AllS, Sarah E. Allison Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 3] Nursing Development Conference Group
Creator: Nursing Development Conference Group

The Nursing Development Conference Group membership varied over time. Prominent members included Sarah E. Allison, Joan E. Backscheider, Cora S. Balmat, Mary B. Collins, Judy Crews, M. Lucille Kinlein, Janina Lapniewski, Melba Anger Malatesta, Sheila M. McCarthy, Joan Nettleton, Dorothea Orem, Louise Hartnett Rauckhorst, and Helen St. Denis. Input from Orem’s students and colleagues contributed to the development of the Self-care Deficit Theory of Nursing over time. The Nursing Model Committee of the Nursing Faculty of The Catholic University of America and the Nursing Development Conference Group, an offshoot of the first group, both contributed much to the development of ideas. In 1973 the NDCG published Concept Formalization in Nursing: Process and Product. In 1980, Orem published a revised edition of Nursing: Concepts of Practice reflecting the influences of the NDCG.

[Folder] Analysis of Minutes - Nursing Model Committee 1965. — 4/26/1965-5/20/1965. — 1 folder

[Folder] Articles about the NDCG. — 1974. — 1 folder

[Folder] Concept Formalization in Nursing - Copy of Original Manuscript. — 1 folder

[Folder] Copies of Minutes from Improvement of Nursing Group and NDCG Meetings. — 1 folder

[Folder] Correspondence Relating to NDCG. — 01/05/1975. — 1 folder

[Folder] History and Contribution of the NDCG 1968-1982. — 1 folder
A typed history of the NDCG accompanied by several pages of handwritten notes

[Folder] Illustrations of Nursing concepts. — 1 folder
Consists primarily of copies of handwritten notes and diagrams

[Folder] Joan Backscheider - Nursing Systems Group. — 1970. — 1 folder

[Folder] Minutes and Notes from Meetings of the Improvement of Nursing Group. — 1968-1970. — 1 folder

[Folder] Minutes and Notes of the Nursing Development Conference Group 1970-1972. — 1970-1972

[Folder] Minutes and Notes of the NDCG 1973. — 1973. — 1 folder

[Folder] Minutes and Notes of the NDCG 1974. — 1974. — 1 folder

[Folder] Minutes and Notes of the NDCG 1975-1984. — 1975-1984. — 1 folder

[Folder] Minutes from Meetings of the Committee on the Nursing Model. — 1967-1968. — 1 folder
Minutes of the Committee on the Nursing Model, Catholic University of America School of Nursing

[Folder] Orem - Materials Relating to Definitions of "What Nursing Is". — 1 folder
Includes "Generalizations about What Nursing Is," handwritten charts on "Analyses of Definitions of Nursing," a handwritten list of references, handwritten notes on the work of Isabel Hampton (?), an "Appendix" with notes compiled from various sources, "Chapter I: The General Concept in Discipline Development," "Selected Concepts of Nursing in the Public Domain," "Selection and Use of General Concepts of Nursing," a brief letter from Orem to Sarah Allison, and Orem's drafts of a table comparing various concepts of nursing

[Folder] Sarah Allison's Notes on the NDCG - 1973. — 07/01/1973. — 1 folder

[Folder] Writings of the NDCG. — 1 folder