AllS, Sarah E. Allison Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 7] Orem and SCDT Publications

[Sub-series] Dissertations and Theses

[Folder] McCulloch, Cheryl A. - Self Care Behaviours of the Elderly in Maintaining a Balance between Rest and Activity. — 1987. — 1 folder
Cheryl McCulloch's thesis from the University of Toronto

[Folder] Parker, Marilyn E. - The Use of Orem's Self-Care Concept of Nursing in Curricula of Selected Baccalaureate Programs of Nursing Education. — 1982. — 1 folder
From the College of Education at Kansas State University

[Bound volume] Tucker, Donna Elizabeth - The Relationships Among Dependency in Self-Care, Age and Nursing Workload of Neurological Rehabilitation Patients. — 1991. — 1 volume
A thesis written by Donna Elizabeth Tucker at the University of Toronto

[Book] Allison, Sarah E. - The Meaning of Rest: Some Views and Behaviors Characterizing Rest as a State and a Process. — 1968. — 1 book
Sarah Allison's dissertation from Teachers College, Columbia University

[Book] Banfield, Barbara E. - A Philosophical Inquiry of Orem's Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory. — 1997. — 1 book
Barbara Banfield's dissertation from Wayne State University

[Book] Brooks, Dorothy Lee - Identification of Selected Nursing Factors to Determine the Availability of Learning Experiences for Students. — 08/1963. — 1 book
Dorothy Lee Brooks' dissertation from the School of Nursing of The Catholic University of America, done under the direction of Dorothea Orem

[Sub-series] Reference Books
Works related to Orem's conceptualizations and books that influenced her thinking

[Book] Action Science. — 1985. — 1 book
Subtitled "Concepts, Methods, and Skills for Research and Intervention." By Chris Argyris, Robert Putnam, and Diana McLain Smith.

[Book] An Introduction to Cybernetics. — 1956. — 1 book
By W. Ross Ashby.

[Book] Emotion and Personality, Volume II. — 1960. — 1 book
Subtitled "Neurological and Physiological Aspects." By Magda B. Arnold. Sarah Allison's name handwritten inside front cover

[Book] General System Theory: Foundations, Development, Applications. — 1968. — 1 book
By Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Sticker inside front cover with Joan Backscheider's name

[Book] Handbook of Organizations. — 1965. — 1 book
Edited by James G. March.

[Book] Persons in Relation. — 1961. — 1 book
By John Macmurray. Sticker with Joan Backscheider's name inside front cover

[Book] Praxiology. — 1965. — 1 book
Subtitled "An Introduction to the Science of Efficient Action." By Tadeusz Kotarbinski, translated from Polish by Olgierd Wojtasiewicz. Sarah E. Allison's name handwritten inside front cover.

[Book] The Functions of the Executive. — 1938. — 1 book
By Chester I. Barnard. Sarah Allison's name handwritten inside front cover.

[Book] The One and the Many in the Social Order According to Saint Thomas Aquinas. — 1951. — 1 book
A dissertation by Sister Mary Fredericus Niemeyer. "The Catholic University of America Philosophical Studies No. 130." Sarah Allison's name handwritten inside front cover.

[Book] The Self as Agent. — 1969. — 1 book
By John MacMurray.

[Book] The Social System. — 1951. — 1 book
Subtitled "The Major Exposition of the Author's Conceptual Scheme for the Analysis of the Dynamics of the Social System." By Talcott Parsons.

[Book] The Structure of Social Action Vol. I. — 1937. — 1 book
Volume I: Marshall, Pareto, Durkheim. By Talcott Parsons. Contains a sticker with Joan Backscheider's name inside the front cover.

[Book] The Structure of Social Action Vol. II. — 1937. — 1 book
Volume II: Weber. By Talcott Parsons. Contains a sticker inside front cover bearing Joan Backscheider's name.

[Bound volume] The Faculty Scholar: One Adventure in Thinking. — 11/1979. — 1 book
An overview of how a group of University of Southern Mississippi faculty, in collaboration with Dorothea Orem, worked to develop and add to the knowledge base for the practice of professional nursing from a self-care perspective. Contains chapters by Mary Colette Smith and Cora S. Balmat

[Book] ANA Clinical Sessions. — 1970. — 1 book
Clinical Sessions of the American Nurses' Association from Miami in 1970. Sarah Allison's name is written inside the cover, and she is listed on the "Contributors" page

[Book] Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of Nursing. — 1995. — 1 book
Third edition. By Jacqueline Fawcett. Includes a chapter on "Orem's Self-Care Framework"

[Book] Appraisal of Self-Care Agency A.S.A.-Scale. — 1989. — 1 book
By G.C.M. Evers. Subtitled "Reliability and Validity testing of the Dutch version of the A.S.A.-scale measuring Orem's concept 'Self-Care Agency'"

[Book] Case Studies in Nursing Theory. — 1986. — 1 book
Edited by Patricia Winstead-Fry. Contains a chapter on "Orem's General Theory of Nursing" by Dorothea E. Orem and Susan G. Taylor

[Book] Concept Formalization in Nursing: Process and Product. — 1973;1979. — 1 book
By the Nursing Development Conference Group. First and second editions.

[Book] Connections: Nursing Research, Theory and Practice. — 2001. — 1 book
By Anne Young, Susan Gebhardt Taylor, and Katherine McLaughlin-Renpenning. Kathie Renpenning's signature is on the title page

[Book] Continuity of Patient Care: The Role of Nursing. — 1966. — 1 book
Edited by K. Mary Straub and Kitty S. Parker. Includes a paper by Orem

[Book] Dimensions of Nursing Administration. — 1989. — 1 book
Contains a chapter by Dorothea Orem entitled "Nursing Administration, a Theoretical Approach"

[Book] Dorothea Orem: Self-Care Deficit Theory. — 1991. — 1 book
By Donna L. Hartweg

[Book] Forces Affecting Nursing Practice. — 1969. — 1 book
Contains a chapter by Dorothea Orem on "In-Service Education and Nursing Practice"

[Book] Foundations of Nursing and its Practice by Dorothea Orem. — 1968. — 1 book

[Book] Guides for Developing Curricula for the Education of Practical Nurses. — 1959;1962. — 2 books
A 1959 copy and a 1962 reprint. by Dorothea E. Orem. The 1959 copy has Sarah Allison's name written in the front cover. The 1962 edition has "Center for Experimentation and Development in Nursing - The Johns Hopkins Hospital / The Nursing Process 29. 145-146" written on the title page.

[Book] Nursing Administration in the 21st Century: A Self-Care Theory Approach. — 1999. — 1 book
By Sarah E. Allison and Katherine E. McLaughlin-Renpenning. Title page signed by both authors.

[Book] Nursing Administration Quarterly: Nursing Models and Theories: Do They Work in Practice?
Edited by Barbara J. Brown. Includes "Nursing theory: A tool to put nursing back into nursing administration" by Sarah Allison, Kathie McLaughlin, and Dale Walker

[Book] Nursing Content in Preservice Nursing Curriculums. — 1964. — 1 book
Edited by Dorothea E. Orem and Kitty S. Parker

[Book] Nursing Theories in Practice. — 1990. — 1 book
Edited by Marilyn E. Parker. Contains a Section on "Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing" with chapters by Dorothea Orem and Susan Taylor

[Book] Nursing Theory: Analysis, Application Evaluation. — 1994. — 1 book
Fourth edition, written by Barbara J. Stevens Barnum

[Book] Nursing: Concepts of Practice. — 1971;1980;1985;1991;1995. — 6 books
By Dorothea E. Orem. Two copies of the first edition: paperback and hardcover. Paperback editions of the second, third, fourth, and fifth editions. All have Sarah Allison's name written inside the cover, and all except the second edition are signed by Orem. The fifth edition is signed by Orem, Susan Taylor, and Kathie Renpenning and contains a typed and printed note by Sarah Allison.

[Book] Perspectives in Nursing Education: Educational Patterns - Their Evolution and Characteristics. — 1963. — 1 book
The Proceedings of the Workshop on Perspectives in Nursing Education: Educational Patterns - Their Evolution and Characteristics - June 15 to June 26, 1962. Contains "Evolution and Characteristics of Patterns in Nursing Education Section A - Practical Nursing Education" directed by Dorothea Orem.

[Book] Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing: A Primer for Application of the Concepts. — 1979. — 1 book
By M. Joan Munley and Patricia A. Sayers. Inscribed inside cover: "To: Dr. Allison, Yours in Self-Care, Pat Sayers 11/1/84"

[Book] Self-Care Theory in Nursing: Selected Papers of Dorothea Orem. — 2003. — 1 book
Edited by Katherine McLaughlin Renpenning and Susan G. Taylor

[Book] Shifting Patterns of Nursing Practice: Impact on Nursing Education. — 1987. — 1 book
Contains a chapter by Sarah E. Allison on "Theory-Based Nursing - The Foundation for Practice and Education: A Nurse Administrator's View"

[Book] The Science and Art of Self-Care. — 1985. — 1 book
By Joan Riehl-Sisca. Sarah E. Allison, Susan G. Taylor, and Lynne Nickle-Gallagher are contributors