BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 029] Motor Vehicle Safety (Speed) Files. — 1968-1970; 1972; 1974-1983; 1985-1990; 1992-1993; 1996; 1998; 2002; undated.. — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
Motor Vehicle Safety (Speed) Files include journal articles, data, news clippings and releases, papers and many reports, as listed below.
Materials include articles and reprints on the following topics: effects of the 65mph speed limit on rural highway fatalities, (a state-by-state analysis); ways to deter speeding; benefits and costs of the 55mph limit; hazard caused by speed. There are clippings from newspapers (mostly) and trade magazines (copies) on related topics: highway speed limit debates (include editorials for and against the national 55mph speed limit); speed and safety/danger in the U. S. and other countries; speeding trucks; adds promoting speed; tailgating; speed bump speeds; high-speed police chases; speed limit legislation; speed crash tests; traffic radar detectors; and the increase in muscle cars and speeding. There are news releases and news statements on the pros and cons of the 55 mph versus 65 mph speed limit. There are U. S. Department of Transportation releases on 55mph speed enforcement and truck fuel consumption as well as IIHS releases on speed limits and law breaking; radar detectors; and issues involved in increasing the speed limit to 65mph (with a focus on rural interstates). Materials include papers about the safety of the 55mph speed limit; the impact of the increased 65mph limit on the safety of rural interstate highways; and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) studies on mortality consequences of raising the speed limit to 65mph, 1988.
There are many reports: Highway & Vehicle Safety Report; IIHS Status Report; GM Research Publications; Freeman Fox and Associates study; Department of the Environment’s Transport and Road Research Laboratory Digest Report; University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) synopsis; Colorado Medical Society Committee on Automotive and Aviation Safety report; Texas Transportation Institute report; American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials’ report; Office of Research and Development Bureau of Public Roads’ interim report; U. S. Department of Transportation’s 55mph statement of compliance status report; Federal Highway Administration’s report on accidents on rural highways; Office of Research and Development Bureau of Public roads interstate system accident research study report; and reports by NHTSA.
There are correspondence pertaining to a joint research project on speed (55mph vs 70mph) that could be used for advocating for legislature and for educational presentations to kids, undated; correspondence with an AAAM member about speed control devices, 1979; and correspondence with the NHTSA about the double-nickel challenge, 1978. There are data gathered from various states and compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Highway Administration regarding speed, fatalities, and arrests (incudes data tables); speed and accidents by states & vehicle types; and the NHTSA’s 55mph Fact Book, 1979. Other materials include notes (tables & text); Transportation Research Abstracts; and fact sheets.