BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 071] Teaching Files (Disability; Issues in Injury Control); Research Files (Aspen/Pitkin Airport; Crashes of Instructional Flights; Injuries to Women in the Military). — 1956; 1965; circa 1971-1984; 1988-1994. . — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan
Materials in this box include Baker’s teaching and research files. Teaching files pertain to two courses, one on disability and the other, Issues in Injury Control. The research files pertain to three studies: the Aspen/Pitkin Airport study, a study of crashes of instructional flights, and a study of injuries to women in the military.

[Folder 071/001] Disability Course Files. — 1956; 1965; circa 1971-1979. . — 1 binder
Disability Course files comprise one large binder labeled: “Predicting the Societal Costs of Disability Due to Injury – A Feasibility Report and Recommendations for Injury Control Research.” Materials include a manuscript, photocopies of articles (bulk), illustrations, & reports. Topics include the costs of injury and rehabilitation & techniques for assessing and measuring injury and disabilities. Dates: 1956; 1965; circa 1971-1979.

[Folder 071/002] Issues in Injury Control Course Files. — 1975; 1978-1984.. — 1 binder
Issues in Injury Control Course files comprise one medium binder labeled: “Readings for Issues in Injury Control, 30 A 25, Fall 1984." This course was co-taught by Stephen P. Teret and Susan Baker during fall term, 1984. Documents include a letter to students; courses syllabus, 1984; and copies of course readings. Dates: 1975; 1978-1984.

[Folder 071/003 - 071/005] Aspen/Pitkin Airport Consulting Files. — 1971; 1977-1978; 1988-1994. — 2 binders; 1 bound volume
Aspen/Pitkin Airport Consulting Files include one medium binder labeled “Aspen Airport,” one large binder labeled: “Minutes [of] The Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting Re: Ordinance Setting Hours of Operation at the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, August 7, 1990," and one bound volume labeled “Night VFR Safety Study, November 1991." Documents pertain to a study by Baker and Lamb of safety issues involved in expanding nighttime flight operations at the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport. There is a note by Baker: “In 1994, Margaret Lamb and I were asked by Dwight Shellman, Attorney, to consult regarding the FAA’s proposed opening of Pitkin Airport in Aspen to general aviation flights at night. We were paid by the musician Don Henley, who lived in Aspen and considered the new rule to be very dangerous.” Materials include a bound volume, “Night VFR Safety Study Report;” the minutes of the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners special meeting regarding ordinance setting hours of operation at the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport; an FAA Meeting summary, 1990; and a National Transportaion Safety Board brief of aviation accidents. There are also copies of articles about airport noise; a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Pitkin County regarding noise, safety, and environmental impact of nighttime flight operations; an annotated copy of a chapter of the FAA Code of Federal Regulations; and untitled manuscript drafts. Other documents include correspondence; facts about the airport; notes by Baker; Technical Meeting materials; and copies of illustrations (including maps of the area). There are also documents created by Baker and Lamb, including “characteristics of Aspen Airport” & facts and conclusions regarding IFR equivalency. There is a position paper by the General Accounting Office, GAO; a report by the FAA; congressional hearing statements (not by Baker); copies of news clippings; and lists of “Safety Issues at Airport.” Dates: 1971; 1977-1978; 1988-1994.

[Folder 071/006] Crashes of Instructional Flights Study Files. — circa 1989-1994. . — 1 binder
Crashes of Instructional Flights study files comprise one medium binder labeled “Instructional Crashes” with documents pertaining to a research study by Baker: “Crashes of Instructional Flights: Analysis of Cases and Remedial Approaches,” 1993. Materials include a research proposal; correspondence; data and data coding tables; National Transportation Saftey Board accident reports, 1989; a list, “Instructional Study--Categories/Variables for Instructional Crashes, 1989-1991;” notes by Baker; and an FAA booklet publication series on aviation safety. Dates: circa 1989-1994.

[Folder 071/007] Injuries to Women in the Military Study Files. — circa 1992-1994.. — 1 binder
The Injuries to Women in the Military study files comprise one medium binder labeled: “Military,” containing materials pertaining to a research study on injuries to women in the military conducted by the Johns Hopkins Injury Prevention Center (Gordan Smith & Susan Baker). This research was funded by the Defense Women’s Health Research Program, managed by the U. S. Army Medical Research, Development, Acquisition and Logistics Command. Baker utilized military databases. Materials include correspondence; hand written notes by Baker; tables (statistics/data & tables of databases used in the study); graphs; a typed manuscript; outlines; and bibliography (with abstracts). Dates: circa 1992-1994.