Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 98] Vigilando (1999). — 1999

[Serial Volume 98:1] Vigilando (Spring, 1999). — 1999, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 98:1] Alumni Activities Happy Holidays at the School of Nursing. Alumni Reception in San Jose. — Spring 1999
Four photographs of holiday party sponsored by JHNAA. Very brief description of Alumni reception in San Jose, CA. Accompanied by photo of group attending.

[Article 98:1] Class News. — Spring 1999

[Article 98:1] Deaths. — Spring 1999

[Article 98:1] Editorials 1. Nursing in the NIneties. 2. Homecoming. — Spring 1999
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick ;  Scher, Betty Borenstein
1. Introduction to round table discussion featured in issue
2. Appeal for attendance at Homecoming 1999

[Article 98:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 1999
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
New faces and new directions of National Council for Johns Hopkins Nursing.

[Article 98:1] From the Vice-President for Nursing. — Spring 1999
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Trends fueling the nursing shortage; efforts at Hopkins to combat situation.

[Article 98:1] Homecoming 1999 June 4 and 5. — Spring 1999
Preview of and information about events at Homecoming June 4 and 5, 1999.

[Article 98:1] In Memoriam. — Spring 1999
In memory of recent SON graduate

[Article 98:1] Like Father, Like Son. — Spring 1999
Creator: Wirth, Leslie Ann
Story of first father-son alumni of the JH Schools of Nursing.

[Article 98:1] Listening to Walter. — Spring 1999
Creator: Barnard, Mildred
An "Unforgettable Moment" told by an alumna of an incident in her student days at JHHSON.

[Article 98:1] Marriages. — Spring 1999

[Article 98:1] Nursing in the Nineties...And Into The Millenium. — Spring 1999
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Round Table discussion of where nurses are located in hospitals and what they are doing.

[Article 98:1] Profile: Madeline Jenkins Rohlfs '40. — Spring 1999
Brief biography of Madeline Jenkins Rohlfs and her contributions to the JHUSON.

[Article 98:1] Virtual Baby. — Spring 1999
Creator: Bechy, Shannon
Description of special program designed to teach young teenagers how hard parenting is. The program was funded by the JHNAA Community Service grant.

[Serial Volume 98:2] Vigilando (Summer, 1999). — 1999, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 98:2] A Stalwart Leader of Hopkins Nursing Dies. — Summer 1999
Creator: Sabin, Linda Emerson
In Memoriam tribute to Margaret Courtney '40

[Article 98:2] Alumni Activities. — Summer 1999
Group photograph of Dean Donaldson and four (4) alumni at Charleston meeting at which Dean spoke about President Brody's Urban Health Initiative. Also single photographs of three members of recent classes who have donated funds to the School.
On page 17 is a group of photographs showing Hopkins student nurses at various fun and service activities.

[Article 98:2] Class News. — Summer 1999
Includes several class photos as well as a photgraph from wedding of Rebecca Brewer July 18, 1998.

[Article 98:2] Congratulations to the Class of 1999 Pinning Ceremony; graduation. — Summer 1999
Pinning ceremony and graduation with six photos of the occasions.

[Article 98:2] Deaths. — Summer 1999

[Article 98:2] Editorial. — Summer 1999
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Personal post-Homecoming 1999 memories. Includes one photo.

[Article 98:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 1999
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Personal review of Homecoming 1999 by Dean of JHUSON; increasing importance of role of ethics in nursing; brief tribute to the new Honorary Members elected to the JHNAA; bonding of older alumni with younger alumni.

[Article 98:2] From the Vice-President for Nursing. — Summer 1999
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
The gallery of portraits through the years of the heads of nursing at Hopkins and the significant acts of many of them, especially citing M. A. Nutting and her experience in having her portrait painted.

[Article 98:2] Homecoming 1999. — Summer 1999
Minutes of Annual Meeting JHNAA; two (2) pages of photographs from different Homecoming activities.

[Article 98:2] In Memoriam: Alberta C. Schmid '40. — Summer 1999
Creator: Rohlfs, Madeline Jenkins
Eulogy written about classmate of author

[Article 98:2] Profile: Gertrude Raab Bengtson '45. — Summer 1999
Brief biography of alumna and her career; comments on her annual giving, culminating in donation of "gift annuity"; explanation of meaning of "gift annuity."

[Article 98:2] Recent Graduates Give Back. — Summer 1999
Brief account plus photographs of three recent JHUSON graduates who contributed to the School's Annual Fund.

[Article 98:2] Some Victory for Mankind The Robb Dinner. — Summer 1999
Creator: Sommer, Marni
One student's journey from the Peace Corps to Hopkins' schools of nursing.

[Article 98:2] Student Activities. — Summer 1999
Five (5) photographs of various student activities: cooking lesson at Community Health Nursing Project, National Sudent Nurses' Association meeting, Senior Class Happy Hour, informal picnic in SON garden, students participating in Race for the Cure in Baltimore.

[Article 98:2] The Past as Future An Interview with Linda E. Sabin '67. — Summer 1999
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Interview with Linda Sabin '67

[Article 98:2] The Student Viewpoint. — Summer 1999
Creator: Piper, Jenepher K.
Speech by graduating Master's student to classmates and faculty.

[Serial Volume 98:3] Vigilando (Winter, 1999). — 1999, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 98:3 ] 1999 Alumni Council's Leadership Weekend. — Winter 1999
Review of activities during JHU Alumni Council's annual weekend with special mention of the School of Nursing's Legacy Luncheon and The Young Alumni Garden Fund. Includes five(5)photographs.

[Article 98:3 ] Alumni News. — Winter 1999
Return to name of Phipps (from Houck Building).
Closing of Church Hospital.
Closing of Haussner's Restaurant.
Call for submission by alumni of research and/or publications.

[Article 98:3 ] Back Then. — Winter 1999
Creator: Reiter, Mary
Memories by 1937 graduate of student nurse days, World War II, teaching, and rest of her career.

[Article 98:3 ] Class News. — Winter 1999

[Article 98:3 ] Deaths. — Winter 1999

[Article 98:3 ] Editorials. — Winter 1999
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Introduction to featured articles in this issue: the first Doctoral graduates, the book review on sleep.

[Article 98:3 ] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 1999
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Four (4) community health sites operated by JHUSON throughout Baltimore

[Article 98:3 ] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Winter 1999
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
The problems brought on by nurse turnover in hospitals and some actions taken to reduce this.

[Article 98:3 ] Marriages. — Winter 1999
Other marriages were listed on page 24, col.3, but these could not be verified by ther recorder.

[Article 98:3 ] Profile: Madelyn J. Tunner '45. — Winter 1999
Memories of alumna and her explanation of why she is donating a gift annuity to JHUSON.

[Article 98:3 ] School Activities 1. Race for the Cure. 2. Receptions. — Winter 1999
Race for the Cure (with three (3) photographs.
Receptions sponsored by JHNAA for alumni across the country.

[Article 98:3 ] School of Nursing's First PhD Recipients. — Winter 1999
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Introduction to PhD program, interviews with first two (2) graduates, with their abstracts.

[Article 98:3 ] the Promise of Sleep. — Winter 1999
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Book review of new book on need for and ways to assure sleep.

[Article 98:3 ] Welcome Party: A New Tradition Begins. — Winter 1999
Brief copy and four (4) photographs of newly established JOINT party by School of Nursing and Nurses' Alumni Association for orientation of students and faculty at new Welcome Party.