BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 070] Reprints, A-246 thru A-275 (Published 2010-2013); Bound Reports (not authored by Baker) . — Dates: 1953-1955; 1965-1968; 1971; 1975; 1979-1981; 1985-1986; 1988; 1996; 2001; 2004-2005; 2007; 2010-2013; undated. . — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
The bulk of materials in box 070 comprise reprints & bound reports (not authored by Baker). There are also publications featuring Baker; Task Force and Committee Files; and a script of a talk by Baker.
Reprints are in publication date order, oldest to most recent. Baker has assigned a numbering system to the reprints. This set includes A-246 to A-275 (published 2010-2013). There are also several manuscripts. Other writings by Baker include, “The ‘Ten Strategies’ and common injury problems,” “Fifty Favorites,” and a published research study, “Nationwide Review of Graduated Driver Licensing” for AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.
There are several bound reports pertaining to the following topics: gun laws; educating professionals in injury control; the costs of accidents; traffic safety; motor vehicle accidents; alcohol and motor vehicle accidents; the motor vehicle accident literature; human factors in transportation safety; substance abuse data collection and reporting; and injury facts (charts, statistics, and related information). Materials also include the Congressional Record, 1979, in which Baker’s work is mentioned and an issue of the Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine with an article about Baker. There are materials pertaining to a task force (Governor’s Commission on Black and Minority Health, Task Force on Homicide, Suicide, and Unintentional Injuries, 1986), a committee (on Injury Scaling – Abbreviated Injury Scale, 1985), and an advisory group (U. S. Army Injury Prevention Advisory Group Meeting, 2001) in which Baker participated. There is a script of a talk by Baker at Cornel University’s 50th Reunion.

[Folder 070/001] Baker SP, Wintemute GJ. The "ten strategies" and common injury problems [manuscript].. — undated. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/002] Baker SP. Fifty Favorites from the works of Susan P. Baker. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/003] Baker SP, Chen L, Li G. Nationwide Review of Graduated Driver Licensing. — 2007. — 1 bound volume (2 copies)
Published study prepared for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

[Folder 070/004] U. S. Congressional Record, September 18,1979. — 1979. — 1 bound volume
Baker's research on automobile crash restraint system is mentioned in the Record, H8064.

[Folder 070/005] American Association for Automotive Medicine. The Abbreviated Injury Scale. 1985 Revision. . — 1985. — 1 bound volume
Baker is listed as a member of the Committee on Injury Scaling on the first page. This was an early version and Baker was on the committee that revised the AIS.

[Folder 070/006] Governor's Commission on Black and Minority Health, Task Force on Homicide, Suicide, and Unintentional Injuries, 1986, Annapolis, Maryland. — 1985-1986. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/007] Tenner E. Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences (select pages). — 1996. — 1 folder
Tenner refers to Baker's work.

[Folder 070/008] U. S. Army -- Injury Prevention Advisory Group Meeting. — 2001. — 1 folder
Baker was an advisory group member and had been asked to critique the draft of the U. S. Army's Injury Control Plan.

[Folder 070/009] Johns Hopkins Public Health [magazine], Spring 2005. — 2005. — 1 bound volume
Baker is interviewed in an article, "Wise Words, starting page 18, along with eight other "titans of public health."

[Folder 070/010] Cornell University 50th Reunion Talk by Baker (text). — 2001. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/011] Johns Hopkins University Summit on Reducing Gun Violence in America, Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis, January 14-15, 2013 (booklet). — 2013. — 1 booklet

[Folder 070/012] EPIC: Educating Professionals in Injury Control (Final Report, Year 1, June 1981 through August 1988). — 1988. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/013] Edwards CM, Mackintosh DR, Clair D. Patient Cost and Economic Burden Due to Accidental Injuries. Final Report of the NIAS, National Institute for Advanced Studies. — 1981. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/014] National Safety Council. Accident Facts, 1975 Edition. — 1975. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/015] National Safety Council. Injury Facts, 2004 edition. — 2004. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/016] Smith AC. Report: An Investigation of Crash Hazards of Automotive Interior Components Forward of the Occupants. Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. — 1953. — 1 bound volume
Sponsored by The General Motors Corporation.

[Folder 070/017] Dunlap JW, Orlansky J, Jacobs HH, Yarnold KW, Kishler JP, Schreiber RJ. An Analysis of Risk and Exposure in Automobile Accidents. Prepared for Commission on Accidental Trauma Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, Office of the Surgeon General . — 1953. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/018] McFarland RA, Moseley AL. Human Factors in Highway Transport Safety . — 1954. — 1 bound volume
Published by Harvard School of Public Health.

[Folder 070/019] McFarland RA, Moore RC, Warren AB. Human Variables in Motor Vehicle Accidents, A Review of the Literature . — 1955. — 1 bound volume
Published by Harvard School of Public Health.

[Folder 070/020] Neilson RA. Alcohol Involvment in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in 41 California Counties in 1966. California Taffic Safety Foundation. — 1967. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/021] Journal of Traffic Medicine, An International Journal of Traffic Safety. 18(3), 1990. — 1990. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/022] Report of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety. U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, February 29, 1968. — 1968. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/023] Blomberg RD, Peck RC, Moskowitz H, Burns M, Fiorentino D. Crash Risk of Alcohol Involved Driving: A Case-control Study. Final Report, Dunlap & Associates. — 2005. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/024] Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Papers on Physician Flight Accidents. — 1966; 1971; 2007. — 1 folder
1) Mohler SR, Freud SF, Veregge JE, Umberger EL. Physician Flight Accidents, September 1966. 2) Cierebiej A, Mohler SR, Stedman VG. Physician Pilot-in-command Fatal Flight Accidents,1964 through 1970, 1971.

[Folder 070/025] National Institute on Drug Abuse. Statistical Series, Quarterly Report, Provisional Data, January - March 1979, Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN). — 1979. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/026] National Institute on Drug Abuse, Division of Data and Information Development. Forecasting Branch Administrative Report, Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network, Emergency Rooms, Drug Exception Reporting System, July 1979-September 1981. — 1981. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/027] U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Project Dawn -- Annual Report, 1980. — 1980. — 1 bound volume

[Folder 070/A-246] Hu G, Baker SP. Nonfatal injuries among Chinese ages 65 and over: Findings from the Fourth National Health Services Survey. Injury Prevention, 16(4), 230-234, 2010.. — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-247] Oyetunji T, Crompton JG, Efron DT, Haut ER, Chang DC, Cornwell EE, Baker SP, Haider AH. Simplifying physiologic injury severity measurement for predicting trauma outcomes. J Surg Res. 159(2): 627-32, 2010.. — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-248] Rebok GW, Qiang Y, Baker SP, Li G. Pilot Age and Geographic Region of Commuter and Air Taxi Crashes: A Case-Control Study. Aviat Space Env Med. 82: 111-115, 2010.. — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-249] Li G; Brady J; DiMaggio C; Baker S, Rebok G. Validity of Suspected Alcohol and Drug Violations in Aviation Employees" Addiction 105(10): 1771–1775, 2010.. — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-250] Baker SP, Brady J, Rebok G, Li G. Alcohol in Fatal Crashes Involving Mexican and Canadian Drivers in the United States. Inj Prev. 2011 Oct 17(5): 304-8. Epub 2011 Mar 10.. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-251] Baker SP. Injury statistics, high risk groups, and individuals: Falling through the cracks. Injury Prevention. 16(5):290-292, 2010. Epub 2010 Aug 30. . — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-252] Hu G, Baker SP. What Explains The Recent Increase In the Fall Death Rate among the Elderly? - A Subgroup Analysis. Public Health Reports 16: 26-30, 2011.. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-253] Hu G, Baker SP, Baker, TD. Comparing road traffic mortality rates from police-reported data and death registration data in China. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 89: 41-45, 2011. doi:10.2471/BLT.10. . — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-254] Baker TD, Baker SP, Haack S. Trauma in the Russian Federation: then and now. J Trauma 70: 991-995, 2011.. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-255] Smith KC, Girasek DC, Baker SP, Manganello JA, Bowman SM, Samuels A, Gielen AC. 'It was just a freak accident:’ Problematic labeling of injury events in the U.S. press. Inj Prev. 2011 Jun 9. [Epub ahead of print]. . — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-257] Piek SM, Pollack KM, Canham-Chervak M, Hauret K, Baker SP. Injuries to deployed U.S. army soldiers in HMMWV crashes, 2002-2006. Military Medicine. 2012 Aug; 177(8): 963-9.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-258] Baker SP, Shanahan DF, Haaland W, Brady JE, Li G. Helicopter Crashes Related to Oil and Gas Operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Aviat Space Env Med. 82: 995-889, 2011.. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-259] Hu G, Baker SP, Baker TD. Injuries a seriously neglected global health problem. 2010 [manuscript].. — 2010. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-260] Hu G, Baker SP, Baker TD. Injury research: Global literature analysis, 1990-2008. 2011 [manuscript].. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-261] Rossen LM, Pollack KM, Canham-Chervak M, Canada S, Baker SP. Motor Vehicle Crashes Among Active Duty U.S. Army Personnel, 1999 to 2006. Military Medicine, 176, 9:1019, 2011.. — 2011. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-262] Baker SP, Li G. Epidemiologic approaches to injury and violence. Epidemiologic Rev 2012 Jan; 34(1): 1-3.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-263] Galvagno SM, Haut ER, Zafar SN, Millin MG, Efron DT, Koenig GJ, Baker SP, Bowman SM, Pronovost PJ, Haider AH. Association between helicopter vs. ground emergency medical services and survival for adults with major trauma. JAMA. 18 April 2012; 307(15): 1602-10.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-264] McGinty E, Baker SP, Steinwachs D, Daumit G. Injury risk and severity in a sample of Maryland residents with serious mental illness. Inj Prev. 2012 Jun 2. [Epub ahead of print]. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-265] Haider AH, Villegas CV, Saleem T, Efron DT, Stevens KA, Oyetunji TA, Cornwell EE 3rd, Bowman S, Haack S, Baker SP, Schneider EB. Should the IDC-9 Trauma Mortality Prediction Model become the new paradigm for benchmarking trauma outcomes? J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012 Jun; 72(6): 1695-701.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-266] Piek SM, Pollack KM, Canham-Chervak M, Hauret K, Baker SP. Injuries to deployed U.S. army soldiers in HMMWV crashes, 2002-2006. Military Medicine. 2012 Aug; 177(8): 963-9.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-268] Swedler DI, Bowman SM, Baker SP. Gender and age differences among teen drivers in fatal crashes. Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. Seattle, Wash.: 2012.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-269] Gielen A, Runyan C, Pollack K, Mickalide A, Baker SP. Reflections on NCIPC's 20 years of injury control…then…now…imagine. J Safety Research. 2012 43(4): 319–321.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-270] Hu G, Baker SP, Baker, TD. To examine the effect of China’s drunk driving policy, high-quality data is needed. Inj Prev. 2012 Aug; 18(4): 209.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-271] Baker SP, Hu G, Wilcox H, Baker TD. Increase in suicide by hanging/suffocation in the U.S., 2000–2010. Am J Prev Med. February 2013; 44(2): in press.. — 2013. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-272] Pollack KM, Yee N, Canham-Chervak M, Rossen L, Bachynski KE, Baker SP. Narrative text analysis to identify technologies to prevent motor vehicle crashes: examples from military vehicles. Journal of Safety Research,2012.. — 2012. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-273] Ballard S-B, Beaty L, Baker SP. US Commercial Air Tour Crashes, 2000-2011: Burden, Fatal Risk Factors, and FIA Score Validation. Accident Analysis & Prevention,2013.. — 2013. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-274] Ballard SB, Beaty LP, Baker SP. Hot-air balloon tours: Crash epidemiology in the United States, 2000-2011. Aviat Space Environ Med.. — circa 2013. — 1 folder

[Folder 070/A-275] Tan A, Zhang X, Baker SP, Hu G. How do public health practitioners in China perceive injury prevention? A survey. Inj Prev. 2013.. — 2013. — 1 folder