Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 101] Vigilando (2002). — 2002

[Serial Volume 101:1] Vigilando (Spring, 2002). — 2002, Spring. — 1 issue

[Article 101:1] Alumni Receptions. — Spring 2002
Alumni-held receptions around the country for JHSON alumni in different states/cities/areas with full page of photographs (all people identified).

[Article 101:1] Class News. — Spring 2002

[Article 101:1] Deaths. — Spring 2002

[Article 101:1] Editorials. — Spring 2002
Creator: Wright, Susan Klein ;  Scher, Betty Borenstein
Notes on dues and finance for JHNAA

[Article 101:1] From the Dean's Desk. — Spring 2002
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
Tributes from various sources to Stella Shiber at her retirement

[Article 101:1] From the Vice President of Nursing. — Spring 2002
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
New JHH policy of tuition reimbursement for its nurses who pursue degrees in nursing. Includes the benefit to the hospital of this new policy.

[Article 101:1] Marriages. — Spring 2002

[Article 101:1] Poverty's Child Six (6) separate articles : One in Every Six; Children with Asthma; Shared Practice: Faculty and Student Collaboration to Help Children; Passion in Practice: Dealing with Problems of Children in Poverty in Baltimore 9/11/01; Midwife in Appalachia; WISH: Women Helping Women. — Spring 2002
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein ;  Maguire, Maureen ;  Kushto-Reese, Kathryn ;  D'Lugoff, Marion ;  Kemner, Margaret (Peggy)
Series of articles on problems of children born into or living in poverty. Includes general information,specific problem of asthma in these children, and specific examples of programs designed and operated to help.

[Article 101:1] Profile: The Dorothy Evans Lyne Fund. — Spring 2002
Account of personal history of Dorothy Evans Lyne '59 and friend June Elliott culminating in creation of fund by Ms. Elliott in gratitude for help constantly given during Ms. Elliott's illnesses.

[Article 101:1] School Activities 1. Networking 2. Career Day. — Spring 2002
Page contains photographs of Networking Conference with recent SON graduates and of Career Day with different organizations recruiting students for after their graduation.

[Article 101:1] The View from Ground Zero. — Spring 2002
Creator: Gonsalves, Stephen G.
Experiences on 9/11/01 of a JHUSON alumnus at the World Trade Center after the terrorist attack.

[Article 101:1] Touching Other Lives: Dean Stella Shiber. — Spring 2002
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Interview with Dr. Stella Shiber on her upcoming retirement. Dean Shiber speaks of her personal life as well as the different programs with which she has been involved at the JHHSON, the interim School of Health Studies, the current JHUSON.

[Serial Volume 101:2] Vigilando (Summer, 2002). — 2002, Summer. — 1 issue

[Article 101:2] Class News. — Summer 2002

[Article 101:2] Deaths. — Summer 2002

[Article 101:2] Dinner with the Dean. — Summer 2002
Dinner hosted by Dean Hill for graduating students of JHUSON.

[Article 101:2] Editorial. — Summer 2002
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Announcement of plans to combine Vigilando with planned new JHUSON magazine with a discussion of different matters of interest/concern.

[Article 101:2] From the Dean's Desk. — Summer 2002
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
Visions of the newly appointed Dean of JHUSON for the school under her direction.

[Article 101:2] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Summer 2002
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Plans for use of new J&J health care grant in recruitment of nurses, including new website with individual stories.

[Article 101:2] Homecoming 2002. — Summer 2002
Plans and schedule for upcoming Homecoming September 27 & 28, 2002. Includes education program information and Archive Presentation on Vashti Bartlett (1906).

[Article 101:2] Leadership at the School of Nursing. — Summer 2002
Profiles of five (5) members of faculty and administration of JHUSON.

[Article 101:2] Marie Nolan, DNSc, RN End-of-Life Decisions. — Summer 2002
Creator: Murdock, Ann
Findings of research by Dr. Nolan on end-of-life decisions, current patient autonomy, and possibility of patients' desires to leave these decisions to others. Includes her Research Abstract for this project.

[Article 101:2] Marriages. — Summer 2002

[Article 101:2] Martha Norton Hill, PhD, RN, Dean Student, Professor, Dean. — Summer 2002
Series of photographs accompanied by brief captions that trace new dean's progress from student at JHUSON to appointment as Dean of JHUSON.

[Article 101:2] Students Attend National Student Nurses Association Convention. — Summer 2002
Brief article on the attendance of several JHUSON students at the annual National Student Nurses Association Convention. Accompanied by two photos.

[Article 101:2] The Need to Fully Endow the Wolf Chair. — Summer 2002
Creator: Allison, Sarah Elizabeth
History of Anna D. Wolf's pursuit of collegiate school of nursing and need for nursing research, plus the lack of full funding for the Wolf Chair and the need for this full funding.

[Article 101:2] Think Outside the Box Graduation Speech May 23, 2002. — Summer 2002
Creator: Klein, Jennifer Kay-Berene
Graduation speech by president of graduating class plus excerpts from graduation speech by Dean of SON of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Includes nine (9) photographs from graduation.

[Serial Volume 101:3] Vigilando (Winter, 2002). — 2002, Winter. — 1 issue

[Article 101:3] Class News. — Winter 2002

[Article 101:3] Deaths. — Winter 2002

[Article 101:3] Editorial. — Winter 2002
Creator: Scher, Betty Borenstein
Review of Homecoming 2002; new season for Homecoming, archival work, entertainment at evening banquet, the new Dean of the SON, gift from reunion classes.

[Article 101:3] From the Dean's Desk. — Winter 2002
Creator: Hill, Martha Norton
Report of recent trip to China and the profession of nursing in China.

[Article 101:3] From the Vice President for Nursing. — Winter 2002
Creator: Haller, Karen B.
Some new prizewinning literature with nurses as protagonists: A Nurse's Story and Others (by Peter Baida); Atonement (by Ian McEwan).

[Article 101:3] Homecoming 2002. — Winter 2002
Three (3) pages of photographs accompanied by brief review of Homecoming activities on a "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" theme.

[Article 101:3] Homecoming : Annual Meeting September 28, 2002. — Winter 2002
Review of annual meeting with reports of JHUSON and president of JHNAA; all committee reports of JHNAA.

[Article 101:3] Homecoming : Ode to Completion of Training to Become a Professional Nurse Class of 1952.. — Winter 2002
Presentation given by Jubilarian Class of 1952 at Homecoming Banquet. Accompanied by eight (8) photographs, illustrating the various specialties worked on during student days.

[Article 101:3] Homecoming : On Coming Home. — Winter 2002
Creator: Winyall, Betty R. Blome
A 50-yr. reunion alumna reminisces about how much has changed -- and how much has not.

[Article 101:3] Marriages. — Winter 2002

[Article 101:3] Nursing in El Campo. — Winter 2002
Creator: Barrella, Michelle Doran
Memories of a two-week volunteer nursing trip to the Dominican Republic by a recent JHUSON graduate.

[Article 101:3] Reflections on the Peace Corps. — Winter 2002
Creator: Censullo, Meredith
After decades of delay, one alumna at age 55 finally fulfills a goal to serve with the Peace Corps in the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica. This article reports her life and work there. Article accompanied bytwo photographs.