BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 030] Sports Injury Files & Taiwan Files. — 1970; 1973-1979; 1981-1986; 1988-1994; undated.. — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
Sports Injury Files include copies of articles from journals and magazines, clippings from newspapers; correspondence; data; and newsletters as listed below.
Articles from journals and magazines are on numerous sports injury related topics: cervical cord injuries in sports; high school athletics girls sports injuries; the impact of pitching on the arm and elbow; Little League eye guards; recreational softball injuries; the high rate of football injuries; causes of football knee injuries; head and neck football injuries; football helmets; college football injuries from increased aggression in the sport; hang gliding injuries & fatalities; injuries in high school sports; the need for an improved hockey helmet; horse riding accidents; parachuting injuries; racquet eye injuries & the need for ocular protection; rodeo injuries; roller skating wrist injuries; rugby injuries; ski trail safety; skiing injuries; ski jumping safety; youth soccer injuries; sports related brain damage injuries; survey of sports related spinal cord injuries in schools and colleges; and sports helmets. There are clippings from newspapers on similar topics: boxing head injuries; bullfighting injuries; cheerleading accidents; violence on the football playing field; high school football injuries; the need for neck injury protection for professional football players; women’s lacrosse injuries and the need for helmets; martial arts injuries (kendo, judo); running and hiking feet and leg injuries; skateboard accidents and injuries; skiing accidents & injuries; violence in professional sports; school trampoline injuries; and women’s wrestling. There are also newsletters & company publications on sports injuries. Papers include a presentation on elbow injuries in girls’ gymnastics; sports epidemiology; and a student paper on injury control in sports.
Sports injury data (graphs, outlines, tables) include presentation printouts displaying data from U. S. Airforce databases for a study on sports and recreation injuries among military personnel; U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tables of football, softball, & hockey injuries and related equipment; tables of data from hospitals; a childhood injury data system coding manual; and notes on the Maryland census data. There are also correspondence concerning a Baltimore public school system youth incentives program to maintain health aspects of secondary school sports, 1979 (Baker is mentioned); a memo about the Hopkins Cooley fitness Center, 1982; and other general correspondence, 1990. Dates of sports injury documents: 1970; 1973-1979; 1981-1986; 1988-1994; undated.
Taiwan Files comprise materials by Baker and colleagues pertaining primarily to her serving as a consultant to SHIP, a multi-national spine and head injury research project, in Taiwan, 1992-1994. There is correspondence by Baker seeking funding for a study of head injuries to motorcyclists and bicyclists in Taiwan and China, and correspondence about the May 1994 conference. Materials include an abstract by Baker, “Strategies for Preventing Road Traffic Injuries and Deaths” [in Taiwan] and a research proposal by Baker titled “Head Injury and Helmet Use in Taiwanese Motorcyclists and bicyclists. There is a description of the SHIP project titled, “Global Spine and Head Injury Prevention (SHIP) Project” that includes research forms. There are correspondence thanking Baker for her feedback on a paper on traffic injuries in Taiwan, as well as a published article. There are data printouts--Taipei city head injuries 1991, and graphs and tables pertaining to head injury, spinal cord injury, deaths, motorcycle helmets and motor vehicle injury incidents in Taipei. There are papers and abstracts of studies and a symposium on head and spinal cord injury in Taiwan. There are also two bound publications: Public Heath in Taiwan Area, Republic of China, 1993 and Health and Vital Statistics, [for Taiwan] 1992 (in English and Mandarin Chinese). Dates: 1991-1994; undated.
In May of 1994, Baker gave a presentation titled, “Strategies for Preventing Road Traffic Injuries and Death,” in Taipei at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Health Care in the 21st Century. Baker was a lecturer in November of 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan and gave three lectures to students at the National Defense medical College.