BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 040] The Injury Fact Book Revision Files; Sports Injury Files; Truck Safety Files; Aviation Files; & Occupational Injury Files. — 1972; 1975-1981; 1983-1992 (bulk); 1994; 1996; undated.. — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
Many of these materials were used by Baker for revising The Injury Fact Book for a second edition that was published in 1992 (the first edition was published in 1984). Materials authored by Baker are noted below.
Sports Injury Files include journal articles, supplements, and reprints; bibliography; a draft of Chapter 7, “Sports and Recreation ” of The Injury Fact Book; papers and symposium paper abstracts; data in the form of tables; guides; a literature review draft (no author); notes by Baker; reports; printouts of research search results, including abstracts; and published statistics (from insurance companies). There is a draft of an article co-authored by Baker: “Causes of Pediatric Eye Injuries” [1990] and a paper co-authored by Baker: “Epidemiology of Childhood Injuries from Sports and recreation.” There are 22 folders of Sports Injury Files. Dates: 1975; 1978-1980; 1983-1989; undated.
Truck Safety Files include technical papers, newsletters, reports, symposia papers, and studies. The collection includes materials by the following organizations: SAE, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS); National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA); Office of Technology Assessment (OTA); University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI); and the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) (Baker was a member from 1970 onward and the AAAM President from 1974-1975). Materials pertain to many aspects of truck safety: large trucks; cars in conflict with larger vehicles; truck use of radar detectors; antilock brakes on trucks; truck crashes and congestion; the safety-related rulemaking activities of the NHTSA; heavy truck accidents; factors affecting truck crashes; defective truck equipment; truck driver age; tractor-trailers’ involvement in highway deaths and injuries; accident rates of heavy-duty vehicles; the motor carrier industry; field tests of heavy vehicles; safety studies of interstate motor carriers; use of twin rigs; daytime running lights; the danger to motorists of heavier trucks; truck driver’s use of alcohol and drugs; truck defects; truck visibility at night; national truck statistics; safety implications of various truck configurations; & injury minimization for truck and bus drivers. There are also correspondence about the second edition of The Injury Fact Book, 1989; a newspaper clipping on the topic of drug and alcohol use by truckers; a copy of an accident investigation report involving a truck, by the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety; data in the form of printed tables on deaths in crashes involving trucks; notes by Baker on the topics of, among others, driver age and truck accidents, truck rollover rates by truck types, & speed; & journal articles. There are annotated drafts of chapter 18, “Large Trucks,” of The Injury Fact Book, dated 1990, along with drafts of a list of figures and tables for this chapter. There is a copy of a publication by Baker titled, “Alcohol in Fatal Tractor Trailer Crashes,” undated. There is a reprint by Baker titled, “Killer Truck Steering Wheels; A Challenge to Designers,” 1983. Truck safety file dates: 1972; 1983; 1985-1990 (bulk).
The bulk of the aviation files consist of tables and graphs on aviation crashes, including from The Injury Fact Book and from computer printouts for the years approximately 1989-1992. There are also printouts of aviation accident reports by ASRS and by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 1990-1992. Other materials include research search results (printouts), including abstracts; Baker’s notes; printouts of presentation slides about aviation accidents; copies of newspaper clippings with Baker’s notes; and an FAA Flight Training Handbook and flight instructor materials. There are journal articles, reprints, and papers (copies) on the topics of mountain flying, alcohol and drug use by pilots, and human factors in aviation accidents. There are also published studies, newsletters, and technical papers by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and AFS, among others, on the topics of aviation injuries in Alaska; aviation injuries in New Zealand; and crashworthiness analyses of business aircraft. Documents include correspondence and review comments on a monograph by Baker et al. titled “Crashes of Instructional Flights,” 1994. Dates: 1977; 1979; 1981; 1985-1986; 1989-1992; 1994; 1996. (1989-1992 bulk).
Occupational Injury Files include journal articles and book chapters (copies) on the following topics: estimating industrial risks; mining hazards; hazards to trawler fishermen; psychiatric disabilities; and the OSHA Act of 1970; as well as a publication listing occupations and prevalence of serious diseases among those working in each field. There are also tables (computer printouts, copies of published tables, and hand written tables) on median income and population of cities throughout the U. S. and on occupational injuries and illness by cause and industry, as well as Maryland Department of Human Resources Research and Analysis Division’s statistics for Maryland and Baltimore on population by county, race, sex, and labor force statistics, 1978. There are reports and studies, including by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on marine accidents; a paper about work fatality reporting; & an OSHA report on occupational fatalities related to scaffolds. Other materials include bibliography on occupational injuries; correspondence concerning the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s jurisdiction over farm tractors; Baker’s notes; legislation on worker’s compensation in Maryland; and news release documents from the U. S. Department of Labor on occupational fatalities in 1979. Occupational safety file dates: 1976-1979; 1981; 1983; undated.