BarV, Vashti Bartlett Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 2] Student Notebooks. — 1890s-1906

[Sub-series 2.1] Bryn Mawr School. — 1890s
Vashti Bartlett entered the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore in September of 1887. She was a member of the class of 1893 but withdrew in June of 1892, a year before graduating. Information about the Bryn Mawr School is available at the school's archives.

[Folder 1/13] Bessie Trundle notebook: Latin Composition and Algebra problems. — 1890s
Notebook does not appear to have been written by Vashti Bartlett. The name on the cover is Bessie Trundle.

[Folder 1/14] Science 2, also includes Algebra problems, composition "Peak Sisters", grammar notes, English notes

[Folder 1/15] French Exercises 4-5, also includes loose notes on the opening of a play and a print of Cardinal Richelieu. — 1890s

[Folder 1/16] History 4, European History, 1485-1686, mostly English. — 1890s

[Folder 1/17] Geography, European, includes a German Test. — Nov. 1891

[Folder 1/18] Books: alphabetical list of authors and titles, also includes a postcard sent 1894, advertisement for Paine's Whist Trays, letter from classmate, 1897. — 1894-1897

[Sub-series 2.2] German notebooks. — 1892-1894

[Folder 1/19] Cassel, Germany: German notebook, includes several programs to German plays

[Folder 1/20] Diarium, describes family trip to Europe: Germany, Geneva, France, includes some postcards, address book of European dressmakers, advertisement for Zentler Brothers Time Keepers, Geneva Switzerland. — Sept. 7, 1893- Spring, 1894

[Sub-series 2.3] Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses. — 1903-1906

[Folder 1/21] Recipes, notes on Practical Nursing, quotes, poetry, list of classmates at Hopkins, book list with prices. — n.d., c.1903-1906
Cover is labeled "The St. Paul. 1901" but the notes relate to nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

[Folder 1/22] Log of duties at Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Aug. 26- Oct. 19, 1903

[Folder 1/23] Dietetics, Miss Peacock. — Sept. 18-Nov. 20, 1903

[Folder 2/1] Practical Nursing, Notes on Gynecology, Materia Medica, Miss Freese. — n.d., c. 1903-1906

[Bound volume 2/2] Anatomy and Physiology, Dr. Sabin; Orthopedics, Dr. Baer; Medical Lectures and Urinalysis, Dr. Charles P. Emerson; Hygiene, Dr. Marshall; Air and Water, Dr. Ford; Infectious Disease, Dr. Howard; Surgery, Dr. Follis; Gynecology, Dr. Rushmore. — Sept. 1903 -May 1905

[Bound volume 2/3] Anatomy and Physiology, Dr. Sabin; Orthopedics, Dr. Baer; Medical Lectures and Urinalysis, Dr. Charles P. Emerson; Bacteriology and Patholgy, Dr. Marshall; Hygiene, Dr. Ford; Infectious Disease, Dr. Howard. — Sept. 1903- Feb. 1905

[Bound volume 2/4] Bertha L. Stark, Student Notebook JHH, Surgery, Dr. Follis, Gynecology, Dr. Rushmore; Obstetrics, Dr. Slemons; Children, Dr. Goldsborough; Nervous Disease Dr. Barker and Dr. Hurd; Infant Feeding, Dr. Booker; Disturbances of Metabolism, Dr. Futeher. — Jan. 1905- Feb. 1906
Notebook was compiled by Bertha Stark rather than Vashti Bartlett.