Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 100] Vigilando (2001). — 2001

[Serial Volume 100:1] Vigilando (Spring, 2001). — 2001, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 100:1] Alumni/Student Activities 1. Holiday Party 2. Community Outreach. — Spring 2001
Page of six (6) photographs of JHNAA Holiday Party and of student Community Outreach activities

[Article 100:1] Cheryl A. Barto School of Nursing names Associate Dean of Development/ Alumni Relations. — Spring 2001
Profile of newly appointed head of Development of JHUSON and Alumni Relations.

[Article 100:1] Class News. — Spring 2001

[Article 100:1] Deaths. — Spring 2001

[Article 100:1] Editorial -- The Anna D. Wolf Chair. — Spring 2001
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
The Anna D. Wolf Chair in the JHUSON remains incompletely funded. The editorial presents the need to complete the funding for this.

[Article 100:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 2001
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
The current TV special on Nurses produced by Discovery TV channel and filmed at JHH shows many faces of nursing.

[Article 100:1] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Spring 2001
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
The new TV "Nurses" show as landmark documentary showing the many and varied roles of nurses in the care of the ill at JHH.

[Article 100:1] Homecoming 2001. — Spring 2001
Preview of events to be held at the Homecoming 2001 on June, 8, 9, 10.

[Article 100:1] Marriages. — Spring 2001

[Article 100:1] School Activities 1. Scholar/Donor Lunch 2. Career Day. — Spring 2001
Page of six (6) photographs of Scholar/Donor Lunch and Career Day.

[Article 100:1] The World's Greatest Health Disaster HIV/AIDS. — Spring 2001
Creator: Mallinson, R. Kevin
Discussions of HIV/AIDS as a world health disaster, the experiences of an individual JHUSON alumnus, current and future treatments for the disease spectrum.
1. The World Crisis
2. Postcards from Copacabana Beach
3. HIV/AIDS in the New Millenium

[Serial Volume 100:2] Vigilando (Summer, 2001). — 2001, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 100:2] Annual Meeting June 9, 2001. — Summer 2001
Proceedings of the 109th annual business meeting of the JHNAA, including reports of the officers and committee chairmen. Also includes three (3) pages of candid photographs from the different activities during Homecoming.

[Article 100:2] Class News. — Summer 2001

[Article 100:2] Coming Full Circle: An Extraordinary Meeting. — Summer 2001
Creator: Snow, Priscilla Davis
From watching preview of upcoming TV special "On Death and Dying," an alumna recognizes the daughter of a classmate who will be on the program. From there to contacting the daughter to their ultimate meeting.

[Article 100:2] Dean Donaldson: A Fond Farewell. — Summer 2001
Creator: Donaldson, Sue Karen
Dean Donaldson's memories and comments on her years as Dean of the JHUSON. Include the new school building, the development of the School's Research Dept, the contributions of the JHNAA,the rise of the School's national rating, and her plans to return to her own research.
Includes seven (7) photographs of the Dean at different "jobs."

[Article 100:2] Deaths. — Summer 2001

[Article 100:2] Editorials 1. Thoughts of Two Jubilarians 2. Transition. — Summer 2001
Creator: Cantrell, Elizabeth Stehly ;  Lee, Peggie Louise ;  Keenan, Bernard V.
Thoughts of two Jubilarians about recent Homecoming
Welcome to Martha Hill as Interim Dean of JHUSON

[Article 100:2] Excerpts from Graduation. — Summer 2001
Creator: Ventre, Mariah Ann ;  Batts, Marian
Seven (7) photographs from graduation accompanied by brief comments from the presidents of the Accelerated and Graduate Studies classes.

[Article 100:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 2001
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
Hill discusses her role as "Interim" Dean, among which is the maintaining of excellence, identify and assess the nedds of the School needs, her maintenance of her current role in Research.

[Article 100:2] From the Vice-President for Nursing. — Summer 2001
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Tribute to Dean Donaldson with special concentration on her achievements in strengthening the bonds between the School and the Nurses in the JHH, especially citing the creation of the Institute for JH Nursing.

[Article 100:2] Marriages. — Summer 2001

[Article 100:2] Tidbit. — Summer 2001
Photograph of Dean Martha Hill presenting a professor of nursing at Peking Union Medical College with a book on JHU.

[Serial Volume 100:3] Vigilando (Winter, 2001). — 2001, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 100:3] Alumni/School Activities Tea, Hallowe'en, Networking, Etc. — Winter 2001
Page of photographs showing different activities held by JHNAA and students in the SON.

[Article 100:3] Class News. — Winter 2001

[Article 100:3] Deaths. — Winter 2001

[Article 100:3] Editorials 1. Anna D. Wolf Chair Update 2. Septembr 11, 2001. — Winter 2001
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
1. Update on Anna D. Wolf Chair -- funds still needed
2. 9/11/2001 experience

[Article 100:3] Forensic Nursing Course to Be Offered in Fall 2002. — Winter 2001
New course offered in JHUSON as first step in more in-depth studies leading to a career in forensic nursing.

[Article 100:3] From Nursing Student to Dean. — Winter 2001
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Interview with Martha Norton Hill, at the time Interim Dean of the JHUSON.

[Article 100:3] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 2001
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
What hapened at the SON on 9/11/2001

[Article 100:3] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Winter 2001
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
The one-year old Harry and Jeannette Weinberg building for cancer patients, the principles behind its design and construction, and how it is doing currently.

[Article 100:3] How We Die Review of book by Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D. — Winter 2001
Creator: Crouch, Jeannette Brundick
Death is part of the natural cycle of life. Sometimes physicians work too hard to help people hold on to life. Dr. Nuland writes of ways to help people accept the end of life and have a more graceful end.

[Article 100:3] Lessons For Leadership Excerpts from the address to the Graduation Class of The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Thursday, May 24, 2001. — Winter 2001
Creator: Fralic, Maryann
Brief biographical presentations of seven (7) people in history -- both general and nursing -- who have demonstrated particular traits in leadership. Includes Queen Elizabeth I and Tiger Woods as well as five (5) in nursing. Shortened excerpts taken from Dr. Fralic's speech: gems of "serious advice, learned over time"...

[Article 100:3] Marriages. — Winter 2001

[Article 100:3] Roses Resurrected Special Archives Project. — Winter 2001
Work at the Medical Archives in the re-creation of Isabel Hampton Robb's wedding bouquet, sent by Florence Nightingale in 1894. Includes photo of finished project and photo of family descendants of Mrs. Robb.

[Article 100:3] The Patient as CEO. — Winter 2001
Creator: Felgen, Jayne A.
Care Programs that allow patients to make informed decisions in their care, with several innovations to make this viable. Includes discussion of several implementation models in different areas of the country.
Also includes a biography of the author and new member of the Editorial Committee, Jayne Felgen.
Reprinted from Journal of Nursing Administration Vol. 30 No. 10 ppp. 453 - 456.