BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 041] Aviation Research Files. — 1980-1982; 1989; 1991; 1993-1994 (bulk); undated.. — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
The bulk of these aviation research files consist of data tables (printouts) listing aviation crashes. The first and largest set of documents pertain to crashes during the years 1989-1992, and 1994. These data have been sorted to compare several variables, including anomalies, landing gear events, phase of flight (e.g., takeoff), flight instructor factors, & pilot performance factors. Information gathered by tables include: average number of crashes per month; number of plane engines; pilot death rates; pilot deaths versus injuries; age of pilots; flight time (number of hours) logged by pilot; causes of accident (mechanical failure, weather, airport conditions, bird strikes, stalling, loss of fuel, midair collision, loss of control, gear up landing, airframe icing, suicide, and undetermined); date of incident; whether restraints were required for flight crew; type of flight; instructional status of pilot; student pilots; emergency handling; absence of a flight plan; retractable landing gear per type of plane; and touch and go’s. There are also coding lists for sorting variables. Data include National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) lists of accident cases (“brief of accident”) for the years 1983-1985. Other materials include correspondence about data tables; a Flight Training Handbook; notes by Baker; and printouts of slides for talks, dated 1989.
There are also a set of materials titled “Commuter Study,” that contains similar data tables on airplane crashes, notes, as well as accident reports for the years 1982-1988. These materials are dated 1991. Baker co-authored a monograph (a report to the FAA) as well as several presentation papers and articles about crashes of commuter aircraft and air taxis. These materials contain correspondence from Margaret Lamb--one of the co-authors of the monograph, 1992, and of one of the articles, 1993, both titled, “Human factors in crashes of commuter airplanes and air taxis.” These documents also contain a printout of a list of recommendations to the FAA. Another set of documents, “Repeaters” also contains mostly data tables and NTSB lists of accident briefs for the years 1983-1988. There are a few notes and journal articles (copies) and abstracts about accident proneness. This set of documents is dated 1993-1994. Baker and Lamb published an article titled “Pilots involved in multiple crashes: ‘Accident proneness’ revisited,” 1995.