BakS, Susan P. Baker Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 072] Conference Files; Teaching Files (Epidemiology of Injuries, Biomechanical Epidemiology); Crash Survival Investigators School (Attended by Baker); Testimony before Congress; Literature on Transportation Safety and Pioneers in the field (Clark, DeHaven, & Haddon) . — 1942-1946; circa 1950-1953; 1960-1968; 1970-1997; 2002; undated.. — 1 box
Creator: Baker, Susan

[Folder 072/001] Proceedings of the International Symposium on Occupant Restraint, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 1-3, 1981. — 1981. — 1 bound volume
This was an important conference that Baker attended. The Proceedings include Baker's annotations.

[Folder 072/002] Epidemiology of Injuries Course. — 1942; 1961; 1966; circa 1970-1984; undated. . — 1 large binder
Materials are for a course Baker taught in 1985 at the University of Minnesota as part of a continuing education summer session. Documents include a course syllabus; Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology roster; and course readings (copies of articles, including works authored by Baker).

[Folder 072/003 - 072/005] Biomechanical Epidemiology Course. — 1960; 1966; circa 1975-1977; circa 1984-1997; 2002.. — 3 folders
Materials for a course on biomechanical epidemiology taught by Baker and Flaura Winston. Documents include correspondence, course readings, course syllabus, course description, printed lecture outlines, and copies of graphs.

[Folder 072/006 - 072/007] Crash Investigators School. — circa 1981 . — 1 large binder; 1 workbook
Includes materials from a program of study, Crash Survival Investigators School, that Baker attended at Arizona State University in 1981. Documents include course schedule; syllabus; instructor CVs; course outlines; course readings, workbook with Baker’s answers, etc.

[Folder 072/008 - 072/012] Writings by and about Carl C. Clark. — 1963-1966; 1971-1972; 1983-1985; 1989; 1992; 1995.. — 5 folders
Materials include writings by and about Carl C. Clark, one of the early airbag inventors and an important pioneer in the field of transportation safety. Documents include journal and trade journal articles; reprints; technical papers; reports; conference presentation manuscripts and proceedings; statement of principles; correspondence; book chapters; and typed manuscripts.

[Folder 072/013] Selected Bibliography & Papers by Hugh De Haven. — 1942-1946; circa 1950-1953; 1964; 1968; 1970; 1979.. — 1 binder

[Folder 072/014] Cover Story: Traffic Safety Chief Likes his Job. Automotive Industries. — 1967. — 1 bound volume
Article about William Haddon, page 69.

[Folder 072/015] Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Second Session on HR9291, A Bill to Amend the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 to Authorize Appropriations. — 1976. — 1 bound volume
Includes Statement of Baker, pages 166-169.

[Folder 072/016] Hearings before the Subcommittee on Surface Transportation of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, First Session on Motor Vehicle Safety and the Marketplace: Auto Safety and Durability; Occupant Safety; and Government-Industry Efforts to Improve Higway Safety. — 1983. — 1 bound volume
Includes Testimony by Baker, page 87.

[Folder 072/017] Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, Second Session on Oversight Hearings on Truck Lengths. — 1978. — 1 bound volume
Includes Testimony by Baker, page 109-113.

[Folder 072/018] 1968 Alcohol and Highway Safety Report: A Study Transmitted by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation to the Congress, in Accordance with the Requirements of Section 204 of the Highway Safety Act of 1966, Public Law 89-564. — 1968. — 1 bound volume
Historically significant.

[Folder 072/019] National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. — 1968. — 1 bound volume
Historically significant.

[Folder 072/020] Martin Company -- Technical Proposal for a Universal Couch Restraint System Concept Development (Engineering Report). — 1962. — 1 bound volume
Historically significant.

[Folder 072/021] Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. National Highway Safety Standards. — 1967. — 1 bound volume