Nursing building as students and faculty move in.

[Article 97:1] Nursing in Wilmer Across the Years. — Spring 1998
Creator: Seaman, Florence Watson
Thorough description in changes in Wilmer Ophthalmological Clinic through the years to keep pace with changes in ophthalmological care. Patients have much shorter stays, some conditions now remedied in Out-patient, same-day surgery. Article written by alumna whose first experiences were as a student and later ones as supervisor-instructor.
Several photos of the old units and the new ones included.

[Article 97:1] Student Activities. — Spring 1998
School of Nursing's SGA funded by JHU Alumni Council for a student mixer for Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Hygiene. Five (5) photographs included.

[Serial Volume 97:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1998). — 1998, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 97:2] Class News. — Summer 1998

[Article 97:2] Deaths. — Summer 1998

[Article 97:2] Editorials. — Summer 1998
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Summary of Homecoming 1998 with opening of new school building
Thanks to retiring JHNAA president

[Article 97:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 1998
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Class of 1998 as first class to graduate from new JHUSON building
Dedication of new JHUSON building

[Article 97:2] From the Vice-President for Nursing. — Summer 1998
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Dual focus of managed care: quality of patient care and cost consciousness. Concept of economics now driving patient care.

[Article 97:2] Homecoming 1998. — Summer 1998
Dedication of the School
Words of Thanks from Anne Pinkard
Adelaide Nutting Returns
Three (3) pages photographs from Homecoming events
Annual Meeting minutes and activities
Memorial Service
Graduation 1998

[Article 97:2] Letters to the Editor. — Summer 1998
Letters from alumni readers with comments/complaints about previous issue of Vigilando.

[Article 97:2] Marriages. — Summer 1998

[Article 97:2] Student Activities. — Summer 1998
One (1) page of photographs showing students from Class of 1999 beginning their study in the JHUSON.

[Serial Volume 97:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1998). — 1998, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 97:3] Alumni Council's Leadership Weekend. — Winter 1998
Activities and participation of JHNAA at annual University Alumni Council's weekend meetings. Brief description and two (2) pages of photographs.

[Article 97:3] Class News. — Winter 1998

[Article 97:3] Deaths. — Winter 1998

[Article 97:3] Editorials. — Winter 1998
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Personal encounters with pancreatic cancer as introduction to lead article of this issue.
New feature in Vigilando to be a continuing series of our Unforgettable Moments in Nursing. Also will include a book review on non-nursing themes.

[Article 97:3] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 1998
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Changes in School of Nursing to meet changing roles of nursing: Genetics, Geriatrics, Family Practice.

[Article 97:3] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Winter 1998
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Reaccreditation of JHH by Joint Commission with review of some of the highlights of their visit relating to patient care.

[Article 97:3] Interview: An Advocate for Nurses, Patients, Health. — Winter 1998
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Interview with Karen Haller, new Vice-President of Nursing at JHH

[Article 97:3] Letters to the Editor. — Winter 1998
Creator: West, Dorothy Goodman ;  Sabin, Linda Emerson ;  Cavagnaro, Louise P., 1920-2010 ;  Maguire, Maureen ;  Losch, Susan
Comments on previous issue of Vigilando by three (3) alumnae
Letters to JHNAA by newly elected Honorary Members.

[Article 97:3] Marriages. — Winter 1998

[Article 97:3] Profile: Lila Featherston '43. — Winter 1998
Brief biography of Lila Featherston, emphasizing student experiences, love of Operating Room during and after graduation, establishment of endowed scholarship at time of her 50th reunion.

[Article 97:3] Student Activities: A New Beginning. — Winter 1998
New class of student nurses is first class to begin their education in the new Nursing School building. Two pages of photographs of new students at various activities.

[Article 97:3] Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer: A Nursing Perspective. — Winter 1998
Creator: Coleman, JoAnn
Types of surgery for pancreatic cancer with the nursing care for each.

[Article 97:3] The Doctoral Program: Creativity and Critical Thinking. — Winter 1998
Creator: Yim-Chiplis, Paula
Synopsis of the Doctoral program at JHUSON

[Article 97:3] Unforgettable Moments in Nursing. — Winter 1998
Creator: Bannon, Adrienne Forbush ;  Eanes, Beverly E.
Introduction to new feature in Vigilando.
A Home Visit to an illiterate discharged patient. (includes poem written by the nurse after the visit)