CooR, Robert E. Cooke Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


[Folder 431996390] Project Head Start Correspondence. — January 1967 - June 1972

[Folder 431996390] Project Head Start Planning Committee. — April 1965, - July, 1969

[Folder] Advisory Comm. on Mental Retardation - Subcomm. on Professional Assocs.. — 1961-1964

[Folder] Head Start - Handbook for Child Development Centers. — 1965-1966

[Folder] Head Start - National Impact Study

[Folder] Head Start - Speeches. — 1964

[Folder] Head Start Program. — 1975-1977

[Folder] Jaycees. — 1965-1969

[Folder] Junior Chamber of Commerce Adv. Bd. to Comm. on Mental Health and MR. — 1963-1968

[Folder] Operation Head-Start. — 1965-1967

[Folder] Operation Head-Start: Correspondence. — 1964-1967

[Folder] Project Head Start. — 1966-1969

[Folder] Project Head Start - Nutrition

[Bound volume] A Public Information Program to Support the Early Childhood Education Project Under the Community Action Program of the Office of Economic Opportunity. — 1964

[Bound volume] A San Francisco Unified School District Proposal to Provide Prekindergarten Education Under Title II Part A of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, Office of Economic Opportunity, Through a New Program Called "Head Start". — 1965

[Bound volume] Head Start Consultant Activity. — 1968

[Bound volume] Project Head Start - Planning Committee. — 1965-1969

[Bound volume] Project Head Start - Correspondence. — 1965-1972

[Bound volume] Project Head Start - General. — 1964-1967
Confidential Information - Project Head Start Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center, Teacher's Observational Notes and Anecdotal Accounts, July 6-23, 1965

[Bound volume] Project HeadStart - Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. San Francisco, California. — 1960-1965

[Bound volume] Standards for State Residential Institutions for the Mentally Retarded - AAMD Project on Technical Planning in Mental Retardation

[Bound volume] The Impact of Head Start - Preliminary Draft. — 1969

[Bound volume] Workshop to Determine the Residential Needs for the Mentally Retarded in the State of Maryland. — 1962

[Book] Mental Retardation in Demark and Sweden. — 1962

[Book] Nutrition - Staff Training Programs

[Book] Project Head Start - Medical