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[Series 5] Dorothea Orem Materials
Creator: Orem, Dorothea

Dorothea Elizabeth Orem was born and brought up in Baltimore, Maryland. Orem attended Seton High School in Baltimore, and graduated in 1931. She received a diploma from the Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Washington, D.C. in 1934 and went on to the Catholic University of America to earn a B.S. in Nursing Education in 1939, and an M.S. in Nursing Education in 1945. Her earliest years in nursing were spent in practice at Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C. (1934-1936, 1942) and St. John's Hospital, Lowell, Massachusetts (1936-1937). After receiving advanced degrees, Orem focused primarily on teaching, research, and administration. She served as director of the Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Detroit, Michigan from 1945 to 1948, where she also taught biological sciences and nursing (1939-1941). At the Catholic University of America, Orem served as Assistant Professor (1959-1964), Associate Professor (1964-1970), and Dean of the School of Nursing (1965-1966).

As a curriculum consultant, Orem worked with schools, departments and divisions of nursing in universities and colleges including The University of Alberta, George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology, The University of Southern Mississippi, Georgetown University, Incarnate Word College, El Paso Community College, The Medical College of Virginia, and The Washington Technical Institute. She also served as curriculum consultant to The Office of Education, United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Practical Nurse Section in 1958, 1959, and 1960, to the Division of Hospital and Institutional Services, The Indiana State Board of Health from 1949 to 1957, and to the Center for Experimentation and Development in Nursing, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1969-1971, and to the Director of Nursing, Wilmer Clinic, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1975-1976.

In 1971 Orem published Nursing: Concepts of Practice, the work in which she outlines her theory of nursing, the Self-care Deficit Theory of Nursing. The success of this work and the theory it presents established Orem as a leading theorist of nursing practice and education. Nursing: Concepts of Practice is now in its sixth edition. She also served as chairperson of the Nursing Development Conference Group, and in 1973 edited that group's work in the book Concept Formalization in Nursing. She authored many other papers and during the 1970s and 1980s spoke at numerous conferences and workshops around the world. The International Orem Society was founded to foster research and the continued development of Orem's theories of nursing. During her life, Dorothea Orem received accolades for her contributions to the field of nursing, including honorary degrees from Georgetown University, Incarnate Word College, Illinois Wesleyan University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia. She was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing, and received awards from the National League for Nursing and the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society.

NOtes by Dorotea Orem given to Sarah Allison and transcripts and notes from oral interviews with Dorothea Orem.

[Folder] "Recollections about Dorothea E. Orem" by Sarah E. Allison. — 10/30/2004. — 1 folder

[Folder] Articles by D.E. Orem. — 1962-1988. — 1 folder
Includes "Levels of Nursing Education and Practice,' a paper presented to the Alumnae Association of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing in 1968, a photocopy of "The Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing: A General Theory" from 1983, a photocopy of "Nursing: A Triad of Action Systems" from 1981, a photocopy of Chapter 1 from "Nursing: Concepts of Practice" from 1985, "A Concept of Self-Care for the Rehabilitation Client" from 1985, "The Hope of Nursing" in "The Journal of Nursing Education" from 1962, "Orem's General Theory of Nursing" from 1987, and "The Form of Nursing Science" from 1988

[Folder] Charts by Orem (originals) - Woman's Clinic. — c. 1976. — 1 folder
Handwritten notes and flowcharts by Dorothea Orem

[Folder] Clippings about Orem. — 1 folder
Includes "Kappa News" from 1969, "Nursing in the University" from 1966?, "Nursing Theoretician Visits MMRC" from 1986, Alumni Award notice in "The Olivian" from 1981, a photograph of alumni published in the "Envoy" in 1980, "Nursing theorist promotes self-care" from a 1979 issue of "the student printz," a biography of Orem in a 1999 Sigma Theta Tau International newsletter, "Nursing Society to Induct" from a 1972 issue of "The Evening Sun," "Academy to induct new fellows this month" from a 1992 issue of ANA Today, and "A General Theory of Nursing" by Orem in materials from the Second Annual Nurse Educator Conference in 1978

[Folder] Copies of Orem Materials. — 1974-1995. — 1 folder
Includes flowcharts, notes on "Nursing Design" from 1995, "Explanatory Terms: The Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing" from 1985, "Suggested Exercises Relative to the Nursing Theory" from 1974, "Some Basic Assumptions About Adolescents and Adults under Nursing Care" from 1981, "Self-Care Agency, Power Components: Diagnostic Approaches, Adolescents and Adults" from 1981, "Report of Work Group June 15, 1984: MCH Clinical Group," "Forms of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: A Nursing Perspective" from 1979, "A Clinical Approach to the Organization: Basic Conditioning Factors" from 1986, "A Synopsis of Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing," a note by Joan Backscheider based on a telephone conversation with Orem, an overhead projector slide on "A Metaparadigm for Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory," "Rules of Nursing Practice in Two Parts" from 1981, notes from the "University of Missouri - Columbia Institute on SCDT" from 1984, a 1985 copy of Rehabilitation Nursing containing the article "A Concept of Self-Care for the Rehabilitation Client," and an "Action Framework for Nursing Diagnosis" from the University of Missouri - Columbia School of Nursing Continuing Education Program

[Folder] Copies of Orem Notes. — 1 folder
Includes photocopies of handwritten notes on the Wilmer Clinic Project and "Organizational Factors as related to CEDN"

[Folder] Correspondence from Orem to Sarah Allison. — 1985-1986. — 1 folder
Letters from Dorothea Orem to Sarah Allison

[Folder] Correspondence Regarding Catholic University Honorary Degree Nomination for Orem. — 1980-1991. — 1 folder

[Folder] Interview with Mary Jenkins about Dorothea Orem. — 09/24-26/2007. — 1 folder
Written page of information obtained by Sarah Allison from Mary Jenkins, nursing attendant for Dorothea Orem. Information primarily concerns Orem's final days and death

[Folder] Interview with Walene Shields about Dorothea Orem. — 09-25/26-2007. — 1 folder
Transcription of an interview with Walene Shields about Dorothea Orem. Conducted by Sarah Allison. Viginia Hughes also present

[Folder] Judy Crews-Hanks Interview. — 11-09-2007;02-26-2008. — 1 folder
2007 interview of Judy Crews-Hanks about Dorothea Orem - conducted by Sarah Allison

[Folder] Notes - Consultation Meetings with Orem. — 1986-1989. — 1 folder

[Folder] Notes - Conversations with Orem regarding SCDNT and emails. — 1991-2003. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Georgetown University. — 05/16/1976. — 1 folder
A program from the Georgetown University Commencement of May 16, 1976 at which Dorothea Orem received an honorary doctorate

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Preface. — 1 folder
Sarah Allison's description of her collection of Orem's original handwritten papers and her transcriptions of the papers

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Nursing Diagnosis. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Nursing Roots. — 1 folder
Orem's notes on "Nursing's Roots: Its Foundations in Human Nature and Society - A Practical Science Perspective"

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Nursing Practice Sciences. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: The Science of Self-Care. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Separate Topics. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Public Health. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Letter Drafts. — 1 folder
Drafts of letters to the Dean of the School of Nursing of The Catholic University of America and to Sarah Allison

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Nursing Systems. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Perception of Theory Application Around the World. — 1 folder

[Folder] Orem Handwritten Papers: Monica Orem. — 1 folder
Dorothea Orem's short handwritten biography of her sister, Monica Orem

[Folder] Reception Honoring Orem: Armstrong State College. — 04/05/1991. — 1 folder
An invitation to a reception held in honor of Dorothea Orem by the Baccalaureate Nursing Department of Armstrong State College.

[Folder] Transcript of Discussion with Orem about Early Work with SCDNT. — 12/26/1990. — 1 folder
Participants: Dorothea Orem, Walene Shields, Sarah Allison

[Folder] Transcript of Interview with Orem - 8th Annual Institute on SCDNT. — 06/19/1991. — 1 folder
Transcript of a tape recorded session presented by Orem on June 19, 1991. Title: Reprise: Designing Nursing Systems and Self-Care Agency. Includes transcription of a question-and-answer session.

182119Orem Files CD. — 05/27/08. — 1 CD-R
A CD-R compiled by Sarah Allison. Contains several Micrsoft Word (.doc) files: "Copy of Interview Walene Shields re DEORem," "Dorothea Orem 1990 interview," "File Index to Orem Materials by Allison 2008," "Monica Orem," "Nursing Practice Sciences," "Orem & Mary Jenkins," "OREM HANDWRITTEN PAPERS," "Orem letters," "Orem-Nsg Diagnosis," "Orem-nursing roots," "Orem-Nursing systems," "Orem-PubHealth," and "Science of Self-Care." Several of these files contain Allison's transcriptions of Orem's handwritten papers