Susan P. Baker Collection
in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

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[Box 001] Reprints Not Authored by Baker, A-F (by Author)

[Box 002] Reprints Not Authored by Baker, G-Mac (by Author)

[Box 003] Reprints Not Authored by Baker, M-R (by Author)

[Box 004] Reprints Not Authored by Baker, S-W (by Author)

[Box 005] Reprints Not Authored by Baker, W-Z (by Author); Pedestrian Safety; Vehicle Safety; & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Files

[Box 006] The Injury Fact Book Files

[Box 007] Pilots and Airplane Crash Study Files & Crib and Playpen Safety Files

[Box 008] Occupational Injury Files

[Box 009] Occupational Injury & Falls in Elderly Files

[Box 010] Aviation & Age (Age 60 Rule); Aspen Airport Safety; Back Injury; & NMFS-IIHS (Drinking & Driving) Files

[Box 011] BTS Safety Data Action Plan Study & New Injury Severity Score (NISS) Files

[Box 012] Truck Safety Files

[Box 013] Truck Safety Files

[Box 014] Aviation Files (A-M, by Subject)

[Box 015] Aviation Files (M-W, by Subject)

[Box 016] Video Cassettes & Digital Files (discs)

[Box 017] Aviation Safety Course Student Papers & Gun Safety Files

[Box 018] Aviation Safety Course Student Papers & Aviation Files

[Box 019] Aviation Files & Fatigue Files

[Box 020] Aviation Files, Alcohol Research Study Files, & Alcohol Files

[Box 021] Aviation Files

[Box 022] Air Bag Files

[Box 023] Aviation Files (Age 60 Rule), Asphyxiation Files, & Choking Files

[Box 024] Australia Files, New Zealand Files, & Bicycle Safety Files

[Box 025] Farm Safety Files & Consumer Product Safety Files

[Box 026] Children's Safety Files, Haddon Files, & Lecture Files

[Box 027] Military Safety Files & Mortality Data Files

[Box 028] Motorcycle Safety Files, Motor Vehicle Safety (Seatbelt) Files, & Poisoning Files

[Box 029] Motor Vehicle Safety (Speed) Files

[Box 030] Sports Injury Files & Taiwan Files

[Box 031] Statistics Files

[Box 032] Student Papers

[Box 033] Fatigue Files & Student Papers on Occupational Injury

[Box 034] Red Cross Files & Student Papers

[Box 035] Student Dissertations & Teaching Files

[Box 036] Student Dissertations

[Box 037] Student Dissertations; Teaching Files; & the Journal of Safety Research

[Box 038] Injury Fact Book Research Files & Photograph Files

[Box 039] The Injury Fact Book Revision Files

[Box 040] The Injury Fact Book Revision Files; Sports Injury Files; Truck Safety Files; Aviation Files; & Occupational Injury Files

[Box 041] Aviation Research Files

[Box 042] Military Injuries Research Files

[Box 043] IWM & Military Injuries Research Files; The Injury Fact Book, Second Edition, Files

[Box 044] The Injury Fact Book, Second Edition, Research Files

[Box 045] The Injury Fact Book, Second Edition, Research Files; Johns Hopkins Injury Prevention Center Records; & Injury Research Files, various subjects

[Box 046] Proposals

[Box 047] Proposals

[Box 048] Proposals

[Box 049] Proposals

[Box 050] CV; Office Calendars; & Correspondence Files

[Box 051] Rosters for Professional Societies and Courses; Presentation Handouts; Permissions and Requests; & Research Reports

[Box 052] Publication Files

[Box 053] Publication Files (bulk); Articles not authored by Baker

[Box 054] ABC Files: A

[Box 055] ABC Files: B-Cl

[Box 056] ABC Files: Cm-Cu

[Box 057] ABC Files: D-Ep

[Box 058] ABC Files: Er-Ge

[Box 059] ABC Files: Gi-H

[Box 060] ABC Files: I-Le

[Box 061] ABC Files: Li-Mou

[Box 062] ABC Files: Mov-Pa

[Box 063] ABC Files: Pe-Ra

[Box 064] ABC Files: Re-Sm

[Box 065] ABC Files: Sn-T

[Box 066] ABC Files: U-Y

[Box 067] Reprints, A-1 thru A-80 (Published 1954 & 1970-1990)

[Box 068] Reprints, A-81 thru A-165 (Published 1991-2001)

[Box 069] Reprints, A-166 thru A-245 (Published 2001-2010)

[Box 070] Reprints, A-246 thru A-275 (Published 2010-2013); Bound Reports (not authored by Baker)

[Box 071] Teaching Files (Disability; Issues in Injury Control); Research Files (Aspen/Pitkin Airport; Crashes of Instructional Flights; Injuries to Women in the Military)

[Box 072] Conference Files; Teaching Files (Epidemiology of Injuries, Biomechanical Epidemiology); Crash Survival Investigators School (Attended by Baker); Testimony before Congress; Literature on Transportation Safety and Pioneers in the field (Clark, DeHaven, & Haddon)

[Box 073] Subject Files, various topics

[Box 074] News Clippings about Baker; Teaching Files; Typed Manuscripts; Research Literature Notes; Teaching & Research Contract Budgets; Award Certificates

[Box 075] Slides (35mm)

[Box 076] Slides (35mm), VHS Video Cassettes, and Sound Recording (Audio Cassette)

[Box 077] Slides (35mm) & Photgraphic Prints

[Box 078] Biographical Files

[Box Map Case, Drawer #33] Posters and Certificate