CooR, Robert E. Cooke Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


[Folder] A Moral Perspective - Commentary on Jan Howard's Conceptual View. — 1975

[Folder] Abortion

[Folder] An Ethical & Procedural Basis for Research on Children. — 1977'

[Folder] Comments on the Handicapped

[Folder] Development of Mental Retardation Training Facilities in Medical Schools. — 1963

[Folder] Ethics - Moral Development. — 1973

[Folder] Ethics - Values. — 1973

[Folder] Ethics and Law on Behalf of the Mentally Retarded. — 1973

[Folder] Ethical Issues Related to Mental Handicap. — 1974-1977

[Folder] Growth and Development. — 1971

[Folder] How to Stop Bedwetting. — 1965

[Folder] Human Experimentation. — 1974

[Folder] Intrauterine Diagnosis of Fetal Disorders. — 1970

[Folder] Physician Productivity and Medical Care. — 1970

[Folder] Reprints 130-148. — 1970-1972

[Folder] Requests to Use Personal Information. — 1973-1974

[Folder] Rights of the Mentally Disabled. — 1973

[Folder] Rosewood Site Visit. — 1976

[Folder] Rotary Club. — 1973

[Folder] Royal Children's Hospital - Australia. — 1975-1976

[Folder] Societal Mechanisms to Cope with the Application of Advances in the New Biology

[Folder] Societal Mechanisms to Cope with the New Genetics

[Folder] Systems Analysis of Pediatrician Efficiancy. — 1974

[Folder] The Gorks are Gone. — 1973

[Folder] The Metabolic Response of Infants to Heat Stress. — 1950

[Folder] The Role of Ethics in Pediatrics. — 1975

[Folder] The Statewide Pursuit of Excellence

[Folder] The Value of Nuclear Medicine in Pediatrics

[Folder] Two Years, Ten Months, and Two Days of Accomplishment on Behalf of the Handicapped. — 1964

[Folder] Whose Suffering?. — 1972