AllS, Sarah E. Allison Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 8] Photographs

[Folder] Joan Backscheider Photographs. — 1 folder

[Folder] Photographs of Dorothea Orem - 1960s. — 1960s. — 1 folder
Included are pictures of a trip to the Montreal Expo on the Gaspe peninsula in 1969 (D. Orem, W. Shields, S. Allison, Elsie B?, Eugenia Spaulding), Dorothea Orem with the Shields family at Christmas 1967, Orem at Sarah Allison's graduation in 1963, a trip to Gwynedd Mercy Jr. College(?) in 1962, a graduation party given by Orem fro her seminar students in 1963 (Dorothy Brooks, Evelyn Geller?), reception for publication of 1st edition of Nursing: Concepts of Practice (Sister Marie Bergeron, Nellie W?), a champagne picnice in Washington DC (Mabel Mandell, Evelyn Geller, Walene Sheilds). Dates on some pictures are questionable. Names written on backs of most photographs.

[Folder] Photographs of Dorothea Orem - 1970s. — 1970s. — 1 folder
Included are pictures of Dorothea Orem's honorary doctorate Georgetown celebration in 1978 (includes Eugenia Spaulder, Joan Backscheider, Elsie B?, Walene Shields, Sarah Allison, Joan Nettleton, Marie Bergeron, Mary T?, Lucille Kinlein, Emma Ventura, Father Bernard, Nellie Weisenhart?), a party held at the home shared by Orem and Shields in Chevy Chase, MD in 1971 (Eugenia Spaulding, Mary Collins, Joan Backscheider, Judy Crews, Dorothy Brooks), a 1974 newspaper photograph of Orem conferring with Joyce Hopp, and a 1971 photograph of Orem with Dorothy Brooks. Names written on most photographs and slides.

[Folder] Photographs of Dorothea Orem - 1980s. — 1980s. — 1 folder
Included are pictures of a St. Louis SCDNT Conference in 1987, a 1984 picture of Orem with Sue Taylor, Orem and Shields' homes in Savannah, GA and Rhode Island, a Newark Beth Israel Library dedication to Orem in 1987, a stop over in Hawaii en route to Australia (includes Sarah Allison, Walene Shields), a 1984 NDCG Meeting in St. Michaels, MD (Helen St. Denis, Judy Crews, Cora Balmat, Louise Rauckhorst, Sarah Allison), a NDCG Meeting at Orem's house in Chevy Chase, MD (Mary Colette Smith, Judy Crews, Walene Shields, Cora Balmat), a visit to Mississippi Methodist Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in 1986 (Sarah Allison, Marissa Daves?), a 1986 Nursing Systems meeting at Orem's house in Savannah (Lynne Nickle-Gallagher, Sue Taylor, Pat Sayers), a 1986 visit to Vicksburg National Park, MS (Cora Balmat, Sarah Allison), a 1987 research conference at the University of Missouri - Columbia (Sue Taylor, Beth Geder?), a St. Louis Conference in 1988 (Sue Taylor, Lynne Nickle-Gallagher, Sarah Allison, Jan Noack?, Kathie McLaughlin-Renpenning, Marcella Hart, Shirley Farrah), the First International SCDNT Conference in Kansas City, MO in 1989 (Sue Taylor, Mary Margaret P?, Sarah Allison, Cora Balmat, Toni Sullivan), and a large portrait of Orem

[Folder] Photographs of Dorothea Orem - 1990s. — 1990s. — 1 folder
Included are pictures of the 1991 Founding of the International Orem Society and 2nd International SCDNT Conference in Kansas City, MO (includes Hattie Shea, Sarah Allison, Sue Taylor, Marjorie Isenberg, Cora Balmat, Lynne Nickle, Donna Hartweg, Toni Sullivan, Janice Noack, Monica Lougren), Dorothea's home at Christmas 1990 (Walene Shields), 1992 induction into the American Academy of Nursing (Sue Taylor, Sarah Allison, Marjorie Isenberg, Toni Sullivan, Rhetaugh? Dumas, Cora Balmat, Emily H?), a 1993 visit to Rhode Island (Sarah Allison, Walene Sheilds), the 3rd International SCDNT Conference in St. Louis, MO in 1993 (Marjorie Isenberg, Sue Taylor, Marilyn Parker, Cora Balmat, Janice Noack, Sarah Allison), the 4th International SCDNT Conference at U of MO - Columbia in 1995 (Shirley Farrah, Monica Lougren, Mary Trainer?, Kathie Renpenning), Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing Institue at University of MO - Columbia in 1991 (Cora Balmat, Shelly Mackey, Donna Tucker, Sue Taylor, Hattie Shea), Orem and Shields' house in Savannah, GA in December 1991 (Walene Shields, Sarah Allison), Orem with a broken foot in 1995, the 1998 Sigma Theta Tau awards (Cora Balmat, Bonnie Newman, Mary Ann Denyes, Sarah Allison, Sue and Tom Taylor) - includes a magazine clipping of the event

[Folder] Photographs of Dorothea Orem - 2000s. — 2000s. — 1 folder
Photos of Orem with Walene Shields and Rita Rickey (Walene's niece)