PaS, Stewart Paton and Paton Family Collections in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 7] Photographs

[Folder] "The Carnegie" . — 1929. — 1 print
The sailing ship "Carnegie" taken before her last trip in 1929.

[Folder] Carnegie Institution of Washington Board of Trustees, group portraits. — 1928, 1938. — 3 prints
2 copies of the 1928 group. I copy of the 1938 group. Stewart Paton was one of the Board members.

[Folder] Dwight D. Eisenhower. — 1957. — 1 copy print
Print is inscribed to Helen from her father Frederick Hill Meserve. Photo was taken by Frederick Meserve using a camera once owned by Matthew Brady.

[Folder] Extended Family - Agnews and Halseys. — 1842-1890s. — 5 prints

[Folder] Extended Family - Barkers. — 1928-1958. — 3 prints
1 print of Lewellys Barker and Lilian Halsey Barker in silver frame. Lilian Barker sometime in 1950s. Lilian Barker, daughter Margaret Barker and nephew David Paton on Lilian's 80th birthday.

[Folder] Greenlands in the snow. — undated. — 2 prints

[Folder] Original Members of the US Sanitary Commission: Rev. Henry W. Bellows, George T. Strong, William H. Van Buren, Cornelius R. Agnew, Walcott Gibbs. . — 1860s. — 3 prints
Copy prints of image by Matthew Brady from negative in collection of Frederick Hill Meserve.

[Folder] Paton Family Photos. — 1890s-1930s. — 18 prints

[Folder] Photograph Album, 1927. — 1927, June-September
Photograph Album documents Paton family travels to Europe in the summer of 1927. Subjects include, Frances Margaret Paton, Stewart Paton, Richard Townley Paton, Helen Meserve, Evelyn Paton, and others. Locations include the SS Coute Rossa, Naples, Vesuvius, Pisa, Italian Rivera, Lake Como, hiking in the Alps, Paris. Many photos are labeled with initials or location.

[Folder] Photograph Album: New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton, Views of Paton and Dix Buildings. — 1921-1923
Album depicts interior and exterior of the hospital. Final pages include letters from Henry Cotton, Medical Director of the Hospital to Stewart Paton, asking him to speak at the 1921 dedication of the Paton Building, and acknowledging Paton's receipt of photos of the hospital.

[Folder] Portrait - Filippe de Filippi. — undated. — 1 print

[Folder] Portraits - Frances Margaret Halsey Paton. — 1867-1920s. — 9 prints
Images are of Frances Margaret Halsey Paton throughout her life from infant to adulthood.

[Folder] Portraits - Stewart Paton. — 1860s-1930s. — 19 prints
Images are of Stewart Paton throughout his life from child to adulthood.

222509[Stewart Paton, semi-profile quarter-length portrait]. — circa 1915;2014-09-19. — 1 photographic print mountd on board :gelatin silver ; 9 x 7 in
Creator: Ilgenfritz (Baltimore, Md.)
Photograph may be subject to copyright restrictions. Contact the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives for reproduction permissions.

[Folder] Princeton. — 1886, undated. — 5 prints
Class of 1886 Stewart Paton Ivy Oration; Princeton Alumni Parade; 2 Group photos of members of the class of 1886; oversized group photo.

[Folder] Unidentified group and individual portraits . — 8 prints

[Folder] Unidentified Group Photo. — undated
Unidentified group of of 12 men. Photograph studio was Pach Brothers at 841 Broadway, New York.

[Folder] William Osler portait

[Folder] William Welch riding a donkey. — undated

[Folder] Wilmer Institute Group Photo. — undated

[Bound volume] Photograph Album: Europe. — 1906-circa 1909
Photograph Album documents Paton family travels starting in 1906. The last dated photos are from 1908 but additional photos appear to be later. Pictures depict the Paton children and family travels, mostly in Europe. The last few pages depict the Paton family home "Greenlands" in Princeton, New Jersey. Many photos are labeled with initials or location.