PaS, Stewart Paton and Paton Family Collections in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 4] Personal and Biographical Materials related to Stewart Paton

[Sub-series 4.1] Bound Volumes

[Bound volume] Account Book. — 1899-1914
Alphabetical listing of stocks and bonds bought and sold, noting price paid and number of shares.

[Bound volume] Clippings scrapbook. — 1902-1903, 1913-1932
Scrapbook includes clippings of letters to the editor and other articles written by and about Stewart Paton and others. Articles from 1925 report on Paton's concerns about football as a menace to college students.

[Bound volume] From the Notebook of Stewart Paton. — May 20, 1925
Typed manuscript of personal recollections by Stewart Paton about members of his family and friends.

[Bound volume] Guest book of the Paton Family, Princeton, New Jersey. — 1911-1923
Entries begin March 4, 1911 to 1916, 1922-1923. They include name, address, date, and remarks of guests.

[Bound volume] Scrapbook of Letters and Photographs from Paton children to Aunt Rosalie. — 1904-1909
Scrapbook includes letters written by the Paton children, Frances Evelyn Paton, William Paton and Richard Townley Paton, as well as their mother Frances Margaret Halsey Paton to Rosalie Halsey, sister of Margaret. Letters describe travels in Europe. Scrapbook includes photographs, primarily of the children. Also included are a few post cards, and newspaper clippings.

[Sub-series 4.2] Awards and Certificates

[Folder] Certificate, American Association for the Advancement of Science. — 1902. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Certificate, American Philosophical Society. — 1914. — 1 Folder
Certificate pertains to Stewart Paton's induction into the American Philosophical Society on April 25, 1913

[Folder] Certificate, Medical Journal Company Share. — December 18, 1899. — 1 Folder
Certifies Stewart Paton's ownership of a portion of the Capital Stock of the Medical Journal Company.

[Folder] Certificate, Phi Beta Kappa Society. — 1900. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Certificate, Sigma Xi Society. — 1928. — 1 Folder

[Sub-series 4.3] Ephemera

[Folder] Bibliographic Notes. — circa 1910. — 1 Folder

[Folder] calling card, David Jayne Hill. — undated. — 1 folder

[Folder] Chickering, Henry Thorndike: List, Ketogenic and Diabetic Dietary Specifications. — Unknown. — 1 Folder
Materials include dietary specifications for ketogenic and diabetic diets.

[Folder] Examination Card, Pregnancy. — undated. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Harriet Lane Home, Dispensary Form 3020. — undated. — 1 folder

[Folder] Hotel Trois-Rois. — undated. — 1 folder

[Folder] List of Names. — April 1923. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Notes, Book and Publishers List. — Unknown. — 1 Folder
On a notecard, Stewart Paton lists New York publishers along with their corresponding addresses, as well as information about a whaling book.

[Folder] Patient Case Notes. — Unknown. — 1 Folder
Forms are dated 1885. 2 forms are filled out for named patients, also includes blank forms.

[Folder] Permits, Admits to Practice, College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Edinburgh. — 1886-1889. — 1 Folder
Includes billing statements for purchase of tickets (admits) and one successful examination statement. Arranged in stack by alphabetical listing of medical field with iterations in chronological order.

[Folder] Receipt, Barnes Brothers. — 1927. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Receipt, Hotel La Salle. — 1935. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Receipt, Ivy Club. — February 10, 1886. — 1 Folder
Stewart Paton orders 3 Eight-cent Cigars.

[Folder] Receipt, John Weiss & Son. — September 14, 1886. — 1 Folder
Includes London receipt for Dr. (Cornelius Rea) Agnew in New York, documenting the repairal of an eye instrument.

[Folder] Receipt, M.M. Wilson. — 1935. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Receipt, Wells Fargo & Company. — July 13, 1895. — 1 Folder
Receipt for a shipment of an expensive children's item from a Halsey in New York to to Mrs. S. Paton, or Frances Margaret Halsey, in Berlin

[Folder] Receipt, Yerrington & Quimby. — May 28, 1886. — 1 Folder
Includes clothing receipts to Stewart Paton, Walter L. Hervey, and Joseph D. Baucus from Yerrington & Quimby. All three recipients graduated from Princeton twelve days later on June 9, 1886.

[Folder] Sketch of William Gedney Bunce art work. — Unknown. — 1 Folder

[Folder] White House vistor's card. — undated. — 1 folder

[Sub-series 4.4] Pamphlets and Programs

[Folder] Diagram, Harveian Dinner. — October 19, 1925. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Invitation, The Harvey Society Lecture Series. — April 12, 1919. — 1 Folder
Stewart Paton spoke on "Human Behavior in War and Peace"

[Folder] Menu, Dinner to William Osler. — May 15, 1903. — 1 Folder
Location(s):Maryland Club. The back of the menu is covered in signatures of dinner attendees, including those of Harvey Cushing, William S. Thayer, Lewellys Franklin Barker, and many more.

[Folder] Menu, Union Club Dinner. — January 20, 1899. — 1 Folder
Long list of signatures inside menu include Thomas Paton, Frederic W. Adee, William Agnew Paton, Henry H. Crocker, Charles Scribner, Gerald L. Hoyt, and several others.

[Folder] Menu, William Henry Welch's 50th Birthday Dinner. — May 4, 1900. — 1 Folder
Maryland Club. The back of the menu is covered in signatures of dinner attendees, including those of Harvey Cushing, William S. Thayer, Lewellys Franklin Barker, William Osler, Henry Mills Hurd, and many more.

[Folder] Pamphlet, Greenlands. — Unknown. — 1 Folder
Informational pamphlet on the sale of Paton's home at Princeton. Includes many printed photographs, one annotation from David Paton (1930 - Living), and the signed initials of Frances Evelyn Paton "/22" suggests it may be dated 1922

[Folder] Pamphlet, The American Inter-collegiate Foot-ball Rules. — 1882. — 1 Folder
Author(s): Camp, Walter C.; Morgan, William Fellowes. For 1882 and the Season of 1883

[Folder] Pamphlet, Weeks & Potter Company. — 1893. — 1 Folder
Advertises new elixir "Quinona"

[Folder] Pamphlet: The Classification Clinic of the Neurological Institute, "Physical and Psychological Examinations of Adolescents. — undated. — 1 Folder
Stewart Paton was listed as consultant in Psychology.

[Folder] Program, College of Physicians and Surgeons Alumni Dinner. — September 29, 1887. — 1 Folder
Includes "business card" of Samuel Latham Mitchill, Vice-President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. DelMonico's, New York City

[Folder] Program, College of New Jersey 137th Annual Commencement. — 1884. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Program, Council on Foreign Relations Meeting. — 1922. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Program, Dedication of Trenton State Hospital Psychopathic Buildings. — 1921. — 1 Folder
One of the buildings was named for Stewart Paton.

[Folder] Program, National Conference of Charities and Correction. — June 6-13, 1917. — 1 Folder
Fourty-fourth Annual Session, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Conference Organization Subsidiary Meetings Program Analyses

[Folder] Program, Order of Exercises of the Junior Orator Contest. — June 15, 1885. — 1 Folder
College of New Jersey, Class of '86. First Presbyterian Church. Stewart Paton participated as an usher.

[Folder] Program, Princeton College Lynde Prize Debate, Class of 1886. — 1886. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Program, Princeton University Commencement Week. — 1924. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Program, Royal Society of Medicine: Session 1925-1926. — 1925. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Program, William Henry Welch's 80th Birthday. — April 8, 1930. — 1 Folder
Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, DC. Includes portrait of William Welch and list of committee members and officers.

[Folder] Roster, Baltimore Monthly Medical Reunion. — 1901. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Roster, Princeton University Class of 1874. — 1924. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Roster, Princeton University Class of 1886. — 1886, 1943. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Roster, The American Neurological Association. — 1933-1934. — 1 Folder
Stewart Paton listed as Vice-President and Senior Member. His brother-in-law Lewellys Franklin Barker is also listed as a Senior Member.

[Folder] Tickets, Admit to Gallery, House of Commons. — July 25, 1887. — 1 Folder
Name(s) Listed: Edward James Saunderson, Nicholas Wood. Both members appear to be admitting a guest.

[Sub-series 4.5] Clippings

[Folder] News Clippings, "Noted Expert Foresees Disaster for American Nation Unless Steps Are Taken to Slow Down Whirlwind Life" by Marshall, Edward. — October 22, 1922. — 1 Folder
Rocky Mountain News. Article about Stewart Paton.

[Folder] News Clippings, Dr. Raycroft Traces Development of Safeguarding Health of Students. — February, 1932. — 1 Folder
New York Times. Includes envelope annotated by Stewart Paton.

[Folder] News Clippings, Expert Says City Inhabitants Face General 'Blow Up'. — March 28, 1932. — 1 Folder
United Press, Baltimore, MD. Margins annotated in black pen.

[Folder] News Clippings, Les hommes n'utilisent qu'un quart de la puissance de leur cerveau. — April 18, 1925. — 1 Folder
"Men Use Only a Quarter of the Power of their Brain," L'Information, Paris, France. Translation of article printed April 17th in Boston.

[Folder] News Clippings, Mass Thinking. — 1926. — 1 Folder
New York Times. Includes one published response by Stewart Paton.

[Folder] News Clippings, New York Blizzard. — March 21. — 1 Folder
Includes Baltimore Sun article 'The Storm Which Caused the Death of Conkling' by Dr. Justin Herold.

[Folder] News Clippings, Oxford Group Explained by Harris, H. Wilson. — July 25, 1932. — 1 Folder
News Chronicle, London, England.

[Folder] News Clippings, Physician Backs Tribunal For Its Aid in Halting War, by Schnabel, Truman G. . — December 1, 1931. — 1 Folder
Public Ledger, Philadelphia, 'The World Court Issue'

[Folder] News Clippings, Princeton Sports Statistics. — 1873, 1883. — 1 Folder

[Folder] News Clippings, Prohibition. — April 15-16, 1926. — 1 Folder
Includes clippings from New York Herald Tribune and Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger.

[Folder] News Clippings, Psychiatry in Germany. — 1905. — 1 Folder
Article(s):- Treatment of Insanity: What May Be Learned From German's Experience and Practice, The Citizen, June 25, 1905- To Combat Insanity, St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 25, 1905

[Folder] News Clippings, Sanitary Commission History by Agnew, Edith. — August 10, 1923. — 1 Folder
Letter to the Editor, New York Times, New York. Edith Agnew was the daughter of Cornelius Rea Agnew, member of the U.S. Sanitary Commission.

[Folder] News Clippings, Sheppard-Pratt Hospital of Baltimore. — Unknown. — 1 Folder
Includes article 'Treatment of the Insane'

[Folder] News Clippings, Stewart Paton and Margaret Halsey wedding announcements. — 1893. — 1 folder

[Folder] News Clippings, Student Suicides Seen as Constant. — October 11, 1970. — 1 Folder
New York Times, credits Stewart Paton as first physician concerned with mental health.

[Folder] News Clippings, The Origin of the Slum. — July 6, 1921. — 1 Folder
The New York Freeman

[Folder] News Clippings, Two New Buildings at the New Jersey State Hospital Pave the Way for Important Research Work in Mental Diseases. — October 6, 1921. — 1 Folder
Dix and Paton Structures Named for Honor of Benefactors of Suffering Humanity. Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser.

[Folder] News Clippings, University Mental Health. — 1926. — 1 Folder
Articles quote Stewart Paton.

[Folder] News Clippings, War and "Shell Shock". — 1930, unknown. — 1 Folder
Leadership and "Shell Shock": Officers' Influence, unknown date- Cure the Causes of War!, The New York Herald, Paris, Friday, September 19, 1930

[Folder] News Clippings, William Henry Welch. — April 12, 1925. — 1 Folder
New York Times. Written on clippings in blue pencil is "IV - 12 25," "New York Times", and "Welch"

[Folder] Newspapers, St. Louis Globe-Democrat. — October 22, 1922. — 1 Folder
Review of the News, News Feature. Stewart Paton is featured in front-page article "'Rush and Hurry' Habit of Nervous America and Its Serious Consequences" by Edward Marshall

[Folder] Obituary, Caspar Frederick Goodrich . — December 27, 1925. — 1 Folder
New York Times

[Folder] Obituary, Francis Hopkinson Smith. — 1915. — 1 Folder

[Sub-series 4.6] Military Records. — 1918
Material related to Paton's service during World War I.

[Folder] Correspondence: Wood, Casey Albert. — 1918
Regarding authority to publish

[Folder] Discharge Papers for Stewart Paton. — 1919

[Folder] Military Memorandums. — 1918-1919

[Folder] Military Orders. — 1918-1919

[Folder] Military Personal Reports by Stewart Paton. — 1918

[Folder] Military property transfer invoice. — 1918

[Folder] Military, account of a prisoner of war by E.L.H.. — March 23, 1919. — 1 folder

[Folder] Military, Embarkation Forms. — 1918

[Folder] Military, Financial Requests. — 1918-1919

[Folder] Pamphlet, American Officers of the Great War. — Undated. — 1 Folder
Includes membership application, which shows that Paton's membership is indorsed by a Colonel William D. Wilmer, but is otherwise left blank

[Folder] Statement of Reasons for Advocating the Sending of a Research Unit to France to Study the Functional Nervous and Mental Cases Ocurring in the Army as the Result of Carrying on Warfare Under Present Conditions. — circa 1918

[Folder] Stewart Paton's Military Physical Examination Records. — 1918
Includes photograph of Paton

[Sub-series 4.7] Obituaries and Biographical Material

[Folder] American Journal of Insanity. — July 1908. — 1 Folder
Includes article on page 197 regarding Stewart Paton's contributions to the Phipps Psychiatric Clinic.

[Folder] Announcement of Stewart Paton's retirement. — 1935. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Bequest document for unnamed university. — undated. — 1 folder

[Folder] Century Memorials. — 1942. — 1 Folder
Book of Century Club Memorials includes a memorial entry on Stewart Paton.

[Folder] Conklin, Edwin G.; and Meyer, Adolf: Obituaries, Stewart Paton. — 1942. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Cornell, William Burgess; Dunton, William Rush, Jr.; Farrar, Clarence Byrnold; Jelliffe, Smith Ely, "In Memoriam". — July, 1942. — 1 Folder
The American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 99, Number 1. Stewart Paton obituary on page 156.

[Folder] Farrar, Clarence Byrnold, "I Remember Stewart Paton". — August , 1960. — 1 Folder
The American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 117, Number 2

[Folder] Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Board of Directors, "In Memoriam: Stewart Paton". — 1942. — 1 Folder

[Folder] Rogers, Fred B., "Stewart Paton: Mental Hygienist". — May, 1965. — 1 Folder
American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health, Volume 55, Number 5.

[Folder] The American Neurological Association: Resolution on the death of Stewart Paton. — 1942. — 1 Folder